UPDATE: PezRadar Blue Post on Ladder PTR - Expected to start next week

Saw someone posted this in the PTR Feedback section so I thought I’d share here, really hope we get some news on Monday or Tuesday.

Also before someone else says it, Soon™. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thank god we got something. Feels like it’s been forever


I sure hope so, I’m really excited for this patch. Agreed, 2 weeks and counting feels agonizingly slow haha.

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He’s the same guy that said Ladder would come out “shortly after launch”.

That was back in August. LMAO. Don’t count on it.


Well according to the other threads very soon means about 6 months. And half the forum would defend him when it takes that long

How do you literally fail at using “quotations”, you do know what quotations mean, right? “Soon after launch” is like the tenth step in a game of telephone compared to what he actually wrote.

Here’s what he actually said “We want to make sure the game is stable and ready for ladder before we turn that on. So it won’t be there for launch but will come shortly after once everything settles down.” You even linked it yourself yet failed at quoting him, how is that even possible…


Blizzard better do something soon™. The forums are slowly becoming a Blizzard hate parade.

Even I’m becoming impatient. Heheheh


I think it’s insane anyone defends them and that I haven’t been suspended

Read the post again. I said “Shortly after launch”.

“won’t be there for launch but will come shortly after” = shortly after launch.

Reading isn’t hard.

Very true… Lets break it down:

“So it won’t be there for launch but will come shortly after once everything settles down.”

“So it won’t be there for launch” The meaning is obvious.

“but” Consider this a comma.

“(the ladder) will come shortly after once everything settles down.” Meaning the ladder will come after the game is stable. Since the ladder isn’t here yet, it must mean that the game is not as stable as they’d like it to be. They gave no time frame on the game being stable.


Agreed…now read what he wrote again, and read what you wrote, and identify the difference, I’m sure you can do it, I believe in you!


False. It means they are liars

Right, and the fact that they’re even doing a “Ladder PTR” tells us that they never even had it ready for launch in first place.

Just an excuse.


Or, they thought it was ready at release based upon internal testing and the beta test, but due to an oversight that was discovered after the release of the game, specifically with their servers, they decided it would be in our best interest to delay the ladder until the server platform can be upgraded to handle the loads they didn’t expect.

I’m getting tired of waiting too! But, I work in the IT field… I know how much of a PITA setting up a server cluster can be just for a local company… Setting up a GLOBAL server cluster… Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.


Do you actually believe this scenario? Or just a really bad devils advocate

No one is happy about this, but what use is complaining about it? You’ve been on it all day, do you just need/want attention or something? If so, at least that I can understand, I didn’t get enough attention as a child either.

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It’s almost as if they should of had a proper beta test instead of treating beta as an advertisement campaign.

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Hind sight is always 20/20.

Again, they probably thought the game was mostly ready at launch until they discovered the major server platform issues once a ton of people started doing repeated 10-20 second Pindle runs. The server couldn’t handle it, and it fell like a house of cards.


I want to understand why people don’t blame blizzard and blame the players. I still haven’t figured it out.

Edit and I really am dreading all the Cleaning I’ve been doing. In laws visiting tomorrow so there’s that

Another issue that likely threw a monkey wrench in the gears in getting the server platform upgraded, they likely had to add hardware to their racks to handle the extra load they didn’t expect…

Anyone who has tried buying computer hardware during the pandemic knows that it’s been a nightmare trying to build systems. During the pandemic, there’s been a huge surge in people getting systems to work from home, right at the time when there was also a massive chip shortage. Plus the crypto craze hasn’t helped the matter either. Then the scalpers omg. It’s only recently started getting better.

Hopefully COVID is on its way out… Getting sick of it, pun intended.

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