The abandoned PTR

They only reverted like…6 things out of over 50 changes but yeah, it’s been a while now…there must be only one coder or something.


People just need to relax, if it takes another week, so be it. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Maybe the Russians perpetrated a DDoS attack against Blizzard servers. :slight_smile:

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You know, i can’t blame those who lost their patient when it comes to blizzard.
So far we have 2 different statements about ptr, which are more than 2 weeks old, no any recent statement about what to expect, when ladder will come and according to a post on reddit, lead designer gave a hint about a new guide for summoner druid, but we have no idea what to expect there as well.

I mean the game is already out for months and they should had the 2.4 patch almost ready.
Not to keep the players yet again in the dark with not even a single official statement.

Yeah, ok i personally stoped bothering since we speak for blizzard and we all know that they dont care if ppl waiting or not, they just dont care, but dont blame the players, is just a different perspective of things. You might be more relaxed guy irl, some others arent. And when it comes to something they paid etc, many go a bit offensive…

Anyway imo we should have already a statement on what we will have to expect cause as i said we have 2 old comments,.one saying ptr will go off for a week or so and then a balance wave will come again and the other says that ptr officially over.


It looks like the post regarding the ladder ptr is gone. Maybe a good sign we’ll have an update today

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You mean the post for ptr in general with the 2 different statements right?

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I think they deleted the thread so they don’t have to explain. they said two weeks and they will have realized that it will be two years, and it is better to delete the thread than to report something


Agreed, hoping we get an update today.

Yes, it was hyperbole. Most of the changes were insignificant. But hey, they buffed sorcereres so yay?

I am sure buffing unused skills so they are still p1 useless will entice more people to use said skills…

I am sure more level 85 zones are great for those running a single elemental damage (thanks to synergies) and are hitting walls without high rune words…

I am sure buffing mercs will make act 2 dominance a thing of the past…

I am sure the mid level runeword added will be used by everyone as 6 socket weapons are plentiful in NM…

I am sure adding/modifying one or two set bonus to sets make them completely viable and useful now…

A small team of rejects is how we ended up with 1.10 to begin with. The real development team for Diablo exited Blizzard North in the summer of 2003.

It still exist

Poor choice of words on my part. It’s unpinned.

I do agree with you in regards to we may have new info soon tho

Last time I notice they did that was regarding to the ss druid ias issue, and few days after they came out with new update.

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Yes but they said that 2.4 would return to PTR in “a week or so” 14 days ago.

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The “coming week” post is after the “in a week or so” post.

Latest info always trump anything earlier

The posts were practically the same thing…

two chars

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If they are the same thing, why you all focus on the “one week or so” and make a big fuzz about this while ignoring the one that said “in coming weeks”?

Cos you know if you use “in coming weeks” one you can simply wait for one or two weeks and b1tch about it.

Obviously they ain’t the same

It’s been more than 2 weeks


You realize that this post was posted 2 weeks after? It was also indicated that there would be future communications which have failed to materialize…

It really doesn’t matter if it’s just 2 weeks out or 5 months out, you will be defending the developers regardless… :rofl:


Vicarious Visions should go back to Crash Bandicoot and give us a developer team that cares about Diablo 2.

you realized in coming weeks could mean many weeks?