Hrmm… D2R console players having to post in D3 console broom closet…

Seems like a missed opportunity.


They give us no means of communication in d2R game.on console and no lobbies. The forums is least of our worries. They don’t even acknowledge the game is unplayable multiplayer for console players and just release it for us to pay for with no information about this before ore order. I’m sure they can add chat functions MMOs like Elder Scrolls Online on console has chat functions.

The forums should be a concern for you though! I highly doubt they even think to look here in the D3 console forums for anything related to D2R. See the delima?

Agreed but they already said they won’t give us access to forums due to not being able to verify console.purchases. No forums access, no chat in game and we can’t tell them because no forum access. Just bad all round.


It’s funny, because in my profile on here, it shows I’ve purchased D2R.

Well maybe not anymore as I’ve refunded it. But when I was questioning why I couldn’t post i had a gander at it.

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We just need to stop giving them our money.

I started this thread hoping they would maybe do something.

They just lost any purchase I might have been thinking of making. D2R? Nope. Diablo Imortal? Nope. D4? Nope…

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Looking over on the PC side…their biggest worries on D2 is no Ultrawide Support and What about mods?..like some have mentioned, if there was any issue with Chat and Lobbies on the PC side, there be a Hot fix in 24hrs…the more it looks…D2 Resurrected was made for PC first and foremost and then threw in consoles as some extra…guess back to PoE, Last Epoch, Warhammer Inquisitor Martyr and Grim Dawn…

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I just want to be able to send an Xbox invite to a friend and have them join my game. Right now that function is bugged/broken. I just want to be able to play the game with friends. -Xbox player


I was able to post feedback on the forum but I did proceed the same error when I tried to do the survey. Also if somebody is trying to use a mobile device to fill out the survey a QR code would be handy.

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They gimping the console versions so bad. Please add custom lobbies and text chat…


No official Statement regarding that lobby/ chat issue, refund wave is coming soon


I’m refunding for now, if console players buy it anyway they won’t make changes if they sold zero they may read this and make the appropriate changes I’m guessing lots will still buy it though :frowning:


Yeah, everyone needs to just refund imo. They need to see that this isn’t D2 unless we have the social features that were in the original game.

You can always buy the game again later if they fix it, but once it’s out of preorder status, you may not be able to get a refund.

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I will give it a Chance untill week after second beta to give us a Statement what they will do about it. If they find Good solution ok if not. I refund too

D2R console version is useless at the moment.

I don’t know whose idea the Party Finder was but it sucks and I want a refund if it’s going to be in finals version.

False advertising at it’s finest.


Well now I’m able to post there too. They must have finally fixed it after so many complaints.

Glad to see Blizzard is listening.
Thanks for the heads-up!

Early access beta was great! The only thing I want is keyboard and mouse support for console. PC has controller, why can’t console have kb&m?

This would be a workaround for many issues people have pointed out with controller (although those issues should still be looked into). Issues this would be a workaround for:

1.) Accurate teleport (and a whole slew of other skills like controlling spread of multishot)

2.) Prioritizing targets in a crowd of enemies

3.) Auto show loot cluttering screen

4.) Town portals preventing item pickup or blocking entrance/exit to other area

5.) Chat function

6.) Ability to attack while standing still

7.) Ability to access inventory while moving/attacking

8.) Ability to scroll map

9.) Identify enemies with resistances

10.) Quick save & exit (especially important for HC)

11.) Movement on stairs in Arcane Sanctuary

I’m sure there are others but those are the immediate ones off the top of my head. Other than that, I loved it!

And to those thinking “just play on PC,” I don’t have one that can run D2R, nor can I afford one. Otherwise I would. But you know what I do have? A PS4, a keyboard, and a mouse.

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I agree bud and does anyone know why the d2 beta won’t let me play ( ps4 ) it says I need to be on battle net and I have a account so can someone help

Actually, I’m looking at the (PS4) Monk leaderboard right now. Second place person has triple sockets on everything.

First place person doesn’t show any of their gear.

Second placed monk got his gear from first place guy, the guy who has 7 sec clears on all boards on PS4 has worked out something very unique.

More info coming on my YouTube channel this weekend on this.