Blizzcon will be better than it has been in like 10 years


Look if you are playing a build to see if it is a fun build to play. A build that you would want to get better gear for. Then you don’t need all ancients to find out if that build is fun to play. You could keep the other setup you used to farm the new gear for that build. Then after testing you could figure out if you wanted to keep it or junk it.


my goal is to play T13 or T15 with comfort;
-i can only find that out, if i have an ancient build.
-the rest was in my former post.


Again I say that you don’t need all ancients to be able to comfortably play those levels. What can’t tell whether or not a build is fun to play unless you are clearing those torments in under a minute. I am talking about the goal of wanting to know whether or not a build is fun to play.

I wouldn’t doubt that if I ever decided to play an impale DH I could quite comfortably play T13-15 without any ancients with ease.

Look there are no doubt many set builds that if you have the right support legendaries could easily farm those torments without ancients. Now if you are wanting to use the special snowflake builds that I seen in your profile then I can understand why you are saying you need all ancients.

That is unless you are wanting to see how strong you can make those snowflake builds.


Ok, floor map is live:

My first thoughts: Big things planned for Diablo, because of the demo space right next to Mythic stage. Also, Diablo announcement will be bigger than OW announcement if such since OW demo is far away.

Edit: Seems like this is last year’s floor map.


That is last years map, look at the bottom of the page.


Yeah, I just checked the web archive. They have to start stamping these things with the year.


Last years map was poster on 10/15, so look for it next week. :sunglasses:


Let’s hope my initial thoughts will be the same next week aka Diablo stage next to main one.


Still won’t be good enough to spawn any desire to attend from me.

It’s BETTER than bad! Its MEH!


still trying to get that hype train rolling skelos, still not learned anything from last years complete mess.















NOTES: Blizzcon was not held in 2006 and 2012. I can’t find map floor plan from 2007.