UPDATE: PezRadar Blue Post on Ladder PTR - Expected to start next week

Correct. However, we know from experience that launches for Blizzard games and more broadly the entire PC video game industry, are often associated with minor to major issues.

It would have been moronic for Blizzard to commit to starting ladder at launch or shortly thereafter until they had firsthand experience how launch went and game/server issues.

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yes but let’s not act like it’s their first time, or they weren’t prepared, that’s on them, and the fact it’s taking them MONTHS to get it together, is nothing more than pathetic AT BEST. anyone saying blizzard has taken the appropriate actions is a boot licker x9000… sad to see honestly.


oh thank you wise one for explaining the obvious. good lord. do you feel good stating things everyone knows thinking you are adding to a discussion?

well blizzard said ladder would be shortly after launch so were they moronic for claiming so?

@badhabits, it is sad to see, and its sad to see how many will defend or rationalize for them. like someone who got cheated on defending the cheater

The same thing happened for W3R. Why are you surprised? I am not. Personally, I wanted D2R to have the game stability improved sooner rather than later but I was a realist and understood there was a possibility that it might take awhile.

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you arent a realist, you are delusional, dont get it twisted.

dude is trying to act like he thought ladder wouldnt be out in april back before launch. captain hindsight to the rescue!

i would’ve RATHER had them just cancelled the whole release then… because this is boring, no one is p;laying anymore… not a single real friend of mine plays anymore, having to find people online to play with atm is a pain because their lobbies are crap… again… they messed up.

dont waste your time dealing with micro, i explained in full detail how my analogy was to show how the word once altered the meaning because he got confused the first 3 tries and he still is hung up on waiting 48 hours to shower…

Pre-orders are nothing compared to the amount of day one sales for a game. Could be that they prepared for double the amount vs pre-sales and they ended up with triple or quadruple the amount. Not everyone pre-orders, and with digital sales being big, there really is not much of a reason to do anymore unless you REALLY want that digital theme or avatar.

this pre order got beta access so there was a reason and there are trends and data to look at pre order compared to first day sales to extrapolate. your justification is flawed at best

As someone with a BA in English, this thread upsets me.

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considering your useless bachelors degree, do you think shortly after refers to launch or settles down

“So it won’t be there for launch but will come shortly after once everything settles down.”

Lol…you are the worst offender. It’s honestly not even worth my time to reply to you beyond this comment, sorry.

Pre-orders got a week early access to beta, with open beta being open to ALL. Alpha testing was not even based on pre-order status. Also, the amount of people testing is NOWHERE near the amount of people that will play a game once it releases, as evidenced by the servers not crashing hard during the Beta Testing phases vs what happened when the game actually went live. Fact still stands, there was nothing major to gain for pre-ordering this game, no collectable trinkets, no artbook, no physical copy, etc. Also, people that know that they are going to play a game regardless, don’t bother with testing. Do you really think the entire D2R playerbase is testing on PTR?


so you take the time to reply but cant take a stance, degree is confirmed to be useless.

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you seem to not understand some of the words I used including but not limited to: flawed, trend, extrapolate. does anyone that plays this game have English as their first language?

Just stop feeding the troll, guys, we can stop wasting our time and enjoy our Saturday :slight_smile:


That also happens in ladder. Lots of people play the first few weeks/couple of months and as time goes by the playerbase becomes increasingly reduced.

At D2R launch, everyone had a fresh start just like ladder. At D2R launch, everyone had access to all the D2 runewords including ladder runewords.

D2R launch was a de facto ladder, just missing the rankings.

Lobbies are definitely crap. This needs to get fixed.

The simple fact that the game was released in September gave them the actual knowledge of what the issues were that could not be accurately simulated in the beta.

Despite all the bumps, I think most people would prefer that D2R was released. Ladder is coming. Better late than never.


it takes more effort to reply 3 times and brag about your useless degree than to ignore my trolling. take your own advice.

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you keep saying it was a defacto ladder. literally no one that wants ladder feels that way. its just another way to rationalize blizzards failure. stop with this tired and wrong argument

And I already said, that they probably prepared for more than their pre-sales. It’s just that the amount actually sold vs predictions were vastly underestimated. All you want is an echo chamber of the hate train.