Bazooka wizard nerfed?


Looks like bazooka wiz might have been nerfed, though we’ll need to see official patch to be sure.


I’m good with it.


what streamer was it? I want to find the vod to confirm. not that I’m suprised. Star pack is leagues better then the next best option for GR’s trash clear.

although wont people just do the 48 second LoD version and still use SP to clear 150’s. it just wont be speed runs


Here is the clip that Svr talk about bazooka nerf.
What make me sad is that they finally nerf this broken build after how many seasons now? But WW barb dont even have a change to come out of PTR without a huge 7GR nerf??

Patch 2.6.7 (New PTR changes)

so bazooka is dead, rend is nerfed, and out of no where crusader is gonna solo 150s now?


Yeah, looks like Crusaders were the real winners this patch. That came out of nowhere. Monks seem to be the losers. Their set looks just awful.


Yeah, the new monk set is just sad


Bazooka should be nerted previously. Archon + ES + DW ??? Totally exploitive!


Not exploitive, just badly designed, unfun, and clunky as hell. Reverse Archon is still alive and well.


how does reverse gear? is it the same just start with archon and wait for it to drop then cast your metoer? so your only using fazula’s 50 stacks and not getting a crap ton of stacks after each pop?


where is this information come from?i didn’t see any patch note on the main page.


Please check my initial post. The information came from streamers at Blizzcon, so please take the info with a pinch of salt as we still need to see the official patch notes or test the bazooka wiz when the patch 2.6.7 is implemented.


Crazy that we still don’t have any patch notes or a season 19 start date yet :pensive:


so are they wrecking normal starpact too? I’ve heard a bunch of conflicting info.


My last info is from Monday and at that point there was no plan to nerf Etched Sigil, Deathwish nor Star Pact.


Fixed an issue where certain item bonuses (such as from the item Deathwish) would persist between changing forms to/from Archon

Taken from the patchnotes:


Anyone else noticing significantly reduced Chantodo stack count (carry over) from AT:SD casts after entering archon?

Playing Vyr chantodo I used to typically hit 7 stacks after entering archon, now I only hit 3-4. Could this be a side effect of the bazooka wizard bug fix?

Also tested with EB and Black hole, cast both before entering archon while channeling AT:SD. Only hit 5 stacks after entering archon.

EDIT: linking video of quick test, 1m duration.


Seems to be the case. Stacks stop counting immediately after archon is triggered. The best way to test should be on an enemy that has slow time.


lol, crusaders are solo’ing 140s with trash gear


Tried to look at entering archon in slow motion. Entering archon is either occurring quicker, and preventing AT:SD from attacking like it used to, or causing the bolts that are in the air to not stack or despawn. I’ll have to take a closer look to confirm. Getting tired though. :sleepy:

EDIT: Yeah, this reduced stack carry over feels terrible.