Does it matter if we play on PC or Console. I think we should be able to post and discuss builds. Kinda sad we can only post in the console forum. I know sometimes our builds differ from console from PC but they are basically the same. #consoleplayersmatter.


I like your proposal, but i’m sure nothing changes. That’s the reason why i completely moved to reddit, where i can post everywhere, insert links, builds and so on.

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I don’t use reddit myself. We might want to start a reddit thread connected to this topic.

It is true that every platform has a way of cheating whether it be, botting, THud, modded items in seasons on switch, save editor on ps4, or save scumming on consoles in general. Regardless, anyone who plays D3 paid for the game and should have equal access to the forums so our opinions can be heard and we can hold civil discussions. Thank you.


The main issue with reddit is that it continuously moves posts off. It doesn’t matter if every single person who’s ever played Diablo 3, which includes the PC & Console, upvotes it, within 48 hours the post will be buried, never to be seen again. At least on the forums, as long as people continuously respond, it will be here.

Now, I do think the Trust Levels are a bit too stringent. And, I understand there’s going to be abuse of images, YouTube, etc. But you’d figure Blizzard could expand some trusted websites, that could help with builds. It would be nice if there could even be a way we could take verified screenshots that aren’t even locally saved.


Just coming in to say, we hear you all.

The issue doesn’t lie in the fact that we value PC more than Console or Console over PC. The player base is everywhere.

Verification of licenses for the game becomes difficult on third party forums so the licenses are restricted to the general discussion forums for those that we can verify as owning the game. This is why there is a separate Console Discussion so that those who do play that we can’t verify have homes for their topics/issues/etc.

We will see if we can find a better way at doing this in the future with the forums. I agree, it would be great if everyone could be able to post together.


Appreciate the response! Why not have us use a verification through our consoles as almost every console has browser access if I’m not mistaken. Or even text/email verification while also connected to our console accounts. I know it may be hard to get something like this before D4 comes out but it would be awesome nonetheless.

@PezRadar I too appreciate you stopping by.

I am aware that it can be difficult to verify liscenses; However, when D3 first launched back in 2013 on consoles, there was a built in function within the game that allowed us to link our accounts. When we linked our accounts, we received the Signet Ring of the Blizzard. Everytime I made a new character, I would receive a new ring. Somewhere down the line, that stopped and the ability to link our xbox account to blizzard account was removed from the game. So my point is, we used to be able to. What changed? Why have we gone so long now without?

Your explaination for restriction to general discussion is somewhat understandable, but what about our restriction to participating in class specific forums? These restrictions seem to ostracize us console players.

I really do hope that some middle ground can be acheived, if not a complete resolution to this issue as we continue on.

Again, thank you for stopping by, need a broom?

So if that is the fact then why are not the Community Managers ensuring they engage with the Console players in here like you do in General if we cannot post in there?

You say you don’t value one platform over the other yet there is zero interaction or posts from CM’s in here for years when we have legitimate posts on feedback, constructive criticism etc.

You can’t say one thing and do another and that is exactly what we feel. Sure, it will get sorted for D4 as online saves will mean you will be able to verify but where does that leave us D3 community console members?

Is it too much to ask for feedback on the console version? In interacting with the Console community you may find the repeated posts stop and at least we are placified in knowing we have at least been heard.


This sounds weird to me, as we are registered via E-Mail in this forum. We got a “battletag” like all PC players. To verify us is so easy as we can’t use f.a.k.e mails to register. I don’t see the problem.


Verifying an email address is one thing, verifying that we infact purchased the game and and have a legitamate copy of the game/license is another. I still don’t know why it’s so hard to do though.

@PezRadar, CCP for their game EVE Online, employs a forum similar to this. On their forums, If you do not have an ingame character, you are unable to post on the forums. They have the forums connected to the game, via API’s etc.

While I have an account with EVE, If i decide to biomass all my characters, I will not be able to log in or speak on the forums until I have another character ready to do so.

I imagine it would be harder to vet D3 on consoles in that fashion, but considering we had to attach our battle.net stuff to D3, shouldn’t that verify that we have a copy of the game? For those who decide to sell their copy on the current console, you could ask for verification from the game or some way to verify that our emails and battletags are still attached with the game.

as Homer mentioned, this shouldn’t be an issue with D4, but with the lack of Community managers interacting with us, and I think on the old forums Miss Cheetah even came in our section once, its rather sad and makes us feel inferior or not as important since we were an afterthought for D3.

We never should have been locked out of the specific “demon hunter” or"barbarian" topics especially on ps4/x1 since we are right along with PC in terms of items and use etc.

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So, my biggest concern was if they were even listening. Next is: are they going to do anything?

With D4 coming, I honestly am not sold on their promises, based on current envolvement with the console community.

Next season is supposed to be a focus on balancing and QoL. QoL just on the forums could drastically improve, but I know the QoL they are referring to is in game. So, I raise the long standing issue of nephalem glory mechanics for console players. Are we going to see yet another sesson go by where console QoL isn’t even considered?

QoL issues on console:

  1. Nephalem glory mechanics
  2. Upgrading gems at Shen.
  3. fixing graphics issues introduced via season 21. Memory issues.

Those three issues rank highest on things I would like addressed. I’m sure there are many other things that others will list off.


I like how this whole thread is just PC users complaining lmao way to use a forum intelligently boys!

Meanwhile, I’ve paid for this game in full twice now, and the console glitches make it borderline unplayable.

Paragon 360 and still can’t teach any plans or designs to any f#&$ng artisan? No problem. No access to the best items and upgrades? Cool. Welcome to the console gang.

You were saying?

I’d have to disagree with that statement. I started this thread, and I am a console player only. There were some apparent pc players who came in and commented, but it is far from “whole thread”.

Yeah same here console only bro, your spewing nonsense without facts, which unfortunately makes it harder to believe your uh ‘artisan’ issues. Mabye you tried save editing and messed up who knows but you just sound like someone that’s done something wrong and won’t own up to it, even mabye shutting down the console while it was saving I don’t know.

From what I read both areas have issues with lag, or being unplayable however I noticed as the season has gone on and the short timers left it’s much less lag for me unless the hosts internet is doo doo.

Only bug issues I’ve had are the same one pc players have with some bounties bugging out, we are here talking about GAMEPLAY MECHANIC DIFFERENCES, not to here your self centered whine fest. Grab some cheese for that whine bro.

remember, part of that lag issue is due to the Stash being tied to the memory, so the more items you have in stash, the more issues with lag pop up, thats why they ended up not giving us the extra stash space like they initially were… now on console thats easier to manage with us, by making mules, but on PC, i think thats harder for them to manage… Plus each character on console can hold 60 items… PC cannot.

Why can’t i flag this bogus message you sent???

you can’t flag mods goofy :stuck_out_tongue:

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@EddieLMT I would agree that stash space used does cause lag/frame rate drop; However, it normally only occurs when you have 4 players with over 300 + items each in their stashes.

This season doesn’t matter. We ran 4 man with all of us with less than 100 items each, and had to force quit the game at the xbox home screen because the season theme decided to summon in 4 sets of twisters. We couldnt do anything for 20-30 seconds, mobs werent moving, affixes were essentially paused, no skills would activate. This happened to all 4 players including the host. We have attempted having different people host, but the problem still happens when too many season theme twisters spawn in.