DH Compendium: Builds, Tactics, and Strategies

Usually it’s better to make a new topic for a question instead of posting on the sticky (it might not get read since the sticky is always in the top spot on the board).

As for your comments: N6M4 is indeed powerful and can compete with UE for high GR clears. For what to pick in the cube, Dawn and CoE are good choices to use in the cube. I made a video back in S16 with the RoRG buff which enabled me to use the CoE with the build.

Another interesting choice is to try N6M4 Multishot by cubing Yang’s + DML.

Hey Redcell, I was going through the OP and noticed most of the links are now dead and redirect to the D3 forums (the base forum page). With the exception of links to the D3 official guide pages, YouTube, some external domains, and posts since July 2019 (on new forum), all the links to other D3 posts are invalid now.

What happened is that the old D3 forums were taken offline (possibly deleted!) on January 6th 2020 (see the Welcome to the new forums! - #63 by Nevalistis post for more context) so all the posts and guides are gone.

So what can be done?

Options for Redcell and/or DH community

  1. Ask the original authors of each post (if available) to repost their content on the new forum. Ideal solution but of course most infeasible
  2. Seek archived pages from google or other sources and use links to those pages instead now. Somewhat difficult solution but maybe with community help it’s possible
  3. Try to reconstruct missing guides/posts from community knowledge and/or create new guides/posts with the similar content to replace the old ones. Will take more work but content will be up to date at least
  4. Put disclaimers and remove the defunct links. Easy solution but doesn’t address the issue of missing content
  5. Don’t do anything. Easiest solution and likely will happen if you don’t see this post!

Edit: UPDATE and GOOD NEWS! It appears that archive.org has cached snapshots of most of the posts! Simply copy the link from the OP and paste it into the archive lookup tool to find a snapshot.

I hope someone will go through and recreate the most important threads and still-relevant guides by copy-pasting the text found on the archived page here on the new forums with a disclaimer crediting the original author. I’m too busy to do this for a lot of posts but I’ll try and recreate my own content in relevant places.

For example, a useful post on additive and multiplicative damage written by a certain flavorful stew can be found in this archived post


It would probably be easier to separate the guide by builds and have a general DH post. Something like what the Barbs have. Now that DH is in the limelight, we may even get them pinned in a reasonable amount of time.

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Thanks for for update, Iria. I’ll go through the sticky and see about fixing the links.

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The Sticky has been updated with sections for the new GoD set. Links to popular and informative threads have been added where applicable.

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Just want to say thanks for your perseverance on keeping this info up to date. It is much appreciated.


Hi Redcell,

Any chance of this getting updated with a Support DH build? GoD/Marauder is what I been seeing, but I have not seen a good guide. Particularly on whether to use Bolas or stick with Entangling Shot. And if no Bolas, then what is the alternative skill to use? That sort of thing.

I have never played a support role, so I don’t really know what I am talking about, just by what I have been seeing. But it seems more and more often that a zDH is being used in 4man.

Yo anyone who plays diablo I am new to the game and for the life of me I can’t get the god or any other primal setups and I am confused as how you have attacks from the same row in play

[ x ] Elective Mode

This allows you to have multiple abilities from the same category.


Thanks for the comment, Jammur. I’ll look at getting that update added over Christmas.

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Thanks for the help bru

I’ve got a question…

Could someone like me post a build one might use early in the season for those times you might be trying to procure a Dawn, or Yang’s, or what have you or is it all just somewhat late game builds that belong.

I know there’s things marked: Theories and maybe those would explain what can work and what can’t, so maybe that covers it.

But then again, maybe coming up with easy to gear builds that are place holders until a person gets the equipment for a more high end build wouldn’t be bad thing. But if folks think it’s just a waste of time…

On the other hand, maybe some folks like that space between geared with everything and having some of you what you need to experiment and having some ideas to fill that space wouldn’t be bad thing.

There’s nothing stopping you from posting such a build but it might be hard to cover all possible early-game combinations. Everyone’s starting builds before completing a 6 piece set will come down to which legendary items they get.

The two most common starting setups use Karlei’s Point or Lord Greenstone’s Fan since you have a 100% chance of getting one or the other at the start by using the challenge rift and upgrading daggers.

What you could do instead of a build guide is make a list of useful progression legendary items so that people can keep/use those while salvaging others.

Okay, cool. That’s a good idea. I’ll think of some, but I might have to edit the post now and again as other things come to mind. Would it be okay to focus on one set for the time being and get to the others as I work them out?

It’s your guide, you make it how you want! I would make it focused around whatever the free Haedrig’s gift set is for a particular season since that will almost always be the first 6-piece set everyone completes.

Yeah, that what I was thinking. Each season, I might come back to it with ideas for the set that season.

Great! Thanks, Iria!