I fear they may just do a D2:R Console forum open to all…

Of course the …logically common sense solution…to that possibility would have a D2: Resurrection General Discussion…followed by PC and Console sub-Forums then Characters, Bugs, etc…but combioned for all.

At this point there is a lot out there playing various games on two or more platforms mainly because of friends. I’m sure there would be several wanting to ask, post in other forums…just like we do now

If anything…I’d say this…D2…offers a exellent opportunity to have a open forum for all and maybe show Blizzard that doing so will only help all players and even Blizzard…

Busy non-validated forums like GD and class forums for highly active games have historically been a breeding ground for toxic, unhealthy discussion or have required very heavy moderation that’s constantly chasing it’s tail. It’s been very welcome to see Blizzard have license validated commentary from its players.

I think it’s fair to say there’s a case for people to contribute their ideas and feedback or ask genuine questions if they have not yet made the choice to purchase a game.

There’s some issues with this too… you get people that come by with poor judgement and/or off their faces and think it’s funny to impress their sociopathic wannabe mates with baited questions and other puerile trolling manoeuvres that are more aimed at knocking the game because it’s not the game they’ve chosen than wishing to genuinely engage. This mixes with similar antics from the minority within the playing community disposed to the same.

A range of well intended genuine players often react to this in a variety of different ways and that presents a lot of sport opportunity for these people that could be finding something more constructive to do with their time.

The interest for people to engage before they buy could be addressed by making an open forum section under each game for the Q&A of interested people. The extra moderation required can be limited to one forum section and the players who are for the most part reasonably invested in the game can have less distracting places to have a chat with similarly invested people when that feels like a better place to hang out.

Perhaps Help for New Players is pretty close to already being this? Is the name clear enough for that purpose? I haven’t looked in there much. The reason for that is probably because as Console player there’s not a lot of reason to monitor incoming topics under “All Categories”. so it’s not seen when there’s a topic of interest there… probably different for PC license holders.

There’s no better time while they’re in development on D2 and D4 with partners to work through this and get it sorted. Games with PvP elements really accentuate these dynamics, so I think the forum operating department will be thanking Blizzard for prioritising this and let everyone work together in a healthy way.

I have a sliver of hope with cross platform saves they have some way of verifying console licences, allowing console players access to forum resources. But definitely not holding my breath.

I have a PC account due to the wow annual pass ten years ago so I can post anywhere, but I primarily play on console because I don’t enjoy the mouse movement. But even if that wasn’t my primary version, I’d still say that console players should have full access to the forums.

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For D2:R when you buy on Console you have to register it with Battle.net because it is that ID that will be online in Seasons (they said) thus if that is the case then under our account on here should be the Console version of D2:R and with it forum access.

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Hopefully. Its been a long time coming. Of course it will still require the purchase of a new title. :angry:

I reckon I’d cop that one if that’s what it took, just to see a more healthy approach become standard. Long as it comes with substantial new content. Maybe a solution still possible with existing licenses. Not sure there.

Was not thrilled with console D3 overall but will finish my end game on console. I’m definitely switching back to PC for D4 because I like the layout better (on PC)

I’m most concerned about the support they are going to give console. If it’s anything like d3 that’ll be a shame. I love blizzard games, but to be ignored for so long is disheartening. I can’t say what I’ll do for sure, but if they continue on this path I don’t think I’ll stick with d4 too long. There are other similar games that are fun to play, and have great communication to their player base on all platforms.

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I wonder with all the effort given to a follower rejuvenation, couldn’t we have gotten rid of this NG mechanic? Ugh

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Its an easy fix too…

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Possibly yea… and multiple forum accounts could still go with that too… albeit going to greater effort to at least attempt to evade folks cottoning on…

Barriers remain low while accounts can be tossed in the meantime.

We’d certainly appreciate more engagement in the console area, that’s for sure. I’m getting a feeling at the moment they’ve been listening though, so that’s something. I was curious who you’re pointing to as doing comms differently… just curiosity on my part there.

I do agree, they seem to be listening lately and I’m beginning to think that maybe… Just maybe console may get some love in one of the upcoming patches. They seem to be systematically going thru the entire game… Perhaps console priority is at the tail end. But I’m definitely not going to put money on it, so to speak.

Path of exile is really the game that I was talking about in this genre of games. But some of the mobile games I play, and older pc games I played in the past have always communicated better than blizzard. I understand blizzard has shareholders and Activision to deal with, but nonetheless, communication is lacking on console. And until very recently it was on pc as well.

Another take on this may be that they dipped their toes in the console market with d3. With what we see for d4 and d2:r it could be considered that they’ve seen enough to commit further now.

Thanks for that, might take a look over on their forums some time. I did try the game out briefly when a player here mentioned it, but I haven’t put a lot of time to it. I wasn’t sure if the initial player experience was bugged actually but I didnt look further into it.

If any come to mind, I’d be curious about them too. Not urgent by any means.

Dark age of Camelot was the one I played most. It’s an mmorpg by mythic entertainment. They were always in communication with the player base. And another was Warhammer online. It was a short lived game, and may have also been created by mythic but I can’t remember now.

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That could be. They gave it a try with Diablo 1 on Playstation and starcraft on n64 iirc. Makes me wonder why they didn’t pursue console with d2 long ago. Glad they finally are going to take that chance.

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Possible it was a bit early in the console development for games of this nature, though I’m not familiar with whether there were issues with that for d1 or how take up went.

Consoles have increasingly been taking on more PC like capability of late. It works for the most part with d3 and next gen consoles are bringing in substantially more capable hardware since then.

I wonder if anything’s been published on takeup numbers for d3 with console vs pc… or even for d1.

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As we’re unable to PTR … and understanding some difficulty delivering that capability would present… we catch streamers checking out PTR on PC and I see an ability to craft gear and fill the inventory with multiple pieces in one action.

Should we have this on console too? I would have used it many times over. Same for gem combines, and Kadala rolls.