Demon Hunter set suggestion for patch 2.7

GOD set is amazing in doing all things. In comparison, all other sets are so much behind. Ideally, I think we would want all set to be viable, so we can try out new things when we are bored.

Embodiment of the Marauder
Bombardier’s Rucksack: Sentries now cast twice (a total of 6, over 3 cast). Increases Sentry damage by 250–300%.

The Cloak of the Garwulf: Companion — Wolf Companion now summons
3 wolves. You gain triple effect from Companion.

Zoey’s Secret: The demon hunter takes 9% less damage and deal 8-9% increased damage for every Companion active.

Manticore: Now roll with 2 sockets

Helltrapper: Sentries fire all your equipped skills automatically. Sentries deal 350-400% increased damage.

Marauder is a fun set, but it has a few shortcomings. First, it is not for speed farming, the set requires one to cast all 5 sentries before dealing damage. I suggest making Bombardier’s Rucksack summons 2 sentries per cast. This will reduce the ramp-up time by a lot, it will also serve as buff to damage as now we can summon a total of 6 sentries.

The suggested change for Cloak of the Garwulf will solve the low movement speed and hatred problem for the build.

For helltrapper, it will bring back the old auto sentries build. I really love that build hope that we can bring that build back.

Natalya’s vengeance
Rain of Vengeance: now have no casting animation (buff to Rapid fire)

(4) Set: Buff to 1000% increased Rain of vengeance damage

Crashing Rain: Rain of Vengeance also summons a crashing beast that deals 10000–12000% damage. Also reduce the cooldown of all skill by 30%.

Natalya rapid fire has one problem, the Wojahnni Assaulter need to stack for 15 seconds for maximum damage but the set requires you to cast rain of vengeance every 10 seconds. Rain of vengeance also deals very little damage compared to rapid-fire.

Fan of knives build:
Lord Greenstone’s Fan: Every second, gain 1000–1200% increased damage for the next Fan of Knives, stacks up to 15 times.

Sharpshooter (Passive): The Demon Hunter gains 6.66% Critical Hit Chance every second, up to the cap of 100%. The bonus is lost 1 second after scoring a successful critical hit, however. (Take 15 seconds to reach max stack)

Cape of the Dark Night: Sharpshooter also increase your damage by 40% to a maximum of 600% damage per second (15 stacks).

Trag’Oul Coils: Spike Traps gain the Impaling Spines rune and release Fan of Knife when deployed.

I think Fan of knives has unique gameplay, a few things can bring the game play to the next level. First, align the Lord Greenstone’s Fan and sharpshooter passive with COE cycle. The gameplay become herding and grouping up mobs when waiting for the buff stack. Also you can set up a kill box of spike traps. At max buff one can not trigger the spike trap and cause mayhem.

The change to Sharpshooter and Cape of the Dark Night, remove the need of running the build with Shi Mizu’s Haori, which makes the build more approachable.

Unhallowed Essence
(6) Set: Buff to 500% increased damage per discipline

Dead Man’s Legacy: Multishot deals 200 % increased Damage and hit enemies twice. Increase dexterity by 1% for 10 seconds after killing or assisting in killing an enemy with multishot. This effect stacks up to 50 times.

Spines of Seething Hatred: Also increase Chakram damage by 400-600%

Kridershot: Also increase elemental arrow damage by 400-600%

Hunter Wrath: Now work with elemental arrow and Chakram

Visage of Gunes: Vengeance gains the effect of the Dark Heart and Seethe rune.
Vengeance - side cannon: become similar to Fortress Ballista
Personal Mortar: increase damage of Grenades by 40%
From the Shadows: rocket skill fire 2 extra rocket and deal 20% increased damage

Nothing special, just make multishot even better at speed farming and make elemental arrow and chakram damage viable.

The Shadow’s Mantle
(4) Set: Shadow power gain all runes and last forever. You gain 30% attack speed and dodge chance when shadow is active.

The same goes for shadow set.

Alternative for Dawn:
Calamity: revert back to it old version. Marked of Death now provide 40% damage bonus and cause them to deal 40% reduced damage.

Fletcher’s Pride: You move 30-40% faster when shadow power is active(attack speed, dodge chance and movement speed). You also gain 100% of your life per hit as shield.

Dawn is used in 90% of demon hunter build, 40% increased damage and 50% damage reduction is too good to pass. I would like to add an item then provide shield for impale demon hunter, so that this melee build can use squirt’s necklace.

Skill change:
Vault: holding stand still cause vault direct to reverse.

Blood Vengeance: increase your damage to demon by 25% (original effect added to Night Stalker)


It’s probably a bit early for these given we’re 2 weeks into the season and ofc the season theme debacle.

There’s already a consolidated thread with a good portion of these ideas already mentioned from several DH’s in the community. As time draws closer, these can be looked at and added to that thread. I say this because it’s more likely a consolidated thread is to be read by blizzard and taken somewhat seriously than individual efforts.

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I think that post need an updated. And it wont hunt to post earily. It will be too late when the real ptr patch note is released. Nothing much will be changed at that point.

I agree. Absolutely it needs updates, it’s why i mention adding ideas to the consolidation thread. When that thread was made, it was before PTR, so there’s never any intent to start when patch notes arrive.

What i mean by early is that it won’t garnish much attention as many are still digging into the season strong with DH being the popular kid on the block and the little bit of activity we see now are people learning about GoD6.

This combined with individual efforts of this type of content considering the timing usually end up being futile, thus my attempt at redirection so that your ideas are seen (I myself like some of these). Just my two cents.

hey at least with your idea people wont have to debate about whether or not to use vallas anymore

I wouldn’t say that it shouldn’t have an animation, but that the casting animation should be optinal, just like things like the Wizard’s Conjuration Armors.

Agree, 30 seconds charge up is too long.

This still can’t compete since Vengeance still give you 40$ increased damage, 50% damage reduction and almost infinite Hatred.

So the damage bonus had to be increased further or it needs another solution to make Vengeance more optional.

The best alternative for Dawn is to make a legendary item, that has the special effect of:
“While Vengeance is not active, gain 40% increased damage, 50% damage reduction and +x Hatred per second”.

So it basically give you the effects of Vengeance without having to activate it or even having it on your skill bar.

It at least would lead to not always having the Vengeance animation on every single DH build.

Maybe it could be an amulet, duoon.

You mean Force Stand Still, right?


  • increases your damage to demons by xx%
  • gain xx% of your damage to demons as increased damage (to all enemies)

That would make stacking increased damage against demons interesting, since it would increase all damage as well. Things like Tyraels Might would eventually become interesting.

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I won’t go into the rest of the suggestions (which need a lot of adjustment), but Sharpshooter won’t work with FoK as FoK is usually paired with strafe/generator which will crit and negate the Sharpshooter buff. Unless if you want to play the old S2/M2 build and not attack AT ALL while waiting for your LGF stacks to build up.

The best remedy is to add 3% crit chance to FoK for each LGF stack.


In my mind this version of Fan of knives will work as if you are and hidden assassin. You will not attack anyone while u r waiting for the stack to build up.

You can still place spike trap, as they will also release fan of knives when triggered.

I have even think about adding another to strength the gameplay.
Lianna’s Wings: smoke screen lasts until you attack.

It will make u feel like a hidden assassin.

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I don’t know if MS UE needs a damage boost. If every rocket actually hit a target, if there is a target to hit, that itself might make that build even more effective. Right now not all rockets hit targets, even when there is a target to hit.

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No. UE Multi-shot needs a huge boost. It isn’t just rockets not hitting stuff, which rockets from Multi-shot usually hit, it’s the Vengeance Seethe rockets that you see going off and not hitting anything and Vengeance isn’t the damage dealer anyway.

But as an example, I’ve cleared a 132 GR with GoD while my top with UE Multishot is 118. I also have much better equipment in my UE build with near perfect primals and ancients that might as well be perfect Primals.

I’m at about 3100 paragon. So, if GoD is 14 GR’s better UE Multi-shot then Multi-shot needs about a 8X buff, and even if the every rocket hit every time, it wouldn’t equate to an 8X times buff.

The thing is since multishot is like an op skill with huge area effect

The devs seem to punish it always…

However i would t mind UE MS clearing 2-3 grs lower than other dh builds since it is quite easy to play…

But at its current stage it is just a t 16 build which is NOT ACCEPTABLE !


I don’t play the other sets much but for Shadow’s Mantle -

Increase the damage of Impale and Chakram by 200-300% on targets over 15 yards away and they have a 25% chance to release Fan of Knives on the first target hit.

For Shadow’s Mantle updates should make it like this:

2pc :
Unchanged but additionally, Chakram, Fan of Knives and Impale all cast twice when used.

4pc :
Unchanged but, additionally, each second that Shadow Power is active, reduce the cooldown of Vengeance by 2.5 seconds, (comes out to 55.55%)

6pc :
Chakram and Impale deal an additional 100,000% weapon damage to the first enemy they hit. Fan of Knives increases the damage of your next attack by 100%.

Shadow Power > Well of Darkness :
Reduce all resource costs by 35%.

For Lord Greenstone’s, I agree with the update but it should be dropped to 10 seconds and maybe slight damage increase to compensate, would work great with set.

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I wouldn’t mind if they gave us a class specific shield. Like the Necros have the Skullshield.

The shield could have a higher block chance range than most others since we don’t have passives or skills that increase block chance, but that might be OP if like the Skullshield it can be wielded by other classes.

As far as legendary powers, maybe something with Chakram to go with Sword of Ill Will. “Your Maximum Hatred is doubled, Chakram costs half as much Hatred and deal 500% more damage.”

I don’t know, it might go decently in a Marauder’s Build or something along those lines. Especially if they buff Sword of Ill Will in concert with it. Maybe.

Just an idea.

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From what I can tell, each cast of MS Arsenal fires three rockets, but each rocket has to hit a different target. With groups, none of the rockets should miss. On a single target, 2 of them will always do nothing. (It’s possible I’m misinterpreting what I see on screen.)

You could try switching to a different rune. MS doesn’t shoot rockets by default. I’ve heard Broadside is very popular.

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Perhaps it could use a boost. I don’t know personally since I don’t push GRs really. I see my MS UE rocket build doing anywhere from 500B to 2500B damage. Then again, mine’s an all out offense and minimal defense build.

One other set I think could use a huge damage boost is Marauder’s set. At least with Cluster Arrow.

That is the key reason I suggested maybe make all rockets hit a target, if there is a target to hit. If every rocket hit a target, maybe RGs would go down faster, making GR pushes more viable with UE rocket build. Not saying that it doesn’t need a damage boost though.

I mostly use the rocket variant of that build. Easy to gear and you have a passive that boosts rocket damage by 150%. Another build people have used for UE instead of rockets is a grenade one. I haven’t tried that one in a while, so I’m not sure how viable it is in comparison to rockets.

I like the idea of adding FoK and Chakram to the Shadow set, especially since it thematically fits.

It would be great if Demon Hunters could actually dual wield daggers, because then you could equip both Greenstones and Karleis for a FoK+Impale build.

Maybe Greenstones could say that everytime you use Impale, increase the damage of your next FoK by x%, stacking up to x times, so you use Impale to charge up FoK.

As far as I know, the reason for why high end pushers prefer Broadside is because it allows them to hit large groups in a focused area harder, while with Arsenal the rockets would just spread out and not hit the targets they wanna have killed.

I also just heard recently that apparently you don’t kill elites with MS UE DH, which was new to me, but Wudijo said so. I nerver played that build this way…

Interesting…but it makes sense because you have such a huge AoE with MS that obliterates trash quickly…I guess he’s saying it’s like the polar opposite of S6 where you’re skipping through most trash mobs and sniping elites.

Wudijo said it in one of his Demon Hunter videos. I can’t remember which one exactly, but it was specifically about the Mutlishot Demon Hunter.

Maybe it was this one (viedo mirrored from his channel), dunno:

^^someone in the comments mentions / ask about that you only pull together and kill trash.

I just wanted to add that - if possible - this is how I would make Caltrops more useful: