Btw Eth bug is fixed

Me and my friends were testing various things, Eth bug amongst them. We already had info from someone else but i wanted to test it myself so I did and yeah, Eth bug is fixed.

Also fun thing, it looks like firewall has changed PVP penalty as it does way too much dmg, sometimes it does act weird, i kept getting dmg after i went out of fire wall still and died.




Well, this is sad news, but at least bugged Andariel still works, which imo is more important anyways. Merc will lose some defense though, but oh well.


Are you sure? you tested this?

well it’s not a bad thing per say , i mean it wasn’t intended (hence the name bug/glitch) , and even without that hell difficulty is already easy enough.


I thought they said they where leaving some of the old bugs in the game.


some =/= all

but then again even if they had said “all” (let’s imagine that) they could always go back on their words like about every game dev in existence .

we’ll see if it’ll definitely not come back or not , personally i wouldn’t mind eitherway.

Yeah, i dont mind them fixing every single bug honestly.


Same here.
though , there is some glitches related to mercenary AI i would gladly see removed aswell speaking of which.

If i remember correctly you had made a huge list a few months ago.


Yeah, there is honestly alot of stuff to fix.

they added new bugs tho, pvp is weird now.

you can find the cube???
There is no lvl2 (and lvl3) at dead hall and viper temple and maggot lair in my case.


what? :smiley:

There should be.

no more eth bugged exile then I suppose

I tested it 3 times, and the test succeeded all 3. I only have 11%mf so it would be very unlikely the test failed, plus no gold each of the 3 times, very likely.

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i think it was working in alpha aswell.
i kind of wish this glitch would get fixed too.
yea some items would be rarer , but as they should.
that’s only my opinion though of course.

The minimap icons for these entrances in A2 blend so much into other minimap sprites, that it is extremely hard to notice

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I like Andy bug simply because without it, there’s no reason to run her, it kinda wrecks the game a bit by giving less viable, efficient options.

Meph is easier to get to, easier to kill, and has better drops on most items, as well as higher TC. The only thing that makes Andy viable for specific items (shako for example) is the quest drop bug.

Getting rid of quest drop would give less fun options for MF. :frowning:


i see your point.

personally what i would like to see someday , is a “hell +” difficulty , where every monsters are at the level of baal making any area a good spot pretty much. (even if some less efficient than others of course)

but then again it’s one of the potentially very controversial idea and i perfectly understand as it wouldn’t be a toggle or anything , that it could be viewed as bad.

Overall i’d like some farm diversity , i did way too many andy / meph / pindle / pit xD


Not really true. Depends on what class you’re playing. I can tele to Andy easier than Meph. She also has narrower item drops so some things are more specific to her. And she is highly vulnerable to fire. Just a handful of meteors on a non-fire specialized sorc and she’s out.

Usually hit Andy, Meph, D, and Baal in a game.

Me too. I liked Inferno in D3, but that didn’t take long for people to cry about. An even spread of immunities and immune combinations that are not negateable would be nice too. Practically forcing party play even for god tier builds.

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Andariel’s bug works, I think VV even claimed that they gonna keep this bug.

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