UPDATE: PezRadar Blue Post on Ladder PTR - Expected to start next week


“Now that we have more stability, and things like that, I think it’s time for Ladder.”

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It’s also RIGHT at the beginning of the video you can watch on youtube,

“However, now that we’ve got a lot more stability, I think it’s time for ladder.”

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Well… When the ladder does come, all we can hope for is it going off without a hitch… Honestly whatever balancing they bring fourth, they just need to ROLL WITH IT… Unless its obviously way overpowered… If they keep going on our input and changing things, ladder will never come. More buffs and nerfs can come later.

Lets gooooooo!!!

Thanks. Hopefully, the game/server stability is such that it can withstand ladder start.

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Thanks for the timestamp, he did indeed say that and I was wrong.

New blue post in PTR section. Read carefully.


Blue post spark notes.

Yeah we are working on it. Still need a while. See ya nerds in April. Thanks for the monies.

April 2023. Hope that’s not too far, and you won’t die untill then granpa.


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Keep rockin trademark™



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Well, there’s the update. :smiley: Ladder PTR expected to begin next week. Excited to see what other balance changes they’ve made. I really hope they updated the lobby, at the very least they need to purge and prevent spambots but I won’t have my hopes up for this.


Same, this would have really made the most out of ladder and restored it back to how it felt in its glory days.

I’m actually surprised there is no smaller team working on the lobby/chat channels.

Interesting… very very very VERY interesting… I spent the last 8 months on these forums talking about how important the in-game community and chat channels were to the original game, and I’ve had nothing but spit flown back at my face.


Every game’s forums invariably turn to developer’s hate train.


I am curious about the Dclone changes…!
Always puzzled my mind why the did not change it right from the get go. They even tried to explain why the want to keep the SOJ counter.

Balance changes are hugely welcome. Druid summoner is also confirmed to receive changes/buffs.

Really hope for Barb buffs, etc.

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Funny … key phrase/“quote”:

"… once everything “settles down”’

… there are still numerous issues, hence, it hasn’t settled down … shortly after is relative:

" shortly after, once everything settles down" … there is no relative timeframe for this statement … it is “open ended” as in, pertains to and involves various factors that may not be within their ability to control in a more timely fashion …

so, no locked promises, and yet open ended to the point where can be justifiably defended … lawyer speak, lol.

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have my full support, i feel you
a good proportion of fun i had the last 20 years was because of the communication features d2 had/has.
Be it green fl spam or just one full day at channels with some people.


Good bye for now. :wave:

Exactly correct. Intelligent interpretstion. Blizzard made things vague to.account for the possibility of having to fix issues that may take lomger than they hoped. No specific ladder start date was given and consequently, no specific date was missed for starting the first ladder.

Hopefully, the new ladder PTR goes well.

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Still waiting for you to show a single post that people thought prior to launch ladder wouldn’t be until April. I’ve never argued that they weren’t vague. My entire argument was that players aren’t to blame for believing ladder would be out within a month or two. You and others have repeatedly blamed me and other players for not returning the game if I wanted ladder when it was beyond reasonable to think it would be out in 2021. You wanted me to make decisions in September with knowledge from December which is insane. You will feel you made a valid point as you always do because you argue against things I’m not saying.

You say no specific date was missed. No kidding. Did they miss shortly after launch though? You have avoided this question for 20+ posts and I’m guessing will avoid it again

I can show that the concerns were even greater than that on the forum. Rod’s tweet on August 11 was in response to a tweet by @boutusgaming. Boutus posted shortly thereafter on Blizzard’s D2R forum that he was worried the D2R would not have ladders at all.

Yes; however, they never promised that. They promised shortly after the game./servers were stabilized.

You still don’t understand English so I’ve decided to tweak my analogy for you. Please know that I’m not suggesting shortly after is a specific time but rather am trying to help you realize that the inclusion of the word once changes what event shortly after refers to.

5 pm = launch
Shortly after = 48 hours later
Homework = ladder
Shower = stable etc.

Are you doing your homework at 5 pm?

No I am doing it 48 hours after once I shower.

No I am doing it 48 hours after I shower.

First sentence clearly means 48 hours after 5 pm. Second 48 hours after the shower. Please take a step back and do your best to try and comprehend this. I know you can do it and I am not capable of making this any more clear that rods tweet the shortly after refers to launch

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