The abandoned PTR

Hype game features for months, deploy a PTR with no consideration for actual testing.
Revert most changes after a week.
Take down PTR after another week.
Go MIA until further notice.

This is a new low even by ActiBlizzard standards…


Micro-blizzard-soft you meant :smiley: ?
Guess it might be gamechanger here.


The merger isn’t complete, and won’t be until at least 2023…

The new company will clearly be called MicroTransActi


Looks they have slow lazy coders


A little dramatic aren’t we?


I agree in that they should give more regular updates regarding PTR, but your argument of saying it is abandoned is complete hyperbole.


They said “around one week”

14 days later whiout news.

This is abandoned for all, except hooligans blizzdefensors.


I’m not a hooligan blizzdefensor (name is pretty funny btw), but one person posted a while back that the cogs are turning as the version number on the PTR build keeps increasing. So relax and grab some popcorn.


Revert most changes? They literally revert half a page out of the 33 pages of PTR and that qualify as most?


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They say in coming weeks

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Yeah this is definitely not helpful feedback. You make it sound as if they never should have bothered.


Not helpful feedback? What feedback have they acknowledged besides the crying of streamers?

There has been ZERO developer community interaction since PTR launch and subsequent retraction…


you could gave your feedback loging in the PTR, there is a button with a survey if you want to complete. Its not just “streamers”.

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Good news inc in 1 or 2 days. Im feeling it, can you feel?

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Yeah, its so user friendly that it includes a character limit :rofl:

I’m sorry, but this negative attitude is the last thing the community needs, and certainly doesn’t deserve it’s own thread, dislike :-1:

This statement is just plain false… There are hundreds of changes in the patch notes. They reverted two things basically; hydra synergies and paladin auras. That is not “most changes”. Otherwise there are still hundreds of good changes in the patch… If you ever tried playing a fire druid, or a martial arts assassin, or a melee amazon, or even a summon druid, you would be ecstatic that they are making these improvements :+1:

If we want good changes from Blizzard and new content to be created, we need to be constructive and stay positive :+1:

If the community only focuses on the negative and discusses the negative, they’ll cut development, and everyone loses out on making the game better.


The guy’s just mad that he can’t play ladder yet.

Or play any semblance of multiplayer on console…

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I suspect they have heard, loud and clear, the dissatisfaction with the 2.4 PTR, and more changes are being made, specifically to summoner druids.

Did anyone consider that maybe the 2.4 patch is not ready yet? Do we really want to do what Microsoft has done for so many years and release software (including patches) way too soon? I agree that Blizz devs should be more forthcoming in what’s going on, but I think a little patience is called for.

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