The Whirlwind Compromise

I’m glad the developers made some fantastic changes across the board for all classes during both iterations of the PTR; however, it’s a little frustrating that the developers refrain from improving the damage scaling of whirlwind at early levels.

Currently, at first skill point, whirlwind starts at -50% damage. The most non-controversial change they could implement is to tweak the numbers and start whirlwind off at 0% and scale from there. All this penalty does is to discourage players from using whirlwind during their Barbarian playthrough.

The change to damage scaling does not require any fundamental changes. I think this would be a good compromise for now. We need to make our voices heard, if you agree please sign this thread. Thanks!



Agree but not only start at 0 % dmg but also double or triple the amount of AR it gives.

If they wont make any general AR improvements that is.


Agree about the AR boost, but I’m just requesting for better WW scaling so we can actually use the skill during a playthrough.

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Yea, Whirlwind needs some love!

Also, being able to proc effects with it would be awesome.


Proccing effects with WW would be awesome!


Buff ww barb! More builds more fun and ww is iconic

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It would be nice if u could actually proc effects with WW :slight_smile: and i agree the damage in lower lvls is just not there at all

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I’m starting to think that WW is so broken, that they need a biger amount of time to fix it. And they don’t want to push Ladder start further, than allready and maybe while we’re occupied whit Ladder they’ll have enough time to fix it for the next patch. Or something.

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I think removing the damage penalty at lower lvl would be an easy fix for start and i doubt it would be that hard to make WW able to proc effects

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Yes but who knows how many things combine in the background that makes it all buggy. The dmg scaleing from 0% would be an easy start to fix leveling whit it, for shure. The procking? Who knows why it’s not working/allowed to work?

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Whirlwind needs some love, FOR SURE, I totally agree that needs more damage

there are a few things more related with barbarian that needs to be solved, for example, this:

bulkatos set needs Knockback removed!


how about instead of doing that nonsense with Leap Attack AoE damage, make it a synergy to WW.


Agreed there are many problems to WW, but atleast they could do is tweak the numbers for the damage scaling which could be done very quickly. I’m not asking for a complete re-vamp at this time.


absolutely agree with you

what do you think about my linked post about knockback in blukatos charles?


The problem with whirlwind, is that in D2R, your WW always misses the first few frames, regardless of AR.

WW Could use some love, but honestly, i’d love to see them fix the bug first.

Completely agree with you that knockback ability should be removed. You can’t use Frenzy with this two sword set because of this effect, making for a very slow kill speed.

In terms of WW always missing in the first few frames, I agree it needs to be fixed, but fixing bugs seems to take a long time… looking at mana burn. Tweaking numbers is much easier and can be done very quickly.

As we are in the home stretch of the PTR, I want to request something the developers can implement immediately and not put on the backbuner for next season patches.

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Already read that post and i agree knocback has to be removed.

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Let’s get our voices heard about whirlwind! This is such an iconic skill that needs to see some love.


Another fix they need to implement is allow alt whirlwinding like in LoD, so you don’t normal attack a nearby mob/player when clicking them with the whirlwind skill. This allows for short whirlwinds and allows you to focus high single target damage

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improve this blizzard, listen to these guys, it needs improvements