Queue lines - what is going on

I have been unable to play 3/4 of the last days that I’ve loaded the game on console because I’m put in a queue that never seems to budge. What the frig is this? I can’t believe I paid money for this crap.

I have been in a queue for 15 minutes. That wouldn’t be bad if I was about to get in, but I have seriously moved from 363 to 343. At the current pace I will be able to play around 3AM tomorrow.

How could this company possibly think that this would be an acceptable way to launch this game?!?

The queue number displayed doesn’t update accurately. Just for giggles I logged into the queue yesterday morning just to see how long it would take, and it was about 40 minutes at a queue size of 412.

So ya, stop exaggerating lol.

Queues are bad. Crashed are bad. Repeatedly crashing to an hour+ queue is heartless.


same just waited in the que to be put into offline mode…

The failed to authenticate hurt my soul. I transferred over my offline character from my plugy save and realized I only want to play online now. I hope they fix this because I’ve been in queue for 3 hours and two, “failed to authenticate” messages. Good luck to all my fellow players out there.

Not sure where to report this, but it’s 2:36am. I started waiting in queue around 2:10am. 60 something deep. Gave up just now, still 19 deep. This is insane. I have to wait such an extended period of time to play the game I paid for?

Not only that, but if I go to join a game and it’s full, or not created yet, I’m blocked from entering ANY game for a minute? Including private made? This is bananas. I understand the legacy architecture, this thought does not pass me. However, the fact of the matter is this is released as a modern game, and that is no excuse to release a blatantly broken game. Completely disappointed with Blizzard. When the game is functioning, it IS fun. However, if Blizzard cannot sell me a game, and keep it in a simply playable state, then Blizzard should no longer sell games.

When can we as a community expect lesser wait times to play the game we paid for? And is the team working on better solutions to avoid server overload to avoid these insane limiters. Because with the game in this state, it simply ISN’T fun. Which is what I paid full price for.


I completely agree. With blizzard being a multimillion dollar company, they could very easily afford to have servers running during this time, to keep up with the amount of people that are wanting to play. It’s ridiculous…

6am 309 in que, 7:11am 204 in que… guess it’s time to start the next movie while I wait… 7:35 still 204 in que. thought maybe it had froze up and restarted the game, 426 in que. Forget it

298 deep in the queue. Wait for 30 minutes and shut it down because the queue is still 200+.

392 for me … i´m off
WTF blizzard !?!?!

my friend started at 503 !!! damn !!!

queue of 200. i’ve been waiting for 20 minutes…
it’s almost the length of time that I was gonna play the game.
is blizzard broken or something?

In position 496… been sitting at this number for about 15 minutes…

Is there ever going to be a point in time we don’t have a login queue? Or are you just waiting for the player base to drop off so you don’t have to actually fix the problem.


as long as chinas keeping their servers maxed out they could care less about the rest of their customers. shame on us for not learning our lesson over all these years. look how long wows been going and the servers are just as bad as diablos.

I was just thinking “boy could we use another thread complaining about the queues!”


Insert picture of baby face crying here.

insert picture of brown nose.

I love how everyone always assumes someone is a Blizzard shill when they don’t complain about every single thing that goes wrong with them. There’s a queue? I get up and do something else with myself until I’m through it, then I play the game. It’s a Sunday. Go take a shower, make some food, go for a walk, do some cleaning. Be a human for once.

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Figured I’d ask the question. I’ll move myself on over to technical support. Figure I’ll just be flamed and trolled here.

anyone who has to belittle someone voice a grievance in a public setting is deserving of a little belittling too.