Adjusted Clear numbers for all builds, season 27

I ran a set of Adjusted Clear numbers for all the builds of Season 27.

The Top 10 (actually 11, due to ties):

1: LoD Wave of Light (159.8)
2: (tie) Tal Rasha Meteor (154.4)
2: (tie) Trag’Oul Death Nova (154.4)
4: LoD HotA (153.8)
5: Raekor Boulder (153.6)
6: Mundunugu Spirit Barrage (153.1)
7: Marauder Cluster Arrow (152.6)
8: Rathma AotD (152.4)
9: LoD Death Nova (152.3)
10: (tie) Monkey King (151.9)
10: (tie) LoD Meteor (151.9)

Honorable Mentions (broke adjusted 150.0):

  • Arachyr Corpse Spiders (151.8)
  • IK HotA (151.6)
  • Akkhan Condemn (151.2)
  • Inarius Death Nova (150.8)
  • AoV (FotH, I think?) (150.6)

The full spreadsheet is here.

An explanation of the adjusted clear system is here.

@dmkt#1267 If you want to post this stuff to Reddit, I’m all for it, if not that’s ok by me too!


Thanks for the list, LOD Wave seems to be a serious outlier as expected before season started. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that Akhan condemn score from before or after the stealth nerf in the season? If from before it is not based on current strength in season.

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Condemn numbers are from after the nerf. But, post-nerf clears have actually surpassed pre-nerf ones, so it doesn’t actually matter here very much.

And for LoD WoL, yeah, there’s more spread between that build and the #2 contenders (Tal/Trag)- 5.4 tiers- than there is between Tal/Trag and the bottom of the Honorable Mentions - 3.8 tiers. Oops!

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Trag would be #1 if not for the bad single target damage. Okay, maybe not. That seasonal wol power is seriously broken. Not sure how it made it to live. Its just as bad as bogadile & AoTD powers on ptr.

Definitely not, not even close! If Trag had great single target, it might pick up ~1 more tier. But the number here almost certainly already represents a clear with a great boss fight- Power pylon with Illusionist minions or something like that.

Does this make this build the strongest ever, or were Inna Fire and Akkhan Bomb even stronger during S25?

Hmm, that’s a good question. I’ll have to do a bit of digging around to be sure, but I bet that S27 WoL is the strongest build ever.

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Could it be crit shard bombsader? I think that build could theoretically clear a 167 lol.

Ignore soul shard yes. If soul shards, it’s weaker than Inna Fire shenlongs in s25.

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Nope. I took a quick look at the numbers and they just obviously aren’t there. A strong build, for sure, but no match for S25 Inna or S27 WoL.

It’ll be close. There were certainly more 150s cleared by Inna in S25 (about 4400) than by WoL in S27 (about 3000) at least so far (though, we will see by the time this season wraps up).

And, I will have to run all 4400 of those S25 Inna clears through the adjuster to get a good read on the actual peak strength. But, just looking at some of the top numbers, it’s very close.

The top of the S25 Inna leaderboard was 150 in 1:55 with 9559 paragon. For S27 WoL, it’s 150 in 2:06 with 8769 paragon. So, WoL took about 10% longer to get the clear, but also did it with about 10% less paragon. Like I said, very close.

I think I like S27 Monk more than S25 ( am not a big shenlong fan). I haven’t done the 150s with S27 yet but I could literally do any map 150 with S25 and I had a lot less paragon. My times werent the best but at the time I didn’t really care. Was just excited about the 150 thing.

Ahhh… Inna’s Fire was the best build EVER!!! Only time I was ever able to solo farm 150’s.

It’s not close at all if you actually played it. s25 used ingeom, way less multipliers than wol does. s25 mk had far superior toughness and mobility at comparable kill power. The end results also requires a lot less GR keys let alone gear requirements and rotation simplicity.

Well, all of that is more like “quality of life” + “build consistency”, which is different from peak clear potential, which is what I generally mean when I talk about build strength.

For another comparison/example: H90 Frenzy vs MOTE Leapquake. Leapquake is the stronger build, but Frenzy is much more consistent.

My max Leap clear is 3 tiers higher than my max Frenzy clear, but I can run at least 132 with Frenzy 10x with no fails, and with Leap I can probably not even do 130 10x with no fails. That’s because of Frenzy’s high single target damage, which is the same situation you have with Fire Inna.

Anyway, none of that is to say that S25 Inna doesn’t also have a higher peak clear potential than S27 WoL, in addition to all the QOL stuff you mentioned- I still need to check.


Really cool to see these lists. Thanks.

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IMHO S25 Fire Inna was “easier”.

I cleared a 150 back then around P2000. This season I still have to clear a 150 with WoL, and I’m over 3K Para now.

I might be just that bad though.

For S27, it is already 1:54 with 8985 paragon.

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Yeah monk s25 was very mechanical. Round up mobs on phy, blow them up on fire. As long as you had decent gear even the worst map was doable.

It looks like 4k paragon with augs is needed for the no fish 5 minute clears with the Gage setup. I didn’t like the stone gauntlets version. Squirts damage is needed to take out elites before your shields drop.

Yeah, that one just came in since I wrote this post yesterday! That one adjusts to: 160.3.

But, I just ran the numbers for all 4400 S25 Inna clears, and the top there adjusts to: 160.5! (base clear was GR 150 / 3:13 / 4275 paragon).

So it looks like S25 Inna is still ahead, on adjusted clears, for now. Though of course for that actual rank 1 on the leaderboard, S27 WoL has done a faster 150, with less paragon, than Inna did in S25. And, there’s still more of S27 to come, so we’ll see what the final picture is when the season wraps up.


Wouldn’t it be nice to have another table with the ranking of the top builds over the seasons? Probably a huge amount of work, though…

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