Can we start a movement here?

We console players should have access to other sections of the forums just as the pc players do! Restricting our forum access to just this “broom closet” of a forum section prevents us from engagement with the rest of the community.

We can’t even post/reply in class specific forums to discuss our builds.

We console players paid for this game too. Some of us several times! Personally I purchased D3 vanilla at launch for the xbox 360, then D3 RoS that was only obtainable via full price purchase of $60, then had to purchase D3 RoS a second time when the xbox one came out (no transfer of liscense given), then purchasing the necro pack. We deserve equal access to all forum sections.

Show your support by leaving a like or respectful comment on how you think console players matter.


Not until we PC players can also hack our gear to have triple sockets in everything and clear 150’s in sub 60 seconds. It’s all about equality, right?


Boohoo those people you talk about aren’t on this forum probably whilst we have to watch threads in GD with hitters coming to complain.

And those are switch problems anyways way to lump it in Mr Bot


At least blizz interacts with you guys… they leave us in the wind down here.


Oh really? Hacking only happens on Switch? Then how come the thread right below this one is “Update on PS4 Cheating”?


You mentions triple sockets that is a switch season thing so why are you ignoring the fact of what you actually said…silly kid

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There are cheating problems on all platforms. If you point a finger, realize you have 3 fingers pointing back at yourself.

Lets please avoid the unpleasantries of discussing such matters. This topic is to afford console players a place to demonstrate that we matter too.

If you aren’t a console player, its ok, I appreciate you stopping by. Please be respectful though.



The worst part about it is we’ve paid the same if not more being console players. I see/hear about sales all the time for the pc version but rarely does it go on sale for console (not sure about hard copy).

I paid $59.99 yet I can’t use the forum like everyone else or we can’t get engagement like everyone else.

Change general discussion to PC discussion because they obviously don’t know what general means.


400p for the season…

Yeah. So what? Played for the first couple of days, couldn’t stand the seasonal theme. Quit.

Yet here you are.

Join the queue on that one.

Be nice if we had a PC discussion forum, same as Console discussion…

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You do it’s called the rest of the forum where we are relegated to this small area. You are really full of nonsense. Don’t misinterpret what I say it makes you look even sillier


What makes you coming in here even more ridiculous is the fact you can post anywhere, your complaining as a ‘pc’ player but your in our small, deserted part of the forum that is the ONLY part we can access. How old are you and who stole your candy this morning? What lost your crappy HC character? Someone grief you in greed’s lair because your were T16 ready? Good lord my man either you are the biggest man child here or have some sincere issues. The fact you can come in a blocked off area that us console players are stuck in without have to pay 2x what you pay and have to have another system to play it on.

Not only is the fact your in here complaining gross I can’t even really put in words how foolish it makes you seem because I lack the vocabulary for that. If certain words and phrases weren’t guaranteed to get me silenced you would hear a full course meal of my rotten mouth.


Console players cannot participate in general discussion forum. We can read ppsts from other people, but we cannot post anything in there. Hence why he stated general discussion forum should be labeled as pc discussion, because only pc players can post in there. The only exception would be a console player who also plays on pc, therefore they can post in genetal discussion.

Think of the d3 forums as a dinner party for a wedding. We console players got invited, but our table was set up in the broom closet.


I like that analogy lol I reminds me of something that actually happened once😩

Consoles are loads of fun, but it is an inferior platform for a game like D3. As such, the platform will always take a back seat to PC.

So while I would say all gamers matter, consoles themselves - not so much as they pertain to D3.

Which is absurd considering they charge us the same and we do not get the same benefits. We should pay less than if we are going to get subpar treatment.


Are we just talking about forum access here? I’m unclear as to exactly what you are upset about.

I’m all for all platforms being able to access the general forum. Was there anything else of concern to you?

That’s my biggest concern because it doesn’t allow us to voice our opinions like everyone else and what seems like our issues overlooked. Or even just basic discussion or say I’m a DH main I can’t even go into that part of the forum.

It’s the lack of engagement with us which I feel is most upsetting. I understand if they can’t help us as fast because they also have to deal with whatever console we are on for patches to go through, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo etc. but to be able to have a seat at the table would be nice.


Even more so, if those of us with access to both try and post anything console related in general discussion it is either ignored (because many can’t post there) or get slammed on by pc players much like this thread.

I love this game on console. It needs some work for sure and it would be nice if blizz acknowledged this section once in awhile so I am here throwing in my support.


I understand totally. Thanks for the clarification.

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