Please revert FHR to patch 2.3

Blizzard, please listen here to the PvP community and revert the FHR/stun charges. You can separate PVE stuns and PVP stuns – don’t ruin the game from laziness


How come you didn’t test it on PTR and make this post before it went live out of curiosity

We did sir. We knew it would be terrible, now we’re posting to bring awareness to it as it’s in production.

edit; the pvpers probably tested more in the ptr in terms of mechanics than all of the pvmers. They tested how many procs of holy fire it would take to kill a cow and we tested how much fhr and fcr you needed to escape 5 traps and mindblast.


Blizzard, please, all we’re asking is to bring the FHR/Stun back to PvP to get it balanced again.

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FHR changes has broken PVP and many players are quitting the game. Please save the game by reverting FHR changes. There was nothing wrong with FHR for over 20 years.

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too lazy to search?

Blizzard is deaf or blind.


Everything needing to be said has been said, just posting here to show my support to revert FHR changes and implement a WSG type fix.


I literally just asked IF it was done and he answered yes.

Cool it SJWarrior

Enjoy the report for trolling.

Lol what?
What’s your problem? Relax

i have been spaming non stop that 2.4 would be a disaster. I even wrote article about it


Today. I played PvP
It was the most boring game I’ve ever played.
Many PvP users will be disappointed and leave.

Just a week ago, Diablo PvP was a very enjoyable hobby.
PvP users are also people who enjoy the same game.
I hope blizzard have considered our opinion.

Made a TV for 2.4. Played once and haven’t signed on since. Hoping for a fix because it’s just broken

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TV? Try radio… may the force be with you.


You realize I was just asking right?

And someone already explained that there were posts. To which I gave a like as a thank you

Why is everyone so fired up that I asked… had one guy rage and call me a troll

Like lol

im not raging, just showing you it was done

Chill mate

I never said you were I said someone else was


shake your head at the fhr change XD

I can’t, I don’t do a lot of PvP anymore now that I don’t play SC. So I can’t give a good opinion on fhr in pvp

Do not revert this change, it does enable new builds. Maybe add a toggle per game so both options exist.

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