Blizzcon will be better than it has been in like 10 years

I hope the stock certificates are soft and ultra absorbent so at least they’ll have some use after BlizzCon.


Well, the stock dropped about 30$/ share after last Blizzcon, so if it jumps 20$ after a few big announcement, I’ll sell.

Then again, they may go heavy on D:I, so i may lose another 30$!

As with all stocks, time will tell.

I will keep my money this year. Wishing all attending and virtual ticket holders the best of luck.


Seriously though, Blizzcon is ALWAYS bad. This is just trying to build hype like last year, and we all know how that went over.

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Slightly off-topic but, to anyone who believes the rumors of “D:I is cancelled! Daddy Blizzard will cancel D:I for announcing D4!” bullcrude… Please make a reality check.
Click “Games” section at the official site main page and tell me what do you see at that list. They’ll release D:I and have 2 spokeperson for it and potentially show D3 Set item previews or talk about system changes if applies.

I honestly don’t expect any Diablo news this year since quarterly reports didn’t drop ANY hint on it, nor high chairs say anything about prioritizing Diablo over World of Warcraft or Overwatch.
We’re sitting here talking about a mobile game developer’s words while president of Blizzard gives priority to WoW and OW first because these are the games that they can monetize.

I say don’t expect a big announcement but don’t sell after Blizzcon either. They outright said there won’t be any big release this year so I expect a mundane Blizzcon with expected announces.

Otherwise people wouldn’t be forced to get an application to get inside and only use smart phones. If people misses a big announcement due to this phone application thing, D:I drama will linger all over again and they should be aware of that. If they gate D4 tease behind phone applications and never dropped hints along the year, that’d piss off player base again. I doubt they care but still a very thoughtless approach.

I expect good news in Blizzcon '20 about next Diablo title; because some key staff only hired at the start of 2019 and it’s hard to believe they’ll come up with something solid for Blizzcon’19 in less than a year.

We only know that a new Diablo title is in the works and it’s NOT guaranteed to be the fourth installment of the series.

If they EVER announce the next game this Blizzcon, there’s a good chance that it will be “Diablo: Something of Heck” as in a spin-off; a diversion from the original franchise like an MMO-lite. A spin-off will have a shorter announce to release delay compared to a sequel title thanks to advertisement campaign costs are not that much.

However we already have a spin-off in the works at the form of Diablo Immortal and I don’t think they are willing to shade its release to split player base. They are well aware if they announce “Diablo 4” on PC, they will lose potential market in west for Diablo Immortal. It’ll be possible to run D:I on emulation for PC; why would they wanna risk it? They’ll wait until D:I’s popularity to cease over a year to come up with next Diablo title in my opinion.

That’s marketing strategy for you. Just wait and look at virtual goodies they offer, they generally keep good hints of what to expect there regarding their quality of work. If high quality ticket gifts for virtual and real life goodies appear for Diablo, you may expect good news in some form; otherwise don’t bother.

Between you and the OP we have both ends of the spectrum covered. Like most things the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle.


It’s like comparing apples to something that isn’t an apple. Idk what it could be, but definitely not an apple. Like comparing apples to something else that’s round, maybe has a different color like if you combined red and yellow. Any ideas on a non-apple?

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There’s been a number of big annoucements in the past 8 or so Blizzcons.

Personally speaking, I feel that it’s more that they are trying to get the hypetrain fired up. But lets look at potentials!

SC - New SC IP is the biggest. Additional SC story campaign (Possibly following the Tal’Darim) is second biggest. New Co-op commander is most likely.

Diablo - Immortal has already been revealed, new sets and balance changes have been stated. Any “Big” annoucement would be either D4 (I feel this is possible, but worrisome at the same time since it can’t be THAT fleshed out yet considering that it’s earlier iterations were canceled), or additional D3 class DLC (Much easier to do then a new D3 expansion, and gives something for the D3 community to chew on until D4 is fully fleshed out). HIGHLY likely - D2 remastered (WC3 remastered is coming out this year, so D2 remastered for late 2020/early 2021 would follow that trend, and this year would be best year to annouce it)

HotS - Nothing likely to see here since it’s in maintenence mode. Maybe next 2 heroes in the pipeline. Maybe.

OW - Possible to see OW2 reveal (Probably more focused on storyline/campaign then what we see in OW rather then constant PvP action, more akin to Halo/Gears of War series). More likely a new hero, most likely a new map.

Hearthstone - Expansions are guaranteed especially due to how they line up the release of a new one every 3 months. Potentially Tournament mode for the US?

Sounds like a…

Grapefruit! Thats definetely non-apple!


Im just waiting for Maneater to be released. No exact date has been confirmed but speculation says it’ll be this year. If its around the time of blizzcon, blizzard wont stand a chance.

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Nah, Mike is not that type of a person. When he says “best Blizzcon” he isn’t marketing stuff etc… The only question left is whether he refers to D4 or OW2.

But I think D4 announcement comes before OW2.

I really don’t get all that hype with D4. Do you expect that D4 on release will magicly fix all that was messed up in D3?


Diablo Immortal release date annoncement maybe … i hope !!

That was nice to watch.

The only thing I like about Diablo Immortal is the cinematic trailer.

Well, obviously depending on the quality of D4, then absolutely I feel everyone will forget the D3 problems. If you buy D4, it’s awesome, it’s fun, you’re having a good time, why would you for one second be thinking about D3 problems?

A lot of people including myself couldn’t wait to play D3 when it was announced and we all know how it turned out after release…


I’ll believe it when I see it.


Still have all of September and October to go through.

I can’t stand much more of this hype parade.

Really, how to mute posts like this?


You can use Adblock and filter the a href property manually on each thread you dislike.

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