Akkhan 4pc CDR being procced by practically everything

The 4pc Akkhan reads: “Attacks from Phalanx Avatars reduce the cooldown of Akarat’s Champion by 0.5s”

Expected functionality: Direct damage attacks from Phalanx Avatars (any rune) or Avatars spawned by other means will reduce the cooldown of Akarat’s Champion by 0.5s.

Questionable expected functionality: This effect would be once per attack

Actual functionality: Individual direct damage instances and individual dot ticks from nearly all sources reduce the cooldown of Akarat’s Champion, and reductions occur PER MOB, not per attack

Extra detail:

Dot ticks appear to trigger the cooldown reduction no matter how quickly damage instances from the skill are registered. For example, Steed Charge-Nightmare performs 20-30 procs on its own on a single mob over two seconds (too difficult for me to count).

Individual damage instances from a single attack, such as Bombardment, will proc the 4pc for every damage instance and for every mob they hit.

All follower attacks, including individual dot ticks from Enchantress Erosion skill proc the 4pc for every mob they hit.

Many of the attacks from the Archangels from the Sanctified Power proc the 4pc.

The only Crusader attack that did not appear to proc the 4pc was Consecration-Shattered Ground, though Consecration-Bed of Nails did proc the 4pc.


Lol – I gotta try this. Do you recall if anything in the standard Condemn build will effect the ticks other than the Follower?

I didn’t check every skill and rune combo, but every damaging skill I tried procced it besides Consecration-Shattered Ground. The condemns cast from the phalanxes did not proc it. I checked a couple of random proc effects and they didn’t proc it either. I would say the 4pc seems to abide by any damage which has a proc coefficient, except that doesn’t explain why Shattered Ground did not work.

The bug was brought to my attention because it’s being used with Bombardment to basically spam Bombs with AC-Rally. Belt of the Trove also procs the 4pc. AC basically doesn’t go on cooldown and is ready to press over and over, allowing you to spam bombs.

There are other bizarre interactions that can occur, like Phalanxes or other skills not visually reducing the CD at all for some time, and then the cooldown procs all occurring at once. It appears to be just a visual bug which can screw you up if you’re watching the cooldown timer. It’s not a major nuisance because even when visual delays occur, the bug doesn’t seem to prevent the skill from instantly appearing off cooldown and being pressable once it has internally come off cooldown due to receiving enough 4pc procs.