Online SSF Mode

Please give us an online Solo Self-Found Mode with leaderboards, or in other words a SSF Ladder. Many D2R fans and streamers would like to see this and it would also just add new spice to the game. Look at PoE, where this mode has a wide popularity.

And no, just playing singleplayer is not the same…

Edit 1:
This sums it up quite well, why a SSF Mode would be mega nice.

Edit 2:
I also think that there should be a SSF Mode for Non-Ladder as well, in which the Ladder SSF chars would be transferred after the season.


It’s already a reality, as long as you can exercise the willpower to not trade.

Edit: The more I’ve thought about it, the more I’ve warmed up to a SSF ladder becoming a reality.



That’s exactly the point, so you have a control that everything is going right in the sense of SSF and you can see about the corresponding leaderboards only actual SSF players.

Apart from that, why should you be against something that doesn’t affect you and therefore doesn’t matter. Because it has always been so, by the way, is not a reason.


What’s stopping you from playing by yourself online in passworded games and never doing any trading or playing with other people?


Why would such a mode bother you, when many players want it ?


It doesn’t bother me, I’m just curious as to why it’s needed when it’s already there? Noone’s forcing you to trade or play with others, even online.


For me it would be the leaderboards in the ladder, because it would be a really unadulterated race here and the restriction that it is also simply not possible and you are not even tempted. As I said, it’s not for nothing that it’s such a popular mode in PoE.


It is - and its even better, since you don´t need any internet connection a can optionally mode the game in which ever way you individually prefer.

You don´t have that in PoE.

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Basically, he wants a leaderboard and ladder season for Solo Self Found.

Seems fine to me.


I’m so tired of hearing people mention PoE and low population D2 private servers as examples for how things need to be done.

D2 is more popular than all of them combined because it is simply superior still to this day 20+ years later.

I loved PoE when it first came out but todays version is absolutely hot garbage. The highly declining population and terribly failed(even more than D2R) console support is also a laughing stock of modern day arpgs. It’s staying afloat on micro transactions and barely at that which is why PoE 2 has been pushed three times now.


Another quality reply

Can’t expect any less

Ssf league ensures that everybody participating respects the rule, it’s not just about self willpower, it about others as well


It’s not a reality because I want a leaderboard for it

It would be a true ladder race with only yourself to help yourself


I with you. I’m a ssf player these days and have been playing that way on D2 LoD ladder for about 5 years. I’d love to compete strictly with other ssf barb players on a seasonal ladder. I’ve also only ever played D3 and PoE this way.


This actually is the best argument. It really would make it a “May the best man/woman win” situation.

I mean I’m not gonna sign a petition for it simply because I think we need other things done first BUT I definitely can sympathize with your reasoning.

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there is solo self found, its called offline


Except that provides no leaderboard or ladder season.


Yes please - complete online SSF where maphack etc results in a ban, with ladder leadership boards. That, on Hardcore - would be a dream for me.


Solo Self-found ladder leaderboard would be interesting, gives the non-streamer, non-buyers a chance as well.


I still don’t understand how you can be against something that doesn’t negatively affect your gaming experience. Just give people such an option with leaderboards and that’s it.


go play roblox maybe~ d2 dont need to split the community

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