DH Compendium: Builds, Tactics, and Strategies

Only moderators such as Nev can sticky a topic. We found this out over in the Barb forums bringing over the build guides.

Yeah… we’ve been trying to get this pinned by a mod for awhile now.


You Grandfathers have connections that we DH’s don’t it would seem.

Why is this not a pinned sticky guide? Great class info and how to…


Looks like the revamp has killed any sticky posts

Not true - just look at the Barb forum…but the Barb guys were super vocal prior to patch (and after) so they got some extra attention for getting build guides stickied…

This absolutely needs to be stickied, pinned, top shelfed…whatever…


Current state of class forum info:

BARBS: How to roast marsh-mellows while knitting T16 build guide.

Instant sticky.

EVERY OTHER CLASS: Complete guide to all builds ranging from D1 to D3, with vids and custom written algorithms to predict future builds, including bonus content that contains the solution to all of the worlds problems.

(Crickets chirping).


Thanks so much for that DiE…I’m spending the next 10 minutes cleaning the Diet Pepsi I spit off my screen instead of finding the damn CC plans.


You got elevated to TL3 so should be able to turn this into a Wiki now…

Wiki Posts

Trust level 3 users can change their post to become a Wiki Post. This means once activated as a Wiki anyone can edit it. This can be helpful in making community strategy guides. Simply click the wrench icon on your own post and select the link to turn on the Wiki Post.

Not sure it’s the same as getting pinned to the top of the forum though?

Yes, I already made it a wiki so the community can maintain and update it in the future, but without a pin, it still will get buried.

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Wish the new forum software at least had a text box along with the flagging action. It was possible to ‘report’ a top post and request it be stickied which worked a few times in the Barb forums.

I’m just curious if the 12,000% stacks. I mean if you have 5 sentries active at the same time does it mean you deal 60,000% increased damage or just 12,000%?

Yes, it stacks.

It’s extremely noticeable when you have 5 sentries and Vengeance up as you’re doing 72,000% damage. You’ll also notice a marked lowering of your damage potential when you change map level as you’re starting off with zero sentries up and, even if you immediately deploy 3 of them, you have to wait to regain the next 2 stacks to get back to 5.


Pretty sure this needs to be updated now :slight_smile: and probably needs it’s own section based on builds (BotP vs PE vs Stricken, Enforcer for N6M4, now Gizzard for UE/CC, etc)

Plus giving this thread another move to the top since WE STILL DON"T HAVE IT STICKIED (looking sideways @Nevalistis)


We got a sticky
we got
We got a sticky

We got a sticky
we got
We got a sticky!


Time to celebrate indeed. :slight_smile: I’ll work on getting the DH updates added now.


thanks a lot
contribution to the community DE =
Excellent/ extraordinary/ good/ unbeatable/ remarkable
above average/ intractable/ speechless
just praise
thanks for all the information, valuable and talented
Are you +10.000 :+1::ok_hand::+1:


Will there be a Update for S20 on build with bonus yet to be determined id they change it.

I know N6M4 is weaker then UE but I really like the playstile. I will play the cold version. With the S20 buff we can choose COE or Dawn instead of Frostburns. COE is more damage for sure but Dawn has more consistency and the sceethe rune will also help a bit with the hatred management.

Any toughts ?

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