Barbarian set suggestion for patch 2.7

Every since diablo 3 release, I always want to see barbarian would be able to use two 2-handed weapons. Yet, with the latest set released, barbarians were still unable to do so. So please blizzard, make barbarian awesome.

Immortal king:
(6) set: You deals 6000% increased damage and able to wield 2-handed weapons with 1 hand.

The Gavel of Judgment, Remorseless and Bracers of the First Men now also increases damage of Call of the Ancients.

With this changes, barbarian would most likely dual wield Immortal King’s Boulder Breaker and The Gavel of Judgment. The increase of damage should bring HOTA build to become one of the best RGK. It will also free up a slot of the use of Chilanik’s Chain for speed build, Andariel’s Visage for pushing or TNT for pet build.

IK6R4 charge barbarian would also be able to use both Immortal King’s Boulder Breaker and Standoff, open up a slot for furnace. We may also add a new item for charge bar to help with killing single target.

(2) set: also reduce the cooldown of Wrath of berseker for 1 second per enemy hit
(6) set: damage increased to 7500% per stack

Chilanik’s Chain: Using War Cry increases the movement speed for you and all allies affected by 30–40% for 10 seconds. War Cry gain all runes.

The three hundred spear: Increases Ancient Spear and Weapon Throw damage by 300%. Also increase your maximum Fury by 300.

Skular’s Salvation: Increases the damage of Boulder Toss by 300%. When Boulder Toss hits 5 or fewer enemies, the damage is further increased by 200–300%.

Permanent Wrath of the berseker and a minor damage buff should help Reakor build. I added the cooldown of WOTB, because in Reakor HOTA build you only unleash stack during COE cycle, which make zodiac ineffective for the build.

I would also like to see barbarian gain a build that work like star pack. I think by increase the maximum fury by 300 would make Boulder Toss viable. One would need to build up fury by charge and unleash it during the COE cycle. Since there is a limit to the less then 5 enemies hit in Skular’s Salvation, it would likely to be a RGK version of star pack.

Might of the Earth
(6) set: Increase damage to 30000%

Fury of the Vanished Peak: Reduces resource cost of all skill by 50% and increases the damage of Seismic Slam by 400 - 600%

Bracers of Destruction
Seismic Slam deals 400-600% increased damage to the first 10 enemies it hits.

Blade of the Tribes: War Cry and Threatening Shout cause an Avalanche and Earthquake. Increases Earthquake and Avalanche Damage by 400–600% (extractable)

Girdle of Giants: Seismic Slam increases Earthquake damage by 200–250% for 3 seconds. Earthquake gain Molten Fury Rune

Dread Iron: Ground Stomp, Boulder Toss causes an Avalanche. Increases Avalanche Damage by 250 - 300%

Seismic slam with the first 10 enemies hit removed may already be enough as the increase from Area damage could be huge. The change to reduce all resource costs is for the use of captain crimson. Both changes would be a major quality of life improvement for the build.

For Earthquake build, I suggest we give it Molten Fury rune. It opens up the option for using the second rune, Cave-in would be used for pushing as it group up mobs and maybe better at procing area damage. The Mountain’s Call would be a solid choice for speed farming, as it reduces cooldown to 30 seconds. With Boon of Bul-Kathos passive, it would further reduce it to 15 seconds!!!

Horde of the Ninety Savages
(6) set: also increase damage of Revenge and all primary skills

Stormshield: Enemy hit by Revenge take 200-300% increased damage from your primary skills for 5 seconds. Revenge gain all rune.

Revenge base damage increased to 700%
Grudge: change to stun, instead of knocks enemies back
Provocation: reduce the cooldown of one of your skill by 0.5 second per enemy hit (the original effect is moved to Retribution)

Unforgiving: Taking damage increase your damage by 20% for 5 seconds. Revenge gain an extra charge and double chance to gain a charge. (the original effect is added to Animosity)

The Undisputed Champion: now also increase damage of all primary skills

Blade of the Warlord: Bash consumes up to 40 Fury to deal up to 600–800% increased damage. Bash gain Frostbite rune.

I would love to see a barbarian build that uses a shield, and since frenzy build has a lot of free skill slot and a free weapon slot, I would say it is a nice place to add it. I suggest we use revenge to stun enemies and trigger the 2 set bonus. At the same time, I think the build can also use a skill that makes permanent Wrath of the berserker possible.

Another possibility of Horde of the Ninety Savages would be a dual gen build. Bash could be used to trigger the 2 set bonus and be a fury spender.


IK set needs love for sure. Shame it’s such a iconic set but been collecting dust for quite some time.
I honestly don’t see why they don’t have better shields in D3 and let the barb use a shield as well…I mean most “barbarians” used shields…


Any barbarian worth his salt charged into battle with a sword as long as most men are tall, a beard that could make any woman swoon at a mere glance, and an ice cold glare that could stop a man’s heart if he dared look him in the eye. And he did all this wearing nothing more than a loin cloth and the blood of his enemies.


well, if u count the support barbarian, than a lot of barbarian is running with a storm shield.

I don’t count support barbs :smile:.


While creative, many of these suggestions won’t fix non-viable builds, and many more seem unrealistic; now that the new class sets are released, we’re unlikely to see sweeping revisions outside of sets that can’t stand on their own (Raekor and Vile Charge, I’m looking at you). And I think the better and simpler route will be to adjust the values of multipliers. For example, you can buff the 6-pc damage multipliers on the IK and EQ set, and those builds will suddenly leap into contention. Granted, with EQ, it might also take an adjustment to Blade of the Tribes (for EQ) and Fjord (for Pro Slam), but again, the simplest and most direct way to achieve relative parity between builds will be to buff multipliers.

To get IK out of Vile Charge is going to take more work. They can’t simply buff Raekor’s Charge multiplier or it will compound with the IK set and make Rend look like melted ice cream. They could swap the 4- and 6-piece bonuses, or they could focus their attention on supporting legendaries, such as Skular’s Salvation and 300th Spear, and try to make Boulder Toss a viable nuke. That would completely change the build’s damage potential.

Anyways, I don’t think we should be asking for major overhauls unless they’re completely necessary. A while back, when Rage and I were doing the Buff Proposal, we did the math on pretty much every item and build to see what it would take to make some viable, and the truth is that some builds are never going to be viable. Without a drastic rework (and ludicrous multiplier affixed) to Dread Iron, for example, Avalanche is never going to be a worthwhile skill. Them’s the breaks.

I’m of the opinion that any concerted community effort should be kept as simple and direct as possible, and ask for the most realistic buffs to under-performing builds.


I believe that even they have similar damage potential, one will not choice a difficult set to play. Diablo 3 is about efficient, most player will just pick the easiest set to play.
That is to said just a number fix will not truly create diversity. A quality of life improvement must also be included for creating more viable option.

This is debatable amongst the player base though. Simplicity works for speeds and is sought after for this. More complex builds have been used over and over for high pushing and there seems to a lot of players who like the challenge/reward for such builds.
Hints the comments all over for different builds saying “oh, there’s no skill involved”.

I agree to this design approach. Diablo 2 does this really well, skills that are powerful are usually difficult to use. Hammerdin is a good example for it.

However, for the current iteration of Diablo, it is clearly not being achieved.

Squirt’s Necklace was introduced to promote this kind of behavior. Yet, it is now being abused by using the shielding mechanism.

Ideally, I would want all set to perform the same, but each have a unique twist that make it more powerful. An example would be my suggestion on Trag’Oul’s Avatar set.

Trag’Oul’s Avatar
(2) Set: Blood Rush gains the effect of every rune, its cooldown is reduced by 50%.

(4) Set: You no longer benefit from life on hit, life per second, and life per kill. Instead you gain 50% of your from life on hit, life per seconds as armor and 5% of your life on kill as all resistance
(around 10000 armor and 3000 all resistance)

(6) Set: Your Life-spending abilities deal 5000% increased damage
Your deal 3% increased damage for every 1% Life that you are missing.

This will make the Trag’Oul’s Avatar into a high-risk high reward set. You deal 5000% when you are at full life, but it will increase to 20000% when you are near death. The 4 piece bonus also remove all passive healing effect from your character and make the control of remaining life easier.

Ideally, one will pair this with Shi Mizu’s Haori for a 100% critical chance. Siphon Blood and Blood nova build will be ideal for this set, as one of them heal and the other one cost life.

Was going to say, this is like the old FoK shi build. There were people who enjoyed it for sure, I couldn’t ever get the hang of it but I also didn’t push myself to learn it.

I just wish they’d buff the MOTE set. I’ve always enjoyed how it plays - smooth, fun and intuitive. Good mechanics. Just severely gimped.

That would probably bring me back for S22.

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Yeah, that would be awesome, but I do not think that this is going to happen, since they had to make new character animations that work with 2handed weapons being wielded as 1h weapons.

It works for the Crusader because they made these animations specifically for him. Making new skill animation with assets that are already in the game is a lot easier than making completely new character animations.

Also, I would say that this should rather be a Passive Skill than on a set.
But I definitely like the idea!
It is a nice throwback to D2.

I can’t say much about Raekor builds since I do not play them, but I would want WotB to first start its cooldown once its effects have expired.

Although, that would probably lead to having the whole classes and itemization redesigned if all classes could not be able to have these skills up 100% of the time and it is probably is also an issue for another topic, unless you wanna include it.

You mean it should increase the damage of all Barbarian Skills and reduce the resource costs of all Barbarian Skill as well?

Every single Barbarian build would want to have this item in the cube or equipped. Every single one of them.

It seems too powerful to be honest.

Yes, this is something that should have been done since a long time ago.

That would open up more choices for runes! Good!

I always felt that Dread Iron would be a better fir for the Blade of Tribes effect, so that Ground Stomp causes an Avalanche and an Earthquake. That would make more thematic sense imo.

And I always thought that it would be cool to have a Seismic Slam Weapon that has a chance to trigger an Earthquake and/or an Avalanche.

In fact, D3’s Blade of the Tribes was what gave me the inspiration for creating the concept of this weapon:

But back to your version of Dread Iron: I think it is a good idea that the damage bonus also gets added to the legendary special effect, so it also works when you extract it in the cube.

That and your suggestion for the Blade of the Tribes to also ad the damage bonus to the special affix are good ideas and probably should have been implemented a long time ago.

Yes, please!

Also add Overpower into that as well.

… and Overpower!

Both Revenge and Overpower would fit perfectly for this set!

I thought about such a passive as well.

If that is too powerful, such a passive could give you a ~10% chacne to increase your damage by 20% for 3 seconds and also regenerate ~3-4 Fury per second for 3 seconds.

This is a nice QoL feature.

I have a Cleave + Bash setup saved in my armory. It is fun.


Edit, it just came to my mind that if you wanna have a sword and broad Barbarian and want it to be enabled by the Savages set, then the Passive Skill Sword and Broad could also increase the damage of your Primary Skills after you blocked an attack for a few seconds, just to add some flavor.

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I always disliked how the MotE set works. I always hoped that it woud focus primarily on Seismic Slam, so you could spam it, and not as a secondary skill.

Something like:

2 set bonus
Everytime you use Seismic Slam, the cooldown of Leap, Ground Stomp, Avalanche and Earthquake gets reduced by x seconds.

4 set bonus
Every use of Seismic Slam, Leap, Ground Stomp, Ancient Spear, Avalanche or Earthquake reduces your damage taken by 4% for 15 seconds, stacking up to 15 times.

6 set bonus
Every use of Seismic Slam increases the damage of Seismic Slam, Leap, Ground Stomp, Ancient Spear, Avalanche and Earthquake by 2.000% for 15 seconds, stacking up to 10 times

Legendary Items

Lut Socks
Leap causes an Earthquake when you land and Ground Stomp causes an Avalanche

Legendary Weapon
Increases the damage of Seismic Slam, Avalanche and Earthquake by xxx% and Seismic Slam has a xx% chance to either cause an Earthquake or an Avalanche when it hits an enemy

Skills Redesign

Now has 2 charges instead of a cooldown and the Launch rune gets redisigned to give it a 3rd charge.

Seismic Slam (Rumble rune)
Could get a redesign so that it no longer consumes all remaining Fury.


But that is just how I would prefer it.

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I personally hate seismic slam. I find it clunky and ineffective. It really has nothing to do with MOTE…feels like they just threw it in there to force players to use it lol

I love that skill from the first moment I have seen it in the Gameplay Announcement Trailer from 2008. It was and is one of my highlights of the game.

In the MotE set it is only useful to dump your Fury to lower the CD on Leap, EQ and the other skills (but primarily Leap and EQ), so of course it feels clunky if you only use it this way.

But using it on a LoD build (which is one of my favorite builds) makes it feel more like Mutishot (when you also hold down the Force Stand Still Button) and that feels really good imo (sure by far not as effective as other builds, but fun to play - you should try it).

Probably because it is not buffed enough (e.g. with the 10 enemies limit on the Bracers), especially by the MotE set and how the set works where it primarily is used for utility rather than damage.

Well, SEISMIC Slam causes the ground (aka the EARTH) to shake and creates seismic waves, so it still thematically fits.

Actually, yes, they did that, at least in a certain way.

The MotE set always buffed SS (maybe not always, but since a long time before this change), but at a certain point they redesigned the Rumble rune on Seismic Slam to what it is right now for the whole purpose of giving an alternative to Ancient Spear - Boulder Toss, which also consumes all remaining Fury.

So in a way you are right.

But this also shows that Seismic Slam could use some love to make the skill more awesome and powerful.


Just Seismic Slam, thank you for pointing that out.

Sound fun, I gonna try that. But can I ask what skill r u using as fury dump? Will the damage bonus be very low when u r a max fury?

Okay, thanks for clearing this up.

The skill that I use for the Fury Dump is Bash. With Blade of the Warlord, Bash costs 40 Fury and deals increased damage:

Dishonored Legacy gives Cleave a buff:

Then you also use Oathkeeper for increasing the damage and attack speed of Primary Skills on top of that:

You don’t wanna go high on Fury, because the higher your Fury gets, the less damage Cleave deals, so you wanna dump it rather fast with Bash.

That means you need to use, Blade of the Warlord, Oathkeeper and Dishonored Legacy. That would leave no room for Bastion’s Revered.

Since the damage of Horde of the Ninety Savages is based on frenzy stack. This may not work with the set. Perhaps a LOD/LON build should be used instead.

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You can simply Replace Dishonored Legacy with Oathkeeper and but Bastion’s Revered into the cube, which would cause Frenzy to generate Fury and Bash to dump it.

However, it would not work with a shield.

Yes, I use a LoD setup for Cleave + Bash.

This make more sense, otherwise it would become a triple generator build. lol

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