Can load 2x Shards simultaneously in Weapons

Devs by all means check my PTR in account to see for yourself.
I have advanced since screenshot but have left the weapons in to test if it was random.

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Embedding that for you…

I guess dual-wield capable heroes are going to have fun with this until they fix it.


Thank you :slight_smile: I have been busy with life so not being as regular as I used to be, my forum tier status has declined back to 2

Other solutions from a dev perspective

  • Max 3 shards : 1 main hand, 1 second hand, 1 head
  • Max 2 shards : 1 main hand, 1 second hand

It would be nice to allow offhands to take these new gems rather than taking it away from dual wielding.


Or atleast include Weapon + Off Hand in the Shard description.

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I was looking to see what was going on. If I try to put one in each weapon it says I can’t have more than 1 weapon socketed but on PTR leaderboard there are many with 1 in each weapon.

Just figured it out. If I have them in the weapons in inventory and try to equip it won’t let me but if I put them in after the weapons are equipped it lets me.


Correct :slight_smile:
But according to what is intended and only the devs can confirm that, we are not supposed to have more than one helm and one weapon shard equipped at any time.

Right. Patch notes say, “You may only equip one Prime Evil Soul Shard and one Lesser Evil Soul Shard at a time.” This is a bug, or the patch notes are wrong.

Agreed. Sure, it is fun to have that extra damage but realistically, it is too overpowered. There is enough grunt in two gems to make the season bonus fun.

@Meteorblade, would you kindly post these in full image format please - People with 150 + 2x 1-handed gems from 1K-2.5K paragons :slight_smile:

I have blotted out names even though anyone can look at the leaderboards and see them.
GR150 with this bug at well under 2000 paragons is indicative that this bug needs to be fixed with 2x one-handed weapons.
It seems I was too conservative with my OTT estimations.
People will be hitting 150 on day one.
Thanks mate.

I’m not Meteorblade, but here you go:

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Thank you Perusoe :slight_smile:

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