Communities Are Not Working After Maintinance


The communities in game are not working correctly after todays maintinance.
Instead of player names, we see a " [] " followed by “No one can hear you…”

Chat channels, Parties and Clan functions DO NOT work anymore
Friends not showing in party menu
Can't connect to Community Chat (Error Code 319803)
Cannot use Clans at all

same thing is happening to me, i restarted the game and now i can’t interact with any of the communities at all. it shows no one online in the roster even though it will say 200+ people online next to the community in the list. i can’t click any of them to type to them


It is still happening, I decided to give it over an hour after end of maintenance to come and play, and all communities and game play with other people seems to be broke. I cannot invite anyone and I cannot join anyone… real bummer. Any updates from Blizz on this?


Hey gang :wave:

I just checked in my own Diablo III account and my Communities were displaying as usual and showed active users in my various groups, so the service itself is functioning… you may be experiencing unique individual issues with connecting to it, though.

For starters, I’d recommend reviewing overall connection troubleshooting, in particular power cycling hardware and renewing your IP and DNS-flushing:

Can’t Connect to Diablo III

Let us know if issues persist, but best of luck in your adventures :slight_smile:

List of Bugs After Maintenance 9/10 and 9/18
List of Bugs After Maintenance 9/10 and 9/18

Many of us are experiencing this. Even trying to join a party is a big issue at the moment. It takes many attempts to join a party and when you’re in, party chat says you aren’t in one resulting in all of us having to PM each other to communicate. Cannot even talk to the communities and ask them if others are having problem. However, everyone in our discord is having similar issues so I do not believe it is something that 1 person alone is experience. This is happening to many people and we have all restarted the clients many times.


same issue. I can’t invite anyone to my group


Same issue here. we can only make a 3 person game. when you go to add a 4th player it says the game is FULL.


everyone i know is having this issue. Can’t get 4 people in a game and we are all getting error code 10020 or game is full. game locks up and you have to ctrl alt del to exit. how do you flush dns so i can start a post to explain to all 100+ friends how to fix.


I performed all the troubleshooting steps, even went into Win updates and downloaded the current updates, which there were only 2 small ones, but the issue persists. I think this is still a larger issue than a large quantity of individual issues. When I normally see something like this at my work, it is usually 1 of the servers that is load balanced across many, that is the culprit… my team would normally restart that specific server, or just take it out of the load balanced pool. Just throwing out ideas at this point. The game is pretty much unusable if you want to party up or use communities at all.


“You have already entered community chat. Code 319803” When I try to chat in a community, which I have to access from the community list because none of them show up in the chat list.


definitely not on our end… parties are literally broken, sometimes 2 of us can get in game, but the others wont be able to, although joining public games work perfectly fine.


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This issue has been happening since D3 went live around 9AM.
This is NOT I repeat NOT a client issue.

Any other suggestions Metalagon?


I’ll bet Metalagon logged in through his Blizzard HQ IP and of course all is well.

However, all over the world people are having a host of D3 networking issues from not being able to invite a person into my game to community issues that were not there before the mini patch.


same here. Cmon individual client issue…


Same… having an issue with joining parties and even typing in party chat. Tried a bunch of fixes, but it seems to be something with the servers.


I restarted my PC and everything. Connected to and checked for updates. Nothing there. D3 loads fine but can’t clan chat, invite people to your party, and community channels are not working. I tested it on my nephew’s PC and same thing…


Community chat seems to be working now. Still can’t use clan chat… says I don’t have permission.


noice! i was just about to relog and check


its broke again…