Blizzcon will be better than it has been in like 10 years

Best Blizzcon for me was the Overwatch Announcement during Opening Ceremonies. I don’t even play that kind of game, but the cinematics, trailers, raw emotion from the OW team revealing it to the world. I was in awe and seriously had chills. The whole audience had no idea to expect it was just as rapt as I was. It was just a very thrilling time to be sitting there.

I am not getting on any hype trains right now. Last year they did not have much to talk about. This year, hopefully they do. It does not mean whatever the HS dev is referring to is Diablo related though.


Well, it wasn’t Blizzcon precisely, but this one will be remembered forever:

Can D4 announcement beat it? We have to see…


The one thing people forget about the forges burning hot is that they also released a ‘temper your expectations’ post a few weeks before blizzcon. That basically told us D4 wasn’t happening but made most people think D2 remastered was a certainty, since well what else did all the fanboys want if not D4? Of course we were still misled because they gave us something no one wanted…


In the immortal words of Flavor Flave:

Don’t believe the hype.


lol, we got nothing.

It was not a something I or you received.

It was a promise and then no word what so ever.

Do not mention the White Elephant in the room.


I am expecting an ARPG which means isometric. If it’s a totally different game there is a high probability I will not purchase it.
I also hope for a MTX model similar to PoE, while I doubt Blizz would ever go FTP with D4 (I would love if they did) if they go full price with a cosmetic MTX model I would hope they are a bit cheaper due to the upfront cost.
I’ve been playing PoE for less time than D3 but have spent WAY more on PoE due to the amount of content and cool MTXs they provide,
I would gladly do this for D4 if a similar model was initiated.


I’ll be thrilled to death if BlizzCon 2019 announces a Diablo 2 Remastered or a Diablo 3 expansion pack. Either would make me leap for joy! Even a Diablo 4 announcement would be nice but that’s the least of the three that I’d want.

And if we don’t get any of them hopefully Heroes of the Storm will have something cool for me to enjoy. I play Diablo 2, Diablo 3 and Heroes of the Storm every day now. I’m addicted!

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Not really, there exist aRPG games which are not isometric.

MTX model is fine. MTX model like PoE is not fine for us, only for them.

Agreed, the mtx in PoE are done very well. I hope at blizzard they are not too proud to borrow a couple of (hundred) things from PoE regarding this.
And while they are at it, borrow their version of seasons too.


Being isometric is not the definition of ARPG. For example Borderlands series are ARPGs despite the first person perspective.

ARPG is a very wide genre.

You jump on the hype train pretty easily, don’t you? Did the same last year, just because someone said something at gamescon.

If something big is happening, then great. However, I’m not expecting much beyond some info on those new sets and future season themes.


I feel kinda like they have to make a big announcement this year for Diablo. After last year, they need to do something otherwise they’re going to lose even more of the fan base.

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I miss the old Ignore function.

I never leave the hype train.

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Yea, I can definitely see that now.


I’ll say this much - given what has happened the last two years for Diablo at Blizzcon, it would be logical for Blizzard to, you know, actually provide something worthwhile to their PC audience. We “know” D4 is in the works, and the more years that pass by, the greater the likelihood that the next Blizzcon will be “the” Blizzcon where that gets confirmed.

What that said, as of right now, I have almost zero hope or expectations that Blizzard is capable of actually having a “good” Blizzcon as far as Diablo is concerned. When they prove they can do it, then I’ll believe it. I am very interested to see what they do in the lead-up to Blizcon - will we get another hype video? Radio silence? Another post telling folks there will be nothing to see?

We will know soon enough. Good analysis though!


I’m cautiously optimistic - as a whole for a good Blizzcon. I doubt this’ll have anything to do with Diablo, unless - you know - Immortal gets its release date or whatever here.

EDIT: and to be clear that’d make it a ‘terrible’ Blizzcon for me - someone who has played every single Diablo on PC since the original was released.

The only thing I find amazing is that there are still people that are willing to accept this statement as truthful or honest, especially after the whole “forges are burning hot” nonsense last year.


Just Marketing Strategy.All For The Ticket Dude…


I’m hoping for huge announcements, as i bought a ton of acti-blizz stock after last year’s crash.

Im looking forward to a huge stock bump after this event, so i can cash in the next day. …