When you craft armour pieces or weapons at the Blacksmith on console, can you not specify how many you want? Do you have to craft them one by one?

As far as I can see, it’s one press of the button for one “Create”.

As mentioned, there are a bunch of quality of life improvements that exist on the PC that don’t exist on the console, and item creation and gem combining are a couple of them. This seems to be a remnant of how Diablo 3 use to work on the PC, which got improved on the PC, but those improvements never made it over to the console.

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Yes and don’t even get us started on reallocating thousands of paragon points…It’s easier to have multiples of the same characters then change paragon


You don’t have the option of allocating 10 and 100 points at a time?

Nope, even worse if you didn’t know about the joystick which speeds it up, you used the D-pad for ONE POINT AT A TIME lol. Oh joy the day I found the joystick

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No we don’t, gems or items we have to create one at a time.

Sometimes I think there’s an agreement between the console manufacturers and Blizzard not to fix this so that they can sell more replacement controllers from wearing out the same button from having to needlessly press it over and over and over and over…

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Lmao… I just found that out today too.

PoE is VERY buggy on PS4. The game itself is better than D3 in every aspect though.

One at a time…

yup, lol!

D-pad right + up/down would be nice, but unfortunately horizontal and vertical movement are both mapped to functions on that screen.

It works nicely to speed up and down other long scrolling controls like inventory even faster than the analog stick.

Maybe they could give us right analog stick + right d-pad and similar for the same high speed point allocation.

To upgrade gems on console(xbox) takes pressing the “A” botton three times to create one gem upgrade. We have to manually do this for every tier of gem. Starting with Marquise gems(27) we press “A” 3x9= 27 times, then we have 9 imperial marquise press “A” 3x3=9 times to get 3 royal. Then press “A” 3 more times to get 1 flawless royal gem. Total of 39 presses of the “A” button to craft a SINGLE Flawless Royal gem. 117 button presses per set of three Flawless Royal gems.

There is no shortcut or convert all function…

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It’s pretty painful, and add to that the system lag kicks in during the process varying the time each takes for the animation completion which we need to rely on counting the animation completions to know when we’ve made enough. It doesnt show a display of how many have been made or equivalent.

It’s the sort of thing you could imagine the might have thought during developement… “we should come back to this and provide a better way for processing volumes”… and then fell on the backburner.

“Combine all” for what’s in inventory along with the numeric software keypad to splits stash stacks would go a long way.

I’ve been seeing alot of topic posts related to D2R from people who couldn’t post anywhere but in the console discussion forums. Just thought it’d be good to add that to this discussion.

Seems like the behavior of exclusion persists…


Console only player here.

Been playing for years, have had a few ideas I wish I could post, but no one cares about console only forum posts.

I’ve wanted to suggest the addition of Sapphires, and a seasonal theme of gathering artifacts that work like ramaladni’s gifts, but apply a legendary power to any item, but they’ll never see the light of day down here in the console slums.


yea i think there are cheater all over the world all over pc and console.i mean most of the rank game somebody finish in 0.01sec or something it a bit harder online but not impossible i had friend in high school with a cheated item in d2 back in the day …i mean on pc single player game is 100% easy but online yea some crack gonna do it and get his *** back down…i hope so…but it blizzard they probably not gonna do sh**…

This is unacceptable. Not only can’t I post on the D2R Beta or Bug Report forums, but the survey for the early access beta doesn’t work for console. There’s no cursor to click the link, and when I type the URL into the browser manually it tells me “survey not found.”

So console players can’t give feedback without using the regular console forums. There are a ton of issues on PS5 specifically that need to be addessed. This needed to be fixed before the start of beta.

Why do consoles also not get the ability to use Text chat/Mouse and Keyboard? No custom game lobbies? No ability to zoom in/out?

We payed the same price for a game with less/inferior features.

Controller just doesn’t feel as good to use imo as a mouse and keyboard.

I can’t accurately target monsters, pick up items, stand still and cast spells/attack, inventory is slower. Why? Paying full price for this game, I would like the same options PC has available to them.

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As much as I dislike seeing the D3 console forums being overrun with topics for D2R, I understand why everyone is posting here.

Console doesn’t seem to be allowed to post anywhere else…

Welcome to our D3 console discussion broom closet all you D2R console players!

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D2R on console is not worth playing so far. I love the remaster and want to play this for years but console players having no chat or trade lobbies and some ridiculous emote wheel and quest party finder makes the game only 20% what the PC game will be. At no point in the advertising did they say that PC players would be getting pretty much 100% more communication options than console players. We have a much worse game than them now and much worse gaming experience, so if not fixed they should issue refunds to all console players who want them. I feel like I’m going to be playing a 1 player game not what I bought d2R for. PC players at a massive advantage with trading audience even makes the game unfair. PC players can just post in trade channel and find traders we have to what… invite random players 1 by 1 I to our game, use an emote wheel ‘trade’ command and then hope they have the exact item we need and want to read swap for ours. A one item 2 minute trade on PC could take anything up to 6 months or longer on console? How has that been deemed as ok in development? Not to mention finding groups harder and the community will not be as tight knit. Please sort this out as we all want to play the full game and experience but everyone I spoke to will probably not play because of this on console.

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