Origins of new Raekor

Hopefully the new Raekor set will see a few more changes before it goes live, but in the meantime I wanted to highlight how the devs pulled various ideas from community feedback. If anybody has any other / contrary ideas about where some of this stuff, or other stuff, came from, let me know and I’ll add it to the list.

“Missing life damage bonus” on 4-piece comes from here.

“1 stack per enemy hit” appears to come from here.

“Excess Fury from Arreat’s Law” seems to come from here.

“Extra boulders from Raekor 6” might come from here.


Your idea of buffing charge is missing.
Perhaps buffing all runes for ancient spear instead of only bt?

Well, these are only the things that have already for sure been incorporated. But if those things you mentioned get added (:crossed_fingers: ), I’ll be sure to add them to the list.

Hopefully they go through the leapquake thread at some point too :wink:

Great to know they read the forums though. Appreciate them.

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Agreed - I’ve only been carrying on about Lut Socks for 15-20 seasons :upside_down_face:

Rage - Nice work man. Now I know who to thank for Raekors 4pce bonus hehe.


Developmental plagiarism is unethical.

When does new Raekor go live for non-season / evergreen? This looks fun enough to get me to log back in and play around with it.

Mid-late April, precise date not announced yet.

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And is the echoing nightmare thing a pure season gimmick or can the casuals play it too?

Nightmares are just a seasonal thing.

End of Season 25 has been confirmed to be Sunday 10th April. If they keep to recent standard of the new season happening 5 days after the end of the previous one (as opposed to the old standard of 12 days) that puts the start of Season 26 as Friday 15th April. Non-emergency patches are applied to live on Tuesdays, so that would put Patch 2.7.3 hitting live on Tuesday 12th April.

Bummer, that looks super fun as an alternative to Rifting ad nauseam.

They had echos in non season also on ptr

Oh, did they? Maybe I’m mistaken.

They did say:

  • New Season Theme Testing: We’re looking to gather feedback on the seasonal content around Echoing Nightmare.

But, maybe they’re mistaken!

It was like the followers patch. Both season & non season had it. It may change for live; who knows?

Echos was season only

The PTR vendor was available to non-seasonal heroes too and one of the caches contained the key thingies to open Echoing Nightmares. I didn’t check this myself, but were non-seasonal PTR heroes able to get in that way? (Although that won’t be an option on live)

yeah, it was in the gem bag. I do not know if they dropped naturally non-season as I did not need to farm anything.

Man I would play EN to death in non-season. I always wanted a mode like that where you just boot up and get to demon slaying with minimal care to anything else. GR’s aren’t awful but they don’t quite hit the same spot.

Well, you could always play the season. Leveling to 70 is a cinch these days, especially if you have the help of friends, and Nightmares give a crapload of experience, so you could reach a reasonable paragon level fairly quickly.