Assasin's face and body in D2R

A lot of people already posted about amaozn but I guess I can be the first one to post something about assasins model. My feedback that this model is not bad but improvements are appreciated. Her face expression is like she smells something bad and there is something dwarf-ish about her figure. To make her stay true to her origibal D2 look it is needed to make her face more appealing and to make her figure more “dexterity”-like. Any fermale acrobat can be a good example. Yet she is far far far better than amason.


I think that the Assassin looks drop-dead gorgeous :heart_eyes:

If no one else is complaining it might simply come down to your personal taste :woman_shrugging:


She was pretty and now she is ugly. And this is by no means due to a change of race. And new Assassin’s appearance is really a huge step aside from original design.


Her run animation also appears to be clunkier and less smooth than the original.


I like that she looks more visibly asian. I don’t like that she looks like a square block and has aged dramatically.

Give the woman some curves, lighten up her skin a bit whilst keeping the asian features, show more leg / cleavage (like the original), smoothen her face, add some make-up. She’s supposed to be sexy!


the assassin model is bad


This. The real problem is the blockyness, make her move better like she is going to kill you by pouring herself into your lap while slipping a knife in your back. The blocky design is too much of a get in your face warrior not someone who will sneak up in the dark.

I could care less about ‘where’ she comes from Asian, Persian, Caucuses…I just hope they didn’t pick Asian for the stupid belief that Martial Arts is an Asian thing. There is just as much case to maker her Indian or Persian while the names from the original indicate Eastern European.


Are you guys sure its not because she looks Asian! Asian life’s matter


I know some very sexy Asian girls. I also know some very blocky ones that are sexy too…but I can say the same about women from anywhere.

I prefer the ones with curves than blocks…


Why is she wearing baggy pants now??? That’s not agile at all


She doesn’t have baggy pants, in some armors she had this funny flap going between her legs. I guess they want a cloth part of the crotch flap they horribly put on the plate armor. I guess it’s better than a cod piece for her…Ya good luck kicking with that.


Her chest looks like she swallowed a guitar. Her face looks like she got too close to a skunk.


Being faithful to the original, she should have looked like one of May13 edits.


you do remember what her original animation was right ?! lol

To tell you the truth, at first when i saw the remaster i didnt even pay attention to the amazon beside her reduced bust size, i was horrified with what they did to my poor assassin, she looks nothing like her character nor how she sounds like, completely different personality

i would very much like the assassin to undergo a complete rework unlike the amazon, because she looks completely different