2.6.8 Live Date - Confirmation Date ETA

Darn, Thank goodness i got my gems up to 150 except one of them…I was thinking next tuesday but guess not!!!..Hmm shoot so many questions to be answered such as can we still do 150s? We bout to answer those questions within the next few days

Yep. It is live on some consoles and should be on PC today too.

It is wise to take things with a grain of salt, but it is also wise to assume that if Nev says they want to do something, they are going to try pretty hard to make it happen. It was not a 100% guarantee we would get the patch today, but it was the most likely outcome.


Correct. 2.6.8 should now be live worldwide on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. We’re working on the PC deploy now, but it’s taking longer than anticipated. The current window appears to be later this afternoon, but I’ll keep you all updated should that change.

We’ll push the Patch Notes officially live once we confirm 2.6.8 is available on all platforms. :slight_smile:


Yes, with new sets, last patch we got a week this patch and next will also be a week like expansions in the past. 150s were doable on last ptr patch at 5k para. after nerfing the wd again from 50x to 5x, we will see but most likely with high para, 150 will be done again.

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Thanks Nevalistis. More time to get use to changes before 3/13 even if it a late push today. I was enjoying teasing Meteorblade. :wink:

Meteorblade gains +1 smugness. :wink:


Have there been any changes? Wizards are upset because it looks like neither LoN or TV Hydras are competitive.

i mean they already posted the patch notes last week. there could be some minor changes i guess but I’d bet the patch notes are gonna be pretty much the same

Well, I’m hoping they admit their mistake. Wizards got offered a shiny toy we’ve always asked for only to have it taken back before we could play with it. The fix is ridiculously simple, too.

Patch is live! On EU at least.

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Correct, it’s rolling out now!

You may notice Era leaderboards are locked initially - this is because they’re in the process of being reset while people roll over to the new patch. We’ll unlock them once we verify the patch is fully live in all regions.

Enjoy 2.6.8!


Yessss. When our CM communicates stuff like this is makes EVERYBODY happy. Hopefully if we find any bugs they can be fixed pre S20.
Thanks Nev

EU servers just had reset…

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Says live I’m trying to craft new WD set… 100 helms in no luck… something off??

Is it now a voodoo mask?


Wizards aren’t upset because the good ones know it’s competitive. It’s not great for 2 minute speed runs, but that’s because of the mechanics of playing with Hydra

It’s a voodoo mask. Make sure you are using the masks and not helms

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Ty! Appreciate it!!!

I just bought 160 helms from Kadala on my Barb. Not a single H90 helm to be seen. Luckily, I had stashed some bounty caches for extra bloodshard supplies, so will keep trying.

[ EDIT ]
So, I had 3510 bloodshards from seasonal rollover, add in 500+ from a GR, and the contents of approximately 40 T16 bounty caches, that’s over 10K bloodshards. Only managed to gamble the H90 helm. o.O