Queue lines - what is going on

100 years after launch and we have to wait in queue lines to play, what is happening lol.

And the queue doesn’t even move.


At 7:20am EST no less, on the AMERICAS servers.


WHERE the HECK is the FIX Already?

I DOUBT you are doing ANYTHING about it to be honest.


Also in queue at 138. Nothing is moving after 15-20m. I thought that my game got somehow stuck. Went offline and bck to online and my queue is 268.
Same in switch i started with queue 113. After 5 minutes it just says unable to connect and I am automatically sent to offline. Every time I reconnected i got into a higher queue by 30-40 player. Did it 4 times and gave up.
I love the game, i can’t believe that I cannot play it in Switch, PS5 or PC (and i own the game in 3 ports ;( ).


Fired up game this morning, started queue at 171, quit game, started game queue 199, quit game, started game queue 170. There is not a chance they have billions of players all logging in at once.


I can’t play diablo like I planned on doing today so I guess I’ll be hanging out here with you nice folks. We should all buy another game and just hang out there, you know one where multiple people can play at any time without queue. I hear there are lots of options, like all of them except this one


im so close to ending my tbc sub and never buying another bliz act product unless its absolutly ground breaking


I logged in this morning and was 160 in Queue. When it got down to about 30 it went to offline Play? WTF, I click online and it says cant connect to server. I reload the game and now I am 183 in Queue. WTF Blizzard


I just logged in and I’m in position 199 in the queue, which basically means I have roughly enough time to design and build a time machine to go back in time and tell myself not to buy this broken dumpster fire of a game.


Good news for all those waiting in line, I loaded the game up 20 min ago and was 177th in line and i am currently 161… so by me estimation thats roughly 1/10th of the way so we only have to wait 200 minutes to play a game that hardly even uses multi player. I mean honestly blizzard not sure how you are able to figure out world of warcraft but not diablo. oh my bad you dropped the ball on that too. Your loyal fans are upset. we are still wanting to be loyal and play your game but you are making things a bit tough


So this is what it looks like when a corporation dies. Yeah, never will I buy from blizzard again. This is just amateur and embarrassing at this point. Just shut the game down refund everyone’s money REALLY fix all the problems, re-release and pray that people buy it again. I doubt it though as they seem not to care with this “haha, we already got your money twice loser” attitude. I’ll just keep playing Path Of Exile for free mmo style with no issues.


I called the cops because a queue in 2021 is illegal


In this day and age a 20 year old game has a queue?

I love this game, brings back memories, but seriously considering requesting my money back and if they deny it… annoy them with some free legal service my company offers. At least I will get the satisfaction knowing that they will spend a few 100 times more on legal fees than I paid for the game, and it won’t cost me anything.


Help us blizzard, pay attention to this severe problens of quewe… Who is interested in D2R wont normally have that many hours to play… Staying stuck in quewe will end the game experience for us.
i`m quewe now for 40 minutes and on 216 position… US servers.


Blizzards excuse “Due to Covid…”

The queues seem to be getting slower.

I am wondering if the reason is that people have figured out that adding as friends allows you to jump the queue and go straight into a game on that person’s server.

So you don’t go anywhere or go backwards because people are jumping directly into “friend’s” games on other servers and getting ahead of you.

This is already becoming common knowledge and a standard thing to do when trading on sites like JSP.

This is a disaster Blizzard.


It really sucks absolute crap when you take your kids home from soccer and have to wait an extra hour to access a game you paid money for. I also cant level or farm reliably because if I type the name in too early before its remade I get punished for it for 60 seconds. This isnt solving the problem, its forcing people to not play it and get frustrated with it.


Let’s all friend each other, so at least when one is on, we can all log in

Endless queues and cannot connect to server after it counts down. Are servers down? Managed to get on this morning for a short time after a big wait. Endless join game fails and not connected to server messages. Haven’t been able to get back on this afternoon evening, just endless queue.

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I’m in the queue. I can go make coffee, write a post, read the forum and half the internet, pick a movie for the evening and get back to the game if I don’t forget. Thank you.


In my 28 years of my life I have never ever played a game where you have a que to wait in line. What is going on? Are people that work for blizzard dumb? Who thought that doing a que system on a game where thousands of people spent 40$ on would be a good idea? Every time I get on this forum to write a review my reviews get worse and worse. At this point stop messing with updates because obviously it is just making things worse. I literally have to sit here in a que to play a game that was created, and ran better about 21 years ago. How is this possible? Did our technology significantly down grade in 21 years? Nooooo. So what is actually going on gents? Where has my money gone? I’m literally waiting in a que that won’t budge for hours just to even log onto battle net and then when I’m on boom! I get disconnected and sent right back in the endless que lines. Whomever thought that doing a que system was a good idea needs to be fired and never touch a game again. This is beyond ridiculous now. Piles and piles of more problems because you dummies didn’t test it enough before you sent it out to the public. Blizzard this is crazy! How haven’t you figured out the problem by now? Is this going to be an endless issue because I’m seriously not going to buy a single game from you guys again after this mess of a game. Every week it is just a bigger issue than it was the previous week. Extremely disappointed with blizzards lack of communication and urgency to fix these issues. I officially want this game to be free now and I’ll take my refund on top of that because this game is trash, not because of the game but because of the crappy A servers that you guys decided to use.