All the material was disappeared after the end of season 29

Hello, after the 29th season closed today, Season roles converted to non-season roles, the mode correctly. I found that all the materials of all the categories accumulated during the season were cleared out, there is nothing now. Please check the data for the last day of the season and help recover relevant material, thank you !


I have the same problem! Are they going to do something about it or are they not interested?

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Same here, lost all my act 2 bounty mats i farmed in season 29

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Same Prob here, from my collected bounty matreials i only have act 1 ,3 and 5, act 2 and 4 is on 0.

Act 3 arreat war tapestry missing from inventory after season end rollover. =0.

I hope that the technician can help us to solve the problem, because the loss of all the materials have disappeared, the loss is too much!

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There is a little :email: at/in the bottom left corner… Maybe not to obvious since this “bug” comes back each time a season ends… :wink: It has all the materials…

i have the same problem, all gone.
further playing is pointlesss after loosing everything in HC.


That makes no sense !! Two different game modes

I had a HC and Softcore SSF toon on EU, seems all the materials transferred correctly.

Just in case, if you didn’t restart your games, maybe it fetches the database entries better.

Also, for newer players that haven’t played a season yet, items from season are transferred as ingame mail:
Small icon in lower left corner:

When you click on it you get something like:

Embedding this for you:

And this:

Note: Mats ARE NOT sent to your in-game mail. They are added to the Mats Inventory. (Accessed through your Character Inventory).

Have known this for many seasons. I think you mean to be helpful. The mats have disappeared after having claimed everything sent in the mail (lower left hand green mail icon that appears) at season rollover/end. Your help is no help.

Either way, they did not appear after claiming mail, or checking mats. Arreat war tapestry = 0, all others 7-8k.

I understand. Just adding extra information…   in case…

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Good evening. Is it normal to have lost the unused Greater Rift Keys during Season 29? I didn’t find them in my account after the end of the season.

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Hmm, the common factor for Groot and Eclairfarron seems to be that neither had Non Season Heroes in their respective modes before playing Season.
The issues for ProRex and lynx are something different.

Same here on my Account but only at my Hardcore Charakter, there is still missing the “Holy Water of Westmark” (maybe the translation from German isnt right) that count Zero all other Bounty Materials are correct and counted 1500+ so i miss only this one Material and only on my HC Char

Sorry, I have checked the mail box, but there is nothing about all the materials, I have materials of act 1-5 each was 650, forging materials about white and blue each was 7500, forging materials about yellow was 3500, soul of oblivion was 1500 and breath of death was 12000. Please help to recover the data, there is no way to play without materials, thank you very !

ive lost everything too.
no mats, no keys, nothing
everything is gone.

switched character.
restarted the game.
waited a day.

still nothing there.

Bounty mats and forging materials do not appear in the mail. They transfer automatically. What is it that you are missing? Did I misunderstand and you had them before but do not have them now?

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You are correct, Bounty mats and forging materials ARE MEANT TO transfer automatically, in this case they have not!
So on non-season we/I had x amount of mats across the board for crafting/bounty/forging mats… On Seasonal I had x amount of mats, when the season ended some mats transferred without issue; while other mats are now 0’d out on non-season.
So to sum up… it not only didn’t transfer the amount on mats/items from seasonal to non-season but also removed the mats on non-season that were there prior to season end.
Hope this clears up confusion, not a mail issue, but a direct transfer conflict issue.

Added screenshots as it appears needed for some.

Pre season end - non-season HC. (previous season character)


Post season end - non-season HC. (season 29 season character)

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