D2:R Team working on "feature" that's "pretty big"... 🤔

I think they will implement reasons for endless complaints. Or at the very least a disappointment. That you can complain about.

problably currency stacking or lootfilter

the first is more likely

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Maybe they give us 20 additional purchaseable slots…

Well we can only hope it is a Currency Tab, improved lobby system, loot filter, unF WW, FHR, ect everything they messed up in 2.4, and most of all, revamp and improvement of Elite Uniques to make them actually worth the hunt like pre 1.10.

Make 2hander whirlwind a big feature again.

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Purchasable skins! YA!

Most likely Currency Tab or Loot Filter.

More stash tabs shouldn’t need a lot of programing.

Maybe changes to FHR in PvP? That’s probably the biggest programming challenge I can think of if they don’t want to go back to the old bug but also don’t want hit lock equals certain death.

oh ya…Transmog and Auction Houses would also be huge features too

so…Currency Tab…Charms Inv…Guild Halls…Auction House…Transmog

up to 5 possibility…probably gonna go in highter demand order for these though…so maybe Currency by any logic as top priority…Charm Inv and Auction probably second…Transmog fourth…and Guild Halls fifth

If guess aggressively, ACT 6!

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Formal end game content and removing double immunes from hell. Rebalance of hell.


So the next weeks post will be; “Because we know you all love it so much, we have decided to add Microtransactions to D2r. Don’t be alarmed, paying will not give an unfair advantage, all content will be able to be obtained through playing the game. Items are listed in their own sections, Runes, Bases, Uniques, Sets, Charms, Jewels and Gems. To celebrate we will be giving everyone enough premium currency to buy some bad and almost enough to buy something good. Hope you enjoy spending tons of money to make Bob a happy man.”

Show Charsi feet hotkey??


lucky we got d2lod to back, right?

Yeah that would actually the only feature I would be excited about.

A man of refined tastes I see. The internet was made for such cultured individuals.


I only care if they allow Guided Arrow to combine with Piercing Arrow again

PvM except bosses, sure. PvP, hell no.

Since it’s something they say they want a lot of feedback on, I doubt it’s just a small UI thing or a currency tab or stacking runes. Those things would be too straight forward to need much feedback. I suppose they could just be paranoid about changing anything and think something that simple needs a lot of feedback.

I’d guess it’s either actual new content or a feature big enough that it would have a more meaningful impact on your experience. Loot filters/notifications of some kind could require a lot of feedback to decide if it was a good fit for the game. A new trade system would be nice, but I don’t think we’ve seen a decent in-game trade system added to an ARPG ever, so I wouldn’t get my hopes up.

I could also see some kind of additional difficulty setting(s) since it was frequently discussed on the forums and would have been on their radar.

The cynical guess would be a new cash shop.

The whole feedback part of his statement, that they wanted to get accurate feedback before going live in the PTR, is slightly confusing. I originally took this to mean a separate PTR just for this feature, like we did with the database change PTR before we had the balance changes PTR. However, this could simply mean that they wanted more internal testing before it became part of the PTR the players will be taking part in.

Maybe I’m just looking into this too much, but it’s all we got to go on for now! If it’s a big feature, it’s something more than a loot filter, since to be honest, they threw in a skill display bar and quick cast without a PTR, and hotfixed the major issues it caused (the scroll wheel not binding) in under a week. They also redid the lobby gamelist system and added them into consoles with a different UI than PC has, without a PTR and hotfixed issues. A currency tab is easy enough (I’d suppose) to throw into PTR and do a few mock ladder resets to test rollover into non ladder like how they did the balance change/ladder ptr.

Again, maybe reaching, wishing and overthinking…but BIG feature that needs extra and accurate feedback…I’m guessing something along the lines of new difficulty, or personal loot option. The devs have not mentioned a new difficulty before, but Rob did have a smile on his face with the comment “that’d be neat” when asked about new endgame bosses back in December. They have also mentioned personal loot many times in their interviews with the media outlets last year, and that whole Twitter thing a couple of months before launch where Rod said, if they did it, it’s be an opt in option. Also the fact of the players x response back in December, where they didn’t want to give players more reasons to not group.

Still probably just going to be currency tab and loot filter, lol. Darned wait is killing me. Finished Soul Blazer, and was planning on starting Illusion of Gaia while waiting, but decided to catch up on some new anime.

I took it as they are going to announce it prior to PTR, giving us the chance to provide feedback.


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