Blizzard app won't let me install Diablo II resurrected

I had pre-purchased this a week ago and right now I’m trying to hit the install button but I’m getting a message saying this game cannot be installed yet as if it’s not released.
The time and date is correct on my computer if that matters. And I see my friends are already playing…


There are a few players with similar issues on the D2R Technical Support forum here:

You should probably post there…


Check the order status; it should say “Complete”
(you may need to logon to your Battle.Net account)


You may also want to submit a web ticket… I do not know what the response time will be however.
Go to this page & click on the “Contact Us” button to start the web ticket.
(ignore the suggestion to uninstall & re-install the game :rofl:)


Best of luck with this !

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I downloaded the installer from my accounts page. Try there. Having same issue with the app.


I have the same problem. I bought the game about 30 mins ago. The battle net app acknowledges I bought the game, but the ‘Install’ button is grayed out and hovering over it leads to the ‘This game cannot be installed yet’ message. This is, of course, UNACCEPTABLE.

How did you get to download it from the accounts page?

Hey there!

If you are getting any error related to “this can’t be played yet” it normally means the system clock is not syncing correctly. Please check Windows date/time settings and ensure it’s set to automatic. Please also click the “Sync Now” button. Restarting the computer and network may also help!

If none of that works, try reinstalling the launcher.

Let us know how things go. Cheers!