The abandoned PTR

I see you fail to grasp the utility of Public TEST Realm

Imagine not being able to read. They never said around one week.

Direct quote from community manager filthierich:

…Stay tuned for updates on more testing regarding ladder in the coming weeks.

Imagine providing notice of a PTR 8 weeks in advance to run it for only 2 weeks and then say we will have more testing in the coming weeks…

All while begin as transparent as Bobby Kotick at a board meeting…

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I don’t know if you’re a fool, or if you take me for a fool. read a few inches above, to pezradar, I think you’re capable.

srsly tho, game was released in a broken state (if you remember the d/cs and qeues) … I STILL don’t see ANY games on the lists,

and these 2.4 nothing-tweaks that did nothing to address balance problems taking forever?

they could have bought out the mod for the path of diablo, most people be happy.

it’s just a crappy user experience and anyone who denies it is a jerk.

This is the only game I would play and I would have liked to have enjoyed it more.

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Direct link:

I think adding changes is like renovating an old house. You are like, no big deal, one week max. But you have to deal whit additional problems poping up along the way, that you need to fix before you can actually move on. And now your assuption of one week renovation, become a whole month of renovation.

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This game has literally been out 5 months and we are still in beta testing phase :rofl:


Yupp actually they shouldn’t have released it in september. But you know how impatient fanboys can get. Like you now.

this would be acceptable if they simply related to their community, the one that feeds them.

I am sure that we would all be much more understandable with the slowness and the failure to meet deadlines if they informed us of something…
and also they would avoid giving the image of having abandoned the game

In the meantime (and especially if SOMETHING doesn’t happen this week), I’ll stick with my theory that they don’t want to step on the wow patch


I just want a playable console edition. Is that asking for too much? Playing offline at p8 because online matchmaking is nonexistent. Hell, Cain also won’t even ID things in my cube still.

This release has been quite underwhelming even by ActiBlizzard standards.

Originaly this was not the topick of your post, but i’m glad you eventuialy put it off your chest. You see when people like B.K. dictate the tempo, this is what you get. Look at CDPR, untill they were a little company, their gemes were gems. And when they got some serious investors, and a money hungry management, they gave us CP 2077. Now that game was a true disaster.

Well the hint on Reddit by PezRadar, that something is going on whit the Druid, indicates that they are still working in bug changes. Never the less they should update us more frequently. But my personal experience is that they don’t communicate that much on the official forum, they use Reddit, Discord and Twitter much more often.

Oh we will know more between now and D4 release. I am sure of it. :rofl:

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HAHAHAHAHA, dude i laughed out loud in real life. That is golden.

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As long as this many blizzlickers are around it is normal they dont even bother to communicate, let alone do the actual work….

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Blizzard rushed with release, and you all have seen how it worked. It’s better to wait a little longer.

NOT correct sir… They have CLEARLY given all of us the finger and are watching us fight among ourselves for the issues that THEY caused…

You mean like releasing a 20 years old game with many of the same bugs and some new ones as well to add flavor? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Yes, I’d say a bit so. The company is currently going through a crisis situation, if the OP isn’t aware (but it sounds like they are) so IMO, I would cut them some slack

However, I agree a quick message of what’s up from the devs soon would be appreciated