The abandoned PTR

so? In coming weeks could mean many weeks

Technically you can still play on the PTR if you hero edit your chars and play offline. Been doing that for like two weeks trying builds. Kind of out of ideas now though…

I can’t sadly. You would have to be online in the PTR first before you can start in single player. Single Player people have to login online once every 30 days to keep playing and since I never played PTR, i never got to go online.

Wish i could do that on switch

More than 1, fewer than 5. After that we are talking about months not weeks… :rofl:

you probably never heard of 6-8 weeks processing times or 16 weeks semesters

Wow, you are dense…

Arguing semantics but can’t even distinguish between “coming weeks” vs “coming months”

You wouldn’t say coming days if you meant week out would you? Nevermind, you probably would defend any lapses in transparency by Blizzard.


I am simply giving examples to counter your unthoughtful claims.

You are the one who actually is dense not me.

Coming weeks do exist, and 16 weeks semesters do exist on every community college in the us. 6 to 8 weeks is also a very normal phase to be used in the business world.

Just because you don’t agree with it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. They do, and in fact it is super common.

Yes, ambiguous language is indeed comparable to defined time intervals :rofl:

I won’t hinder you bootlicking any further. You have full reighs to kowtow to Blizzard. Have a great day.

I hope everyone read the new blue post carefully.

Yeah, finally some communication.

Looks like another 7+ weeks before ladder. PRT in a week, 2 weeks of PTR, 2 weeks downtime to release 2.4 to live, 2 weeks of live 2.4 before ladder.


Ladder PTR up first week of March - probably up for around 2 weeks before 2.4 releases. Then official 2.4 Ladder starts one week after that.

So end of March/beginning of April, we will have ladder 2.4 up.

EDIT: They will take “a couple of weeks” after the Ladder PTR for feedback. So, 2.4 will launch end of April/beginning of May.

according to their own deadlines, and as long as they meet them (which I doubt)

1-6 march → PTR
7-20 march–> none
21 march–> 2.4
28 march or 4 april (depend of bugs)—> ladder

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