Akkhan Phalanx/Condemn Request List


Our PTR Set Tracker says that A6 Condemn is a B-Tier build on Non-Season:

Set/Build Peak Adjusted Clear Average Adjusted Clear in Top 5
NS Crusader Akkhan 143.7 141.5

And on Season 27 it is C-Tier:

Set/Build Peak Adjusted Clear Average Adjusted Clear in Top 5
NS Crusader Akkhan 138.7 136.2

The play style of A6 Phalanx/Condemn with Phalanx is fine, it’s all about doing constant damage from the very opening of the rift to the guardian spawn. We hope there are enough enemies to feed our Condemn proccing Bowmen. If parts of the map don’t have enough trash, we lose progress. Mobility is VERY poor, we don’t have Illusory Boots, we have to crawl through trash like a running back does on the football field. We don’t carry Steed/Falling Sword, so it’s hard to skip sections of the map without losing progress.

It is a very consistent build with a good balance of Trash Clearing:RGK, but it can use a little more power. Matching the LoN Bombardment requires exactly +2 Tiers, or 37% more damage. Low paragon players need more damage due to their lack of defense, often they get ‘double cheat deathed’ so they take the Unity ring solo, but this is not viable in groups. The difference in the build is mainly in the jewelry:

  • Low Paragon: Unity & CoE (-2.5GRs)
  • High Paragon: Focus & Restraint (0 GRs)
  • Very High Paragon: Focus & Restraint + Laws of Valor:Critical (+0.5 GR)


  1. Make the Unleashed rune the default Phalanx Condemn application as a fallack solution to this bug. Implement only if you’re unable to repair the bug.
    The aim is for Phalanx’s Condemn strike to be consistent across all of its runes. Alternatively, we allow the Crusader not use Condemn on the skill bar so we can instead take a different skill like Falling Sword/Iron Skin/Provoke/Steed, etc.
  2. Ensure % Condemn Damage affix on gear benefits Phalanx Condemn procs. It is unintuitive how it isn’t factored into the final damage calculation. (+1GR)
  3. Allow Unruned, Shield Charge and Stampede runes to benefit from % Phalanx Skill Damage. Using Phalanx as a spender should be an option, right now this affix does nothing.
  4. Allow Falling Sword:Rise Brothers to proc Condemn with the same damage values as our own summoned Bodyguards. The player can choose to use this for mobility or a temporary damage boost.
  5. Prevent the Immobilize Effect when Judgment’s Mass Verdict is selected, or when Judgment is modified by the Akkhan 2pc Bonus. The pull/gather effect on Mass Verdict is not noticeable to a point where it actually makes no sense to cast it for gathering.
  6. Repair A4’s Akarat’s Champion Bug. See this bug report. We will test survival after the repair is made.

Let Eternal Union become a staple in the build. While it was revamped, this ring isn’t used because Helm of Kassar makes it possible to continually recast Phalanx ensuring 100% uptime. Can this ring grant some DR and Damage based on the number of Phalanx Avatars?

  1. 5% Damage and Damage Reduction per Phalanx Avatar.

Assuming you handle #4 above, we’re talking 40-55% DR and ~40-55% Damage for the Bowmen Avatar setup.

This ring is a replacement Unity.

  • Low Paragon: Eternal Union & CoE (-.5 GR)
  • High Paragon: Eternal Union & CoE (+0 GR)
  • Very High Paragon: F&R + Laws of Valor:Critical (+0.5 GR)

Let this item be designated for Speed builds. Replace the existing legendary effect with Aura of Judgment an effect that auto applies Judgment to nearby enemies.

The goal is to run with forward without stopping to cast Judgment.


If you implemented these request, we’d gain:

  • More fluid play, no need to recast Phalanx every 5 seconds, only Judgement.
  • Some flexibility in skill selection, players can take extra DR if they choose to.
  • Light Mobility in push (no more running-back)
  • Defense for Low Paragon Players.
  • More Damage: +5.5GRs for Low Paragon Players and +3GRs for High Paragon Players
  • A speed build that uses Baleful Remnant.

Or the super ez fix of let pets proc stricken. :smiley:


Really like your ideas dmkt. Love the flexibility when opening up one skill slot so you can do Speed-GRs with Steed and choose DR for pushing.

Changing Eternal Union would not only replace unity, you could replace CoE and go Unity + Eternal Union, if you’re playing on hardcore for example.

I’d be excited to play this version of the build in S27, so I hope this gets attention.


Man I love that you came up whit this. I realy like it.

Make it happen Blizz!

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I like most of this, except I would rather Baleful Remnant gave a chance on hit to summon an avatar, and for avatars summoned by it to get full benefit from damage enhancements.

I would also change the Akkhans 2 piece bonus to “Judgement gains the effect of every rune and your attacks automatically apply Judgement to all enemies hit.”

It would also be nice if more of the build’s damage was coming from the avatars themselves; as it is now they’re just a means to proc Condemn.

Blizzard,plz add this to Akkhan 6p bounus:When akarat’s champion is activated,your movement speed promote 50%.


If implement #1, make Unleashed the default rune, then you could use Iron Skin:Flash.

If they put DR on the Eternal Union ring, you could possibly take Laws of Hope:Wings of Angels.

We need this flexibility. I’ve added request #5 to fix Judgment’s pull effect (Mass Verdict).

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The problem is that this change make Unleashed the ONLY rune…
I think the rework needs a big revamp or delayed.

Prior all runes were viable, unleashed was mainly used in T16, and Fire and Holy can be used.

I played it for a whole day, it works…but so clunky.

Rework: Eternal Union: Phalanx Bodyguard rune last forever, and cast condemn when you do
-Similar to simulacrum

Revert the RCR so you can cast condemn.

IDK, this rework seem to have no clear direction.

If Blizz’s goal is to have a pet build, then make it a LOD/LON and buff the items

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‘If they put DR on the Eternal Union ring, you could possibly take Laws of Hope:Wings of Angels.’
Sorry,sir,if Laws of Valor,Critical rune double bounus be retained,I have to give up Laws of Hope,Wings of Angels.The Critical rune is the only choice except below GR100 to me.

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Leal, view the decision making like this, there’s something for every situation:

Option #1 for Max Push

  • Laws of Valor Critical: Attack Speed burn on Holy Cycle.
  • Falling Sword - Extra Phalanx damage.
  • Passives: Holy Cause + Lord Commander passives.

Option #2 for Standard Push

  • Laws of Valor - Unstoppable Force for Defense
  • Falling Sword - Extra Phalanx damage.
  • Passives: Lord Commander + Long Arm of the Law

Option #3 for Defensive / Hardcore Push

  • Laws of Valor - Unstoppable Force for Defense
  • Iron Skin - Partial 50% DR and Extra movement speed.
  • Passives: Indestructible + Long Arm of the Law

Option #4 for Speeds

  • Laws of Hope - Permanent unhindered movement speed.
  • Iron Skin Flash - Partial 50% DR and Extra movement speed.
  • Passives: Lord Commander + Long Arm of the Law

Laws of Valor: Critical is worth ~18% damage over Unstoppable Force, more if you count the Bowmen breakpoints.

Laws of Hope: Wings of Angels is for when you’re trying to get 2 minute clears (GR120s at my paragon).

It does take a little time to get used to. Once you get the button mashing down, it’s all good. (I recommend numlocking Akarat’s Champion and the Law). I hold down Punish, then mash Judgement and Phalanx every 2-3 seconds. It’ll become a muscle memory rhythm.

Technically I don’t think it makes sense to play Phalanx with anything other than Unleashed, the delay to deal damage is far too long. Your Phalanx can be at the 18th frame and it is as if they missed several Condemn attacks. In my opinion, it is more satisfying to watch the enemies pulse with damage. Doing as you suggest requires an sizable damage multiplier and the behavior is going to frustrate players, especially in speed scenarios… ‘what is going on, why isn’t my condemn dealing any damage?’ With multiple simultaneous Condemn sources it’ll never going to feel like the original Condemn unless they stack together.

I was talking to Abella about this yesterday, he suggested making LoD Condemn the go to for manually cast Condemn gameplay with some QoL to boost the damage. He wanted a new Bracer. I pointed out the worst issue with LoD Condemn is the defense and high wrath cost – I said, give us supercharged weapon to replace Furnace.

Come to think of it… since Akkhan’s is a Condemn set now, it’d be really cool if they modified the following item to pay homage to the set:

Akkhan’s Addendum
Akarat’s Champion’s cooldown is reduced by 35%, gains the effects of the Prophet and Embodiment of Power runes. While Akarat’s Champion is active Condemn deals 75% increased damage, this effect is doubled versus Elites.

This certainly would rival the Unrelenting Phalanx shield, but that Perma AC is desperately needed.


Thanks for the feedback.
I dont like the fact the rework makes Unleashed the only rune, maybe they can add to the set or item “Condemn also gains Unleased rune”, it would be interesting to try.

But yes, the button mashing feels bad, and almost all skills have to be constantly pressed lol.

Regarding LOD Condemn, I have played that a ton as well, and you are 100% correct! Resource is the biggest issue, next is the CDR, making the fire rune the logical choice with Cindercoat, and rolling RCR on shoulder, weapon (Furnace: Dmg percent, RCR, CDR), and possibly the gloves, which hits AD very hard.

Your suggestion is right on the spot. I would suggest the shoulder for LOD as there is no shoulder with any effect on LOD Condemn (reducing RCR of Condemn), then all the runes can be viable.

And this is just the problem with the rework…not starting on the Crucible powers for the Sader…

Lets see what the final patch notes will say. I doubt they will be able to balance LOD and set in the same patch.

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The new idea for the Akkhan set does less damage than the current version. I liked the condemn build that has been the standard, but it lacked damage.

The way to make the crusader Akkhan set work is to keep the current format, but have it use the following mechanics that are shown in other sets:

  1. Have a mechanic where damage is based on a number of stacks from hits from a resource generating attack. (I say 5 stacks with 1500% similar to Valor fist of the heavens)
  2. Damage bonus should only effect primary and wrath spending attacks. This will eliminate the bombardment build while keeping with the condemn build.
  3. Add a bracer with a legendary power that improves the damage of condemn, while the user has Avatar of Akkarat active in the same way as the barbarian bracers of the first men.


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I think the way to strengthen the set while sticking to the theme the Devs are aiming for is actually a rather simple fix (no idea how hard it would be to code sorry).

My thoughts would be to do a similar 6 Piece bonus that they have utilized for Barb IMK. Increase the multiplier by a considerable amount to solve the damage output. The reason i bring up IMK is with the new design and supporting items for Akkhan you could have a similar condition like: " increase all damage by XXXX% while both Phalanx avatar and Akarat’s Champion is active.

This will mean it keeps the intended playstyle in place without trying to micro manage individual abilities or runes.

This eliminates the Phalanx for pure hatred spender play (unruned, shield charge). Upping the A6 multiplier altogether does the same thing without restriction. There is disproportionate power gained through paragon – that’s why we’re getting many complaints from players about the set being too weak: the F&R version is stronger than the CoE/Unity version. On the upper end it just needs 2-3GRs, but the lower paragon players could use another 5-6GRs, hence the Eternal Union suggestion, which inadvertently solves button mashing complaints as well (as a player run a high powered build by only pressing: Law + AC + Judgment after putting down their Avatars once. (kind of like CoE/Unity right now except without the need to spam Avatars).

Very curious to know how you are running it on the PTR. It is difficult to clear GR130 on the Live servers with A6CC3A3 Condemn.

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I hope they work consecration into Akkhan.

I want to be able to condemn (vacuum) everything together and consecration them down. Consecration should be a strong AOE dot ability. Add some items that buff consecration damage, make consecration follow you as you move.

This build is perfectly balanced and do not need any buffs like many people here are asking for. I did a 144 in 13:26 minutes with 8.140 paragon. And this is ptr. Latency is very bad. My best in live version with A6I2 bomb cruz is 144 too but in 14:25 minutes with best gear. Boss saxtris with phalanx build took 2 minutes. With A6I2 i need at least 4 minutes.

Hi Rick, here’s a look at your clears adjusted to 5k paragon:

  • A6 Condemn PTR: 142.3
  • A6I2 Bombs E16: 142.0

You’re right, it’s balanced with the A6I2 Bombardment post Norvald Nerf – but it’s too weak for low paragon players. Using Critical, an Attack Speed Generator, F&R puts us at an advantage over the players in Season using CoE+Unity, they don’t carry a generator, they have to take Iron Skin and Unstoppable Force. It just doesn’t scale with the paragon curve – it’s kind of like how N6 Rapid Fire rewards high paragon with CoE.

Like you, I don’t want this to ride the OP roller coaster and get nerfed into the ground in 2.7.5, but I want to avoid another Invoker situation, which was a little on the underwhelming side.

I’m at GR143 @ 13:30 on this PTR, I am confident GR144 can be completed with under 100 keys without lag. I know GR145 is possible with 100-500 keys.

My LoN Bomber’s best clear is GR145 in 14:16, adjusted clear GR144, I’ve done multiple GR145 clears with it, the success rate is 1 in 50 keys.

LoN Bomb is definitely stronger than this iteration of A6 Phalanx/Condemn.
The current A6 Phalanx/Condemn is definitely weaker. LoN Bomb is the 13th strongest build.

Rank Set/Build Avg Adj Top 10 Clear
1 Barb Raekor 151
2 Monk Inna 149.9
3 Monk No Set 149.7
4 DH Marauder 149.6
5 Necro No Set 149.3
6 Wiz No Set 148
7 Necro Rathma 147.4
8 WD Arachyr 147.1
9 Barb Wastes 146.4
10 Barb No Set 146.4
11 Wiz Firebird 145.8
12 Crusader No Set 145.5
13 Crusader Akkhan 144.9
14 Crusader AoV 143.9
15 WD Mundunugu 143.3
16 WD Zunimassa 143.2
17 Barb IK 142.9
18 Monk Monkey King 142.7
19 Wiz Typhon 142.6
20 Crusader Invoker 142.1

Maybe I’m splitting hairs, but Crusader could use a Top 10 build, as strong as Wastes, Arachyr & Twister.


Blizzard is busy fixing bugs. I hope Blizzard can directly refer to the proposal of Dmkt to modify the Cru. I think he has considered it very comprehensively and is all right.

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Unleashed is the only rune right now because it’s the only rune that isn’t substantially affected by a bug that I detailed in the bug report forum on day 1. Baking unleashed into the build is unnecessary if they fix the bug. If you want Condemn off your bar, you should be allowed to have unruned Condemn be cast by Phalanx without having your DPS crippled.

To reiterate, the bug is that whenever the Phalanx despawn (via timing out or resummoning), Condemns that have already cast but have not yet exploded lose 21.6x dmg when they do explode. The damage is equal to if your AC had dropped and you lost the 1.35x and 16x multiplier from the set. This occurs despite AC being on the whole time.

Fix the bug then all runes and unruned Condemn off your skill bar will be viable.

Edit to note that this bug ALSO affects Unleashed. Any arrows that were in flight when you resummon Bowmen also proc a Condemn that has its damage nerfed by 21.6x. Obviously this has a smaller effect on your total DPS than if you used any rune with a 3 second detonation timer.

Edit for an additional point: We have yet to see a first round pass where they potentially fix bugs related to melee pets. We still don’t know what the build will look like when these bugs are fixed. Requesting balance adjustments or other suggestions before that happens seems premature to me.