Blizzcon will be better than it has been in like 10 years


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Mike Donais, a HS dev, said this in an interview yesterday:

Q: Can you spoil what youโ€™ll be announcing at Blizzcon? We promise not to tell anyone.
A: Yeah, if you don't tell anyone. Blizzcon will be better than it has been in like 10 years. It is going to be amazing!

The question is asked at 01:28:41.

Now, let me clear some things since I follow HS a lot: HS at Blizzcon is always the same since release - new expansion announcement, which is done 3 times per year and one of these is at Blizzcon aka nothing special. This year wonโ€™t be any different since there are no major plans for changes in HS.

Also, mentioning โ€œ10 yearsโ€ brings a thought what was HS at Blizzcon before 10 years - well, nothing, since HS was launched 5 years ago.

This means Mike is not referring to HS when he says โ€œBlizzcon will be better than it has been in like 10 yearsโ€. Could he be referring to a potential big announcement like D4? I think this is highly possible.


Dont get your hopes up yet, remember last year?
I want to believe it will be special but they said the same about previous ones.
With our luck they announce HS2 :confused:


I remember a video where โ€œforges are burning hotโ€ last year also. Donโ€™t give any credit to what they say, it can be another PR stunt. Just wait until VT goodies are revealed for Blizzcon then you may have your daydream after that. He might be even referring to a playable demo for D:I for its release, donโ€™t think heโ€™s referring to the frustrated audience from a few words.



Only problem with that is Blizzcon has been around longer than 10 years
and he is a HS dev and anything he announces will be HS related


If you donโ€™t follow HS, it is natural you donโ€™t know Mike. He is quite a serious guy. When he says โ€œbest Blizzcon in 10 yearsโ€ he means it. Comparing this to forges video is like comparing apples to non-apples.

I expect D4 will be announced, but it wonโ€™t be a top-down aRPG, which would be a skip for me. I donโ€™t have high hopes to play D4, but itโ€™s still interesting to see what a beast it will be and where the aRPG genre will go with it.


Yeah itโ€™s not like a whole bunch of people fell for Nevalistisโ€™ bull last yearโ€ฆ


So heโ€™s not pulling another PR since heโ€™s the serious โ€œmobileโ€ card game developer guy and not our own community manager. We can totally trust him and he doesnโ€™t mean D:I gonna have a release this year but Diablo 4. We totally mastered reading between lines as a fanbase, Iโ€™m sureโ€ฆ
I have no idea what are you guys thinking. Mike joined Blizzard at '13, how could he have any idea about a decade ago? โ€œForges are burning hotโ€ and โ€œbetter than it has been in like 10 yearsโ€ are same PR words which is all hot air.

Donโ€™t try to start hype trains until you hear official word and clues from CMs or see the virtual ticket goodies.


Here we go again - another cycle of self-hyping based on โ€œabsolutely, totally, 100% credibleโ€ sources. All Iโ€™m saying is, remember last yearโ€ฆ


โ€œRemember Last Yearโ€

Ya no, im passing on this and future blizzcons. Iโ€™ll read about it or watch highlights of it but going to it is not happening. After going to it for so many years, last years fiasco wonโ€™t have me waste any more on it.

The amount of hype that was built up last year led to one of the biggest blunders and slaps to the face of the hardcore diablo crowd. Even if they give info on D4, it wonโ€™t have the impact that it would of had due to last years mess.


If you are sure D4 wonโ€™t be announced this year, I am open to 1:1 bets. A man who stays behind his words is ready to bet on these at anytime. Otherwise itโ€™s just trash talking, the same as forges you knowโ€ฆ


Why donโ€™t you make a bet with Mike to have your answer?
Iโ€™m just telling you to wait instead of crashing another hype train. Obviously theyโ€™re planning to release D:I soon. The question is; will they allow D:I release to be shaded by another major announcement? Which I think not.

Have you bet for D4 release at Blizzconโ€™18 and lost it? Thinking you can make up for it this year?
What exactly gave you a clue for Diablo4 announce? Mobile application based ticket entrance to this yearโ€™s Blizzcon or mobile card game developer being serious by pulling their usual PR stunt?


Last Blizzcon left many of us, in a place where we matured in the way we look at and deal with the world.

โ€˜Hypeโ€™, the word, goes into a untrusted and sorrowful place.

Online games, are fun and are something to do in free time.

Spending 5 to10k dollars to go visit Blizzcon is not going to ever happen for me, and that is fine!


Theyโ€™re going to try to hype it up to ridiculous levels but Iโ€™m not budging until the official products are released and there has been ample time for game reviews. Look no further than Call of Duty: BO4. I donโ€™t trust this company further than I can spit anymore.


But I do hope you are right OP. I really do, I would absolutely love D4 news, and it will be a insta pre-order.
Im just not sure it will not be the DI release :stuck_out_tongue:


Instant pre-order for me means:

  • Classical top-down aRPG
  • Design not influenced by MTX
  • Better engine than D3

So, in other words, no instant pre-orders for me. If I play it, Iโ€™ll buy it days before launch.


In the years leading up to D3 being released and played that first night, there was a lot of information about the game being released regularly by Blizzard.

It was almost too much information.
We wanted the game and there was no info about that.


Of course it will be classic top down arpg, wtf else would it beโ€ฆ


Why do you do this?

I mean, they thought last year was gonna be the greatest thing ever.

Do you have a pathological need to set yourself up for massive disappointments or something?


I expect Borderlands-like or MMO-camera view.