Please Buff 10 Nostalgic Uniques

For Season 4, I urge the developers to consider buffing 10 uniques that represent lore, nostalgia, and rarity with items such as…

1. Tyrael’s Might

Justification: rarest item in D2. It’s a sacred armor with a TC 87 and named after the Archangel of Justice. Tyrael, who is found in-game and is part of the Angiris Council, the ruling body of the High Heavens. It is an extremely rare item, yet so useless (primary use is a trophy item).

Tyrael’s Might
Sacred Armor
Defense: 1322-1502
Required Level: 84
Required Strength: None
+120-150% Enhanced Defense
+50-100% Damage To Demons
+20% Faster Run/Walk
+20-30 To Strength
All Resistances +20-30
Cannot Be Frozen
Requirements -100%
Slain Monsters Rest in Peace

  • Proposed Buffs:
    • Add +2 To All Skills
    • Add Level 1 Salvation Aura When Equipped
    • Add Poison Length Reduced By 75%
    • Remove All Resistances +20-30
    • Remove Slain Monsters Rest in Peace
    • Change Faster Run/Walk from 20% to 45%
    • Change Enhanced Defense from 120-150% to 150-200%
    • Change Damage To Demons from 50-100% to 200-250%

2. Arkaine’s Valor

Justification: ancient hero Arkaine who turned the tide of the Sin War and drove demons back to the Burning Hells. Those who played D1 remembers this was one of the best armors the player could obtain, yet in D2, easily falls behind compared to Chains of Honor, Enigma, and Fortitude.

Arkaine’s Valor
Balrog Skin
Defense: 1295-1450
Required Level: 85
Required Strength: 165
+150-180% Enhanced Defense
+1-2 To All Skills
+0-49 To Vitality
30% Faster Hit Recovery
Damage Reduced By 10-15

  • Proposed Buffs:
    • Add 2 Open Sockets
    • Add +3-297 To Life (+3.00 per Clvl)
    • Add +180-210% Enhanced Damage
    • Change All Skills from +1-2 to +2
    • Change Required Level from 85 to 80

3. Mang Songs’ Lesson

Justification: extremely rare staff, having Asian-themed name. Unfortunately, this item is largely invalidated by the Spirit runeword.

Mang Song’s Lesson
Archon Staff
Two-Hand Damage: 83 to 99
Required Level: 82
Required Strength: 34
+5 To All Skills
30% Faster Cast Rate
-7-15% To Enemy Lightning Resistance
-7-15% To Enemy Cold Resistance
-7-15% To Enemy Fire Resistance
Regenerate Mana 10%
50% Damage To Undead

  • Proposed Buffs:
    • Add +75 To Mana
    • Add All Resistances +15-25
    • Add Increase Max Mana 30%
    • Change All Skills from +5 to +6-8
    • Change Faster Cast from 30% to 70-80%
    • Change Required Level from 82 to 77
    • Change Enemy Lightning/Fire Resist from -7-15% to -15%
    • Change -7-15% To Enemy Cold Resist to +15% To Cold Skill Damage

4. The Grandfather

Justification: iconic legendary sword that harkens back to good ole days of Diablo II. Now, it’s a slow sword that is lacking useful end game attributes like Crushing Blow. It gets full style points though.

The Grandfather
Colossus Blade
One-Hand Damage: (62-87) To (164-474)
Two-Hand Damage: (145-203) To (289-649)
Required Level: 81
Required Strength: 189
Required Dexterity: 110
+150-250% Enhanced Damage
+2-247 To Maximum Damage
+50% Bonus To Attack Rating
+80 To Life
+20 To All Attributes

  • Proposed Buffs:
    • Add Ethereal
    • Add 1-3 Open Sockets
    • Add 5% To Experience Gained
    • Add 25% Chance Of Crushing Blow
    • Add 10-990 To Attack Rating (+10.0 Per Clvl)
    • Change Life from +80 to +120
    • Change Required Level from 81 to 75
    • Change Enhanced Damage from 150-250% to 250-350%

5. The Cranium Basher

Justification: mighty thunder maul of Thor. It’s truly a shame this item is rather lackluster, especially with a slow attack speed and very high level requirement.

The Cranium Basher
Thunder Maul
Two-Hand Damage: (119-132) To (560-632)
Required Level: 87
Required Strength: 253
200-240% Enhanced Damage
20 To Minimum Damage
50% Damage to Undead
75% Chance Of Crushing Blow
4% To Cast Level 1 Amplify Damage On Striking
20% Increased Attack Speed
All Resistances +25
25 To Strength

  • Proposed Buffs:
    • Add +25 To Vitality
    • Add 20% Bonus To Attack Rating
    • Change Min Damage from 20 to 200
    • Change Required Level from 87 to 77
    • Change Increased Attack Speed from 20% to 40%
    • Change Enhanced Damage from 200-240% to 350-400%
    • Change Strength from +25 to +0-149 (+1.50 Per Clvl)

6. Azurewrath

Justification: created by Tyrael and wielded by Izual during the assault on Hellforge to delay forging of Shadowfang.

Phase Blade
One-Hand Damage: (102-114) To (115-129)
Required Level: 85
Required Strength: 25
Required Dexterity: 136
+230-270% Enhanced Damage
+30% Increased Attack Speed
Adds 250-500 Magic Damage
Adds 250-500 Cold Damage, 10 sec. Duration
+1 To All Skills
+5-10 To All Attributes
Level 10-13 Sanctuary Aura When Equipped
+3 To Light Radius

  • Proposed Buffs:
    • Add Requirements -100%
    • Add +250-300% Damage To Demons
    • Change All Skills from +1 to +2
    • Change Required Level from 85 to 75
    • Change Magic Damage from 250-500 to 500-750

7. Shadowfang

Justification: originally part of a quest from pre-release Diablo, where player was tasked to slay demon Fleshdoom and retrieve his demonblade.

Two-Handed Sword
One-Hand Damage: 4 To 18
Two-Hand Damage: 16 To 34
Required Level: 12
+100% Enhanced Damage
Adds 10-30 Cold Damage, Duration: 6 secs
9% Mana Stolen Per Hit
9% Life Stolen Per Hit
Cold Resist 20%
-2 To Light Radius

  • Proposed Buffs:
    • Add Drain Life -6
    • Add Freezes Target +3
    • Add Prevent Monster Heal
    • Add +6 Life After Each Demon Kill
    • Change Light Radius from -2 to -4
    • Change Cold Damage from 10-30 to 33-66

8. Spire of Lazarus

Justification: named after Archbishop Lazarus and was an ambassador from the Zakarum Church and advisor to King Leoric.

Spire of Lazarus
Gnarled Staff
Two-Hand Damage: 4 To 12
Required Level: 18
+1 To Sorceress Skill Levels
Adds 1-28 Lightning Damage
+1 To Chain Lightning (Sorceress Only)
+2 To Lightning (Sorceress Only)
+3 To Static Field (Sorceress Only)
+15 To Energy
Regenerate Mana 43%
Lightning Resist +75%
Damage Reduced By 5
+50% Damage To Undead

  • Proposed Buffs:
    • Add +25-35% Faster Cast Rate
    • Change Energy from +15 to +25
    • Change Sorceress Skill Levels from +1 to +2

9. Schaefer’s Hammer

Justification: rare item and named after Max and Erich Schaefer, two brothers who were critical to the development of D1 and D2.

Schaefer’s Hammer
Legendary Mallet
One-Hand Damage: (100-114) To (124-338)
Required Level: 79
Required Strength: 189
+100-130% Enhanced Damage
+2-198 To Maximum Damage
Adds 50-200 Lightning Damage
+50% Damage to Undead
20% To Cast Level 10 Static Field On Striking
20% Increased Attack Speed
+8-792 To Attack Rating
Lightning Resist +75%
+50 To Life
+1 To Light Radius

  • Proposed Buffs:
    • Add Ethereal
    • Add 1-3 Open Sockets
    • Remove +1 To Light Radius
    • Change Lightning Damage from 50-200 to 100-400

10. Messerschmidt’s Reaver

Justification: unique champion axe that prince Aidan used to slay Diablo in classic Diablo.

Messerschmidt’s Reaver
Champion Axe
Two-Hand Damage: 177 To (283-514)
Required Level: 70
Required Strength: 167
Required Dexterity: 59
+200% Enhanced Damage
+2-247 Maximum Damage
Adds 20-240 Fire Damage
100% Bonus To Attack Rating
+15 To All Attributes

  • Proposed Buffs:
    • Add +5 To Axe Mastery (Barbarian Only)
    • Add +33% Chance Of Open Wounds
    • Add +15% Chance of Crushing Blow
    • Change All Attributes from +15 to +25

For complete discussion, please see Calling to Improve Itemization


not going to read your full wall of text but…out of these item i can agree with Tyrael Might…it need to truly feel special for how rare it is
so here what it should do :wink:

lvl Req 96
+3 to All Skills
+275%-350% Enhanced Defense
+6-11% dmg to all Element
-7-12% to all enemies resistance
+300-400% Enhanced dmg
-25% Target Defense
All Resist +45-60%
+35-50 Strength
+30% increased chance to block
+40% Faster Cast Rate
+50-100% increased dmg to demons
+30% Faster Run/Walk
+100% Magic Find
-100% Requirement
Cannot Be Frozen
Passive Aura(at random)—> lvl 30 Prayer,lvl 20 Blessed Aim, lvl 10 Sanctuary

truly would be worthy of its rarity like this :wink:

EDIT: wait its missing teleport :3…but i’d rather leave that for a new unique charm that give teleport instead :wink:
EDIT 2: fixed lvl req :slight_smile:
EDIT 3: fixed the stats which i went trigger happy on XD(reduction to +skill,ele pierce//dmg boost)…and decided to buff Tyrael def % up since it can’t spawn as an Ethereal…added a passive random holy aura

I agree that Tyrael’s Might needs to be buffed, but the proposed changes above is too much.


i admit that i went a little overboard with a few stats XD
4 skills–>3 skills
+15-20% to all ele---->+6-11% to all Elements
-15-20% Pierce—>-7-12% to all enemies resists
-75% target Def—>-25% target Def

for the rest i think its fine

yes buff them! They need some love, any love

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All the developers need to do is implement the changes proposed in the OP and it would be such a drastic improvement for the game to have glory returned to Tyrael’s Might, The Grandfather, Mang Songs’ Lesson, etc.

I’d go even further. Give the Mastery as an oskill, so other classes can benefit from it as well. Instead of giving stats directly to the item, Mastery would benefit from + all skills bonus, which is currently overlooked by fighters (opposed to casters).
I’d give each Mastery to one of the elite unique items of each type (just one, not to make it too common). I don’t expect such items to suddenly become meta, but new interesting builds might emerge (such as a physical spearzon with a non-amazon spear?).

I’m afraid that such a high skill bonus would make this a pre-buff (or pre-summon) weapon. The currently highest obtainable bonus is +5 (HotO + Spirit or Mang Song’s) or +6 for Barbarians (2×HotO or 2× +3 WC weapons).

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Diablo 2 NEEDS buffing of these uniques badly! Please like OPs post and comment, in order to generate more views and attention from the devs

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This would revitalize the item hunt and magic finding, I don’t understand why the devs don’t consider buffing uniques and only consider adding new runewords.


I think there’s no dedicated d2r dev team anymore. Some random dudes from blizzard with experience from other blizzard games (wow & d3) trying to add something new every now and then to keep the game “alive” by their activision standards. That’s why the new runewords feel like d3 item (also d4 btw). But at the end of the day, it is clear as day that their changes are really shallow and uninformed. At the same time it is also clear that they listen to some of the famous d2r streamers like llama and dbrunski, who are not very good at theorycrafting and have no original ideas.

Rethinking and updating useless uniques requires some thoughts and analytic approach, which is completely missing in activision these days.


Yep agree, I really want to see unique items buffed to make them worth using again. I’d go even further to say I’d want more than 10 looked at but I’m just being greedy.

I’d like to add for armours they all really need to have teleport on them to be a real alternative to engima. Obviously there’s a few builds where this isn’t the case but for the majority of builds enigma will still rain supreme until other armours can provide +1 to teleport or we get a teleport helm runeword.

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Schaeffers hammer must be much fasterm, it is too slow.


Indestructible items need the “Cannot Spawn Ethereal” flag removed.


But add +45-60 all resists on Arcainas Valor. As well as the sockets.
You must think of HC players too. We will choose COH or Fort or even a smoke because resists are a must in HC, not optional.


Nice ideas! IMO all of these are fair and make sense for the items rarity. The only critique I’d have is (not) lowering the level req. on some… IMO the high level req. should remain simply due to item rarity and notability via. lore. For example, Tyrael’s Might… id expect to have to be a fairly high level/well experienced hero in order to wear such a piece of armor.


teleport is so crap you skip the whole game to get to the final boss to have 1-2 min games at the end.
it destroys all playing together with other classes it becomes a kind of single player game.
Hopefully they’ll remove the teleport and put a 5-second CD on it for the sorc !


Agreed and hope the devs consider buffing uniques sometime down the road.

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on the opposite…it bring ppl together…“give us tea pee sorc !”

meanwhile i would not bother tagging with melees if sorc didn’t exist(go away useless dps)…edit: well not bother…more like much less appealing

alternatively…if sorc didn’t have teleport then pally would be the guy to follow(gimme conviction for my traps, charge strike, spells(sorc)…its still game skip as everything will be 1 shot…only downside is having to walk to get to the elite packs(which is BOARing)

instead of killing junk mobs by walking, straigth to elite packs with tele

hammerdin could still go solo and be like " i dont need any of you"

also i would recommend turning off the run option with the R key…just walk it all since you like it slow :wink:

and a little reminder…sorc can’t kill mobs immune to her ;)(at least not untill can wear the new sunder charms)…she’s can’t solo the whole of hell difficulty on first playtrough
…sorc is more like a car that everyone like to ride on…not an unstoppable force

edit: blizz sorc: i’am gonna solo baal//Diablo…seem like a smart idea…baal room has ghouls lords//witches immune to me…i shall uhh…kill them alone somehow…and i like how Lord de Seis is cold immune and love running away from mah merc

Which is the reason why the developers should add more magic immune monsters to the game. Heck, make The Summoner magic immune for the lawl…

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I’ll add, Griswolds edge was AMAZING in D1. It needs buff. Love the rest of the list.

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