[D2R Feedback] - DEVs, can we take a look at some things?

Help make console better, upvote so devs pay attention!

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Where to start…

  • Lack of game creator or lobby?…Baal runs…we all know what these are for pwr lvlin, but how am I supposed to find Baal runs (at release) in this interface? All I can do is use Party Finder and look for games that are in certain Acts. So even if I went to Act 5 and choose the section where Baal would be, I could end up joining some party that’s not even doing Baal. Why can’t we simple create a game that clearly says ‘Baal run 002’? What about ‘TradeWF4SOJ002‘ games?

  • Lack of In-game chat, text or voice. How are we supposed to communicate with randoms? Is the assumption to invite randoms to our party chat on the Xbox? So when I trade I have to negotiate with voice?

  • No ability to turn OFF health bars on enemies? I know what i’m targeting and in D3 console I can turn this off. For me, the classic immersion is broken when I can already see a giant health bar over a elite target from a screen away.

  • 3D Visual update is not 4k, not even close? XSX and PS5. The visual updates I was seeing in the PC videos are vastly better. And it’s regardless of Quality vs Performance setting in Options. This one is concerning since this is a huge sell point for the new version of this game.

  • A‘ button is interact and a skill slot? Probably should be HOLD A to interact. <You can map the the General Skills ’Show Items’ to A and that seems to be the least bothersome. Turn on ‘Timed’ show item drop and it’s even better!>

  • Movement on console, frequent collision? From the stairs in Arcane Sanctuary, to the doorways in Tombs, to basic rocks on the ground…you constantly have to fight your character’s ability to move around, through, or over these structures.

  • Can’t zoom in or out? Zoom so we can see our character detail.

  • Limited to 800x600 in settings for maximum FOV? Should be way higher options based on PC support for higher FOV settings.

  • Bottom action bar is WAY too large…maybe a option to scale UI on console?

  • Potions don’t auto stack into belt? I have to missing something. <They stack if you have the same type of potions in the correct belt slot, but won’t fill a completely empty slot with a new potion>

  • Can’t scroll the map? Even if you uncover the map, you can’t see the whole map because there is no scroll. - Maybe add the Right thumbstick to scroll map since that stick does nothing.

  • Stand in place and attack/cast? On PC this is hold Shift and cast a ability. Take what D3 console did and apply to D2R console. <Update: When you cast a ability, you get rooted…or stand still…so you do have the ability to stand and cast as long as you don’t run out of resources>

  • Can’t pinpoint loot drops? Not asking for mouse accuracy on controller, but make the Right Thumbstick useful and have it scroll through the items on the ground that are highlighted.


  • Trade issue that needs attention, soon? When in trade window, drag a item that you are wearing to the trade panel. The trade window closes immediately and the item drops on the ground for anyone to pickup.

  • Multiplayer from console doesn’t work? I am assuming this is disabled for beta, but the beta is to test multiplayer? < Partially fixed at end of early access beta-

  • Once changed, Left bumper does nothing in game and can’t be mapped or used? Just navigates menus. <If you remove the default Show Items from Left Bumper, you can no longer assign something to Left Bumper>

  • Music bugs out when browsing inventories? This is more of a bug than a missing feature, but not sure why this is happening. It skips like scratched CD.

  • Sorcerer - Cold Spells Tree>Shiver Armor. In order to get Shiver Amor, you need to take Ice Blast. The UI is missing the line/arrow that points from Ice Blast to Shiver Amor to let players know that Ice Blast is a required skill you need to take.

  • Cinematics Stutter? I watched the released YouTube versions of Act 1 and Act 2 Cinematics and they were smooth. In-Game, on Xbox Series X at least, they stutter in video, not sound.

Patches during Beta

  • Skill purchases now require separate button presses‎ (Controller)

Developer Comment :speech_balloon:
We made this change because many players were accidentally allotting points to skills they didn’t intend to. We hope this change will mitigate that issue, especially since it’s more difficult for players to re-spec in Diablo II.

  • Fixed several bugs that could cause a crash on consoles

I’m on the edge with this console version… I’ve canceled my order already, waiting in hopes that the team working on this can hear the console player’s concerns and rectify them. It feels bad.


After playing D2 from the start in late 90s, the whole Battlenet lobby was a big part of my online experience.

Finding other players, finding specific games, finding trade rooms, and of course the Baal runs to power level that new character build you wanted to make because of some awesome drop you found on another character.

That’s what I can’t replace with some basic D3 style matchmaking out into D2R.


Thanks for this post!
Guys dont cancel your preorders, just let our voices be heard everywhere here and on social media until we get a fixed and polished version of the game with all functionalities on consoles.

Everything is still in development and still will be after launch and the devs want and need our feedback from this beta!

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Unfortunately I’m not as optimistic as this. If they want our feedback why are console players not allowed in the d2R forums and we have heard no statement about this from Blizzard. I have cancelled pre order until they fix.

If we buy a broken product they will not fix it they will only fix it if they have to. I think they wait and see how many people buy it as is


This is a valid point. Even though my D2R console purchase is now listed on my BattleNet account(verified that earlier this week), I still am not able to post this thread on the official D2R forum. Which the whole reason I had to start the Reddit post in early access.

Somehow I think as detail oriented VV was with the remaster of D2, they didn’t do the console port. Or it just doesn’t feel like the same attention was focused on the console.

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in the beta you cant use all the characters you dont have access to the necro and im not to happy with that please fix this for the main release or for this beta today on Aug 20th please
and this is for the console ps4 - ps5

From early access to open beta on console, why am I not seeing anymore Canyon runs? Is anyone playing from early access?

Thank you for making this post. I absolutely need those lobbies back. As a god-tier Light Sorc it gave me great joy to host Baal/Cow runs for new people.

The trade lobbies were how I was able to find people nice enough to help me gear up. If it weren’t for the lobbies and those people I never would have reached god-tier as I was just a little 8yr old kid at the time.

Not sure if this was the partial fix at the end of the beta but: As for the multiplayer part not working, my friends and I found that if you make your private game and then invite your friends to it they will be able to join.

Absolutely need to be able to open up a chat window. Too many times I tried to communicate with new players but couldn’t. Ruined the multiplayer experience for me.

These need to be fixed or else the D2 community on console will be non-existent.


Most of the other issues are Real small compared to not having Chat and game creation/list but missing our sozial aspects which can not be done without makes the game close to useless/exept singleplayer

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Since this is a massive loot based game, Ithink the current looting system and how you target specific loot on the ground, with a controller, needs to be totally revamped.

Running over to a pile of loot and moving slowly over the area to get the highlight to move is just a terrible design. The right stick on the controller does nothing when you move it, so let it be the stick to move focus of the loot on the ground…not the movement of your character.

First off, need to fix the listing on console to specify offline 2-4 players being for D3 only. Second, no couch coop is going to be a deal breaker for a lot of console players. Seems like another half cooked, regurgitated content cash grab (wow anyone?).

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Why the devs are not replying this issues or commenting anything, this really let me down.

I agree with all of this and more and honestly still have probably more to write.

Welcome to red headed step child forum of lowly peons that arent allowed to post in the real forums and blue will never look at console players forums since we arent real people…

Also, its SUPER annoying to press the button to level up a stat/skill now 1 by 1. Why must we change stuff for the “slow” people? Really, lets force everyone who isnt a “special” person to suffer pressing a button over and over for a select few that are 'special" and dont know who to stop holding in a button.

You should be able to post on the official D2R forum as of yesterday Sat 8/21 if you bought the game and linked to your bnet account. Little late, but yea…

They will only listen if they don’t already have our money… I cancelled my preorder after playing the open beta, hopefully they will address console players concerns very soon.

did you cancel on playstation or xbox? if you cancelled, do they clip your wings and kill your d3 pet?

Xbox, and I don’t know, I don’t play D3 any more

I played the open beta on ps4 for 4 days and I agree with everything here. Blizzard please pay attention to this.

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