UPDATE: PezRadar Blue Post on Ladder PTR - Expected to start next week

In these cases, homework will only occur after a shower is completed. The shower could be today, tomorrow, six weeks or 6 years from now (ignoring the reality of stinkiness).

Shower first at an unspecifed time
Homework afterwords (48 hours after the shower)

You really think the first example that the 48 hours refers to 48 hours After the shower and not the 5pm?

I’m well aware I’m annoying but to my opposition you have this guy who can’t even read on your side

Edit. Let me ask this. Do you think both sentences the one with and the one without once are saying the exact same thing? Because they are not

yep 2 weeks ptr testing
2 weeks break
2 weeks showering
2 weeks camping
2 weeks break
2 weeks 2 weeks
see u in 2023.

You are arguing a point that multiple others have said that you misinterpreateted.

The fact is this the first sentence in Rod’s tweet was:
“We want to make sure the game is stable and ready for ladder before we turn that on.”

This is unambiguous. According to Blizzard, the game needed to be stable first before ladder is turned on. The confusion that you have about sentence 2 is irrelevant. The first sentence is clear: The game needs to be stable and then ladder.

does this mean you are conceding or deflecting? im guessing deflecting based on your past behavior. as usual you make arguments im not debating. yes it says once it is stable. I have never debated that. not once. the debate is what the shortly after refers to which is clearly launch. Why muddy the water and deflect?

edit: your next post im not arguing with either. this is why it is so painful to talk to you. you argue with points no one is making and then think you are right. Its like me saying its partly cloudy out and you saying yeah well the sky is blue and thinking you made a counter.

I explained this to you.

You have justifiable complaints about it taking too long for the game to be stable. You can argue that Blizzard is not competent in your opinion. The fact is Blizzard stated that the game needed to be stable prior to ladder.

im just curious where in there do you think you explained what part the shortly after refers to since my analogy that a 5th grader could understand is still beyond your level.

Why do you keep making the argument that it needs to be stable first. im aware. thats the shower in my analogy, but in the first one it is suggested within the 48 hours the shower will occur since i am doing my homework 48 hours after 5pm. Did you get a lot of “see me’s” in school?

Since Rod wrote: "shortly after once everything settles down.” Shortly after refers to once everthing settles down.

Everything settles down does not mean D2R launch. “Everything settles down” means after everything settles down.

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no it really doesnt, it refers to the launch in the prior sentence otherwise it would read “shortly after everything settles down” Ive beaten my analogies to death and you still cant grasp the difference in those two sentences.

added full quote for clarity. insanely clear shortly after refers to launch

“So it won’t be there for launch but will come shortly after once everything settles down.”

I and multiple other posters have explained to you the fault in your interpretation. It is clear to me that there is nothing I can say or the myriad of others who have tried and failed to explain this to you.

Guess what.? Ladder is coming. I assume that you want to play D2R ladder.

If that assumption is true, you got access to D2R by buying the game last year instead of this year. You would have spent your money either way.

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so I just want to be ultra clear since you prefer to deflect. In my analogy do you think both sentences are saying the same thing, yes or no?

And there are not multiple posters struggling with what shortly after refers to, just you.

edit: and no the result isnt the same for me. i will not be playing ladder as my real life will be too busy in april to do so and I would not have purchased the game in april.

That is not accurate.

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and where in the post you just quoted does he say that shortly after refers to when it settles down and not launch? he is saying shortly after is open ended and not saying that in the sentence shortly after refers to settling down and not launch. you cant read. just realize that. he is literally saying once it settles down. not a time shortly after it settles down. as in the moment it settles down

edit: also wondering why you deflected again? shower question with and without once, do the mean the same to you, yes no (circle one)

It never wasn’t a hate parade. There are a lot of keyboard heroes here.

If the game was still in beta the forums would be lit up with “omg Blizzard release the game already! when are you releasing?? Oh forgot you were a small indie company, how can you be so bad releasing a 20 year old game?? Why won’t you tell us anything? We should get paid for being your testers!! F Blizzard I’m out, I’m gonna go play Lost Ark since that was actually released!”

In other words, no different than now.

And when ladder does come out y’all will move on to whining about Sorceress and Hammerdin bots dominating the top 50 ladder spots.

So, you know, yawn.

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we prefer keyboard warrior

Yes. They mean the same to me unless one thinks that completely irrelevant and extraneous details are being added for no reason. For the first answer with once, the alternate/your interpretation is that it would be at 5pm two days later. In this interpretation ,why mention anything about a shower at all? Who cares that you are taking a shower or not?

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im glad you asked, the reason why it gets added is to give a reason for the time frame. the reason i am waiting 48 hours to do my homework is because i want to shower first and that is when I will shower.

The reason ladder will be out shortly after launch is because we want to wait for things to settle down and will launch ladder at that point.

edit: im still concerned you dont understand what an analogy is. I wasnt making one in which the issue is whether a shower is a reason to delay homework for 48 hours but to show how “once” changes the meaning of the sentences. I hope you can realize this is not irrelevant information just as the settling down is not irrelevant

Yikes. :man_facepalming: I am done explaining this.

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yikes indeed. you do not understand analogies.

true / false
when you went to school, your school bus was shorter than the other kids in the neighborhood?

edit: all you have explained is that you do not understand analogies. i am not arguing that one should wait 48 hours to shower and the fact that you would even bring that up shows you have no grasp on what is being discussed and also makes it clear to me why you would have troubles understanding what the tweet said. If you cannot understand this then it stands to reason there are LOTS of other things you cant understand

as a company that already deals with MASSIVE amounts of players on their servers, CoD, WoW, overwatch. etc. they already knew how many copies they sold vs how much server power they would need, stop acting like they didn’t know what they would need. this isn’t their first rodeo. stop giving them a break.