Diablo 3 not fixed on Xbox series x

Hello , does anyone know if Diablo 3 will be fixed in xbox series x? It run on one S code meaning its 1080p , not 4K like it was on one x.
Bought a series x and sold my one x but now i kinda regret it since i play a lot of D3

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I recently bought D3 for my series X and was disappointed to hear this myself. I hope it get’s fixed soon!

Some good news here… We expect a fix for this in the next big patch for D3 which will be with the next season but just wanted to update everyone on this. Sorry this one took a bit to tackle.


This is exciting to see, maybe this will finally be the big balance patch cough cough or even the legendary power patch for stale legendary items :joy:


Big patch??? As in not a regular seasonal theme patch?

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What about the series S? Will they get the patch too?