2.6.8 Live Date - Confirmation Date ETA

Do we have a confirmed Date yet on when 2.6.8 will actually go LIVE - PRE SEASON so we can quickly find any bugs that are occuring that might need emergency patch PRE SEASON 20


Sometime this week, and then maybe a revision A the following week before season hits.

So Blizzard Soon :D…

What you FAIL to realise is that why we have had PTR if something isnt workign as intended such as the new Wizard 4 piece even after PTR thats something that might be able to be fixed. Im not asking for Buffs or Nerfs to set but if something is actually broken it might be resolved. I have seen this before. Its hit and miss.
A miss for example was were we went a whole season with Broken Squirts Necklace


It’ll be either 3rd or 10th day. Keep in mind that patches are typically deployed on Tuesdays.

I’m hoping it’ll come tomorrow. That should give enough time to do any necessary hotfixing and such as there likely are still some issues. The patch notes for example made no mention of fixing the toughness issue with Typhon’s Veil.


From past experience, the Patch goes Live on Tuesday before the Season starts.

Since it has been announced that Season 20 will start on Friday, March 13, 2020 at 5:00 PM PST, we can expect Patch 2.6.8 to be deployed on Tuesday, March 10, 2020 at 2:00 PM or 5:00 PM PST.

However, there may be some exceptions, as nothing is “written in stone”.

I’m actually going to guess the patch is going to be deployed tomorrow, I’d be very surprised if they waited all the way till next Tuesday praying that everything is worked out to go live Season Friday.

Patches are always on Tuesdays and NEVER on Season start day.

Not always. We have had some long breaks between Seasons and they let us have more patch time.

@keyblade - there is no announced Patch date. I would wager tomorrow as a good guess so they have some buffer for fixing anything unexpected, but we won’t know until it happens. If not, then the following Tues.

Which is why I added:

And I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Patch 2.6.8 was deployed sometime tomorrow, Tuesday, March 3, 2020.  

I don’t see any reason why they couldn’t patch it on Tuesday March 3rd. That would give ample time for the community to find bugs and Blizzard time to patch them.

Today (Pacific time) would make sense…

Same rotation every patch…Patches in 95% most cases drop in the same week of patch. Im sure when 2.6.9 drops people going to ask when is the patch dropping…

Patch - Tuesday 9th
Seasons start 13th

If im wrong and it drops today im wrong but from playing diablo 3 for many years eh most of us vets know this…In other words dont expect it today but if it drops today thats good…

They are reviewing the feedback (lag, nerf, balance), no need to push a patch so quickly on the 3rd, when s20 starts 2/13. It usually occurs the week of the season starts.

Right, In most cases patches always drop within the same week of seasons. Ive seen maybe 2 times to where patch dropped a week before but its highly unlikely

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I think you had one occurrence on a Wednesday or Thursday before the season, that is as close as it got.

It didn’t for Season 19, and Nevalistis confirmed that going forward, it wont…

The only Tuesday that meets the criteria of being a standard Tuesday patch day and being at least a week before the season starts is today, March 3rd.

Well, If thats the case we wait.

You believe everything you read it seems. We’ll see. :slightly_smiling_face:

When it’s posted by a blue, I lend more credence to it than guesses from random players, yes.

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The patch is live on console right now so i guess pc will be getting it soon.