Fix Channel/Twister Mechanic

Normally, I wouldnt even bother with a post like this since more than likely it will fall on deaf ears, but wth, why not.

Blizzard please fix the bug of being allowed to channel and cast twisters simultaneously. It has been years and nothing has been done about this game breaking bug. Blizzard is a multidollar company and need to release a hotfix for it. If you cant/wont fix this could you please give the players some insight on Blizzards decision.


I know you probably meant to say “multi-million dollar company” but it’s funnier the way you wrote it and, yeah, they really should fix this or say why they won’t / can’t.

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I don’t use these mechanics so I’m not fully across it, but there seemed to be some good points being made in this thread, for example this from Exis: Firebird Wizard is Fair and Balanced - #27 by ExisFOHDR-1296

I thought I’d leave it for him to comment but I’m seeing he wasn’t online for a couple of weeks. Hope he’s ok.

Essentially this is seen as a PC v Console balance issue isnt it? I recall Exis making the point around this mechanic on earlier threads that Console is missing out in many respects, but not on this one. I seem to recall sharing his sentiment that if they’re going to take something away from the usually disadvantaged Console, they might like to look at giving some other things back at the same time. Not recalling which thread that is off the top of my head, but there’s pages of issues of that nature here: #ConsolePlayersMatter

No, I meant multi-dollar company. :laughing: