N6M4 Hybrid in S20

I grabbed McZuzlak’s comment from the DH Compendium sticky.

CoE Hybrid was very nice during the free RoRG Season. Timing pets, RoV and CoE made for a heck of a lot of ‘kill the whole screen’ damage.

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I haven’t been able to go over 121 since I made that video that one time lol. The CoE was very strong.

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Yeah, my seasonal Hybrid was just as strong as my current NS, at about half the para :slight_smile:

Karleis in the cube to use Impale as a generator sounds neat. Big damage generator that still fires from turrets. Not sure if worth HPS as well, but might be fun to mess with.

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Sounds interesting but you won’t generate too much hatred against single target to support the main damage dealer CA.

But what about greenstone’s ? Could be nice damage burst with the nats bonus on top of it. Kind of hard to fit in FoK though.

With S20, N6M4 with Multishot becomes more interesting. Sure, CA will be still an option, but in S20 we can cube Yang and DML. Hatred management will become trickier, but the damage should be a lot higher than CA.

CoE will be an alternative to Frostburn, but the difference is probably not that big. FB gives 40% (not a typo!) more damage, CoE on average 50%, with a more skilled playstyle more - so it would be just 1-2 GR stronger.

Karlei as a second cube weapon sounds interesting, as 15 Hatred (or 45, or even more with Overpenetration?) is a lot more than 7. Whether this is enough to compensate the x3 multiplier from Yang … I don’t know. Could be valid option at the beginning of the season.

A pure Impale-N6M4 with Karlei and HPS is probably not worth it, because I would bet that HPS doesn’t work with Sentries (untested, just a guess).

Dawn is problematic imho, because you need to squeeze Vengeance on the skill bar, sacrificing Vault. And that is a no-go gor me. :bow_and_arrow:

Anyway - I look forward to the season, as I really enjoyed the Hybrid in previous seasons. Experimenting with it sounds fun to me. :slight_smile:

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think i tried that build on ptr to see if it was worth using and i couldnt come up with much more damage . The rorg season was better. It gave a extra cube spot is why it was so good. I did use that build that season

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