D2:R Team working on "feature" that's "pretty big"... 🤔

Everyone in the D2R forum:


They are just gonna break something we love. Not yet sure what it is, but they gonna break it.



But, would be nice if they would just friggin put lobby chat back the way it was … they broke it pretty badly. And no excuses about “trying” to curtail spam-bots, they don’t even monitor lobby chat to see all of the spam-bots that are there…

Yeah, they are gonna screw something else up pretty badly, I just know it.

Why can’t they just call up Guild Wars and get one of the previous programmers that actually knows the code in this game and pay him to fix it on the side??? I mean seriously? These beginners you have now don’t know crap and keep screwing everything up! I mean you guys are the reason they left anyway, now you are trying to do what they wanted to do to start with and you are just screwing up! I guess it makes sense that microsoft is buying you out, just look at how they screw up their own products! All is lost.

Two decades of time yielded plenty of improvements to computers/networking/internet-infrastructure/average users internet connection speeds… Ideas that may have been infeasible back then may be trivial now and there is potential for improving the game. It’s at least worth trying.

Modem connection sounds


lol so what if, and now this is a IF its a new loot system?

I joke. But maybe something like that Horadric Encyclopedia?

That depends on if they are “adding” something new, or “modifying” something already in existence.

I’m not sure which, but I’m really hoping it’s the former and not the latter.

Currency stash tab would be my #1. Get rid of some mules that way, and I would probably pick up more “junk runes”

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They still need a greatly improved lobby and social system. Right now it feels dead in there compared to the golden years.

My bet is lobby stuff.

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this is exciting news! this can only mean one thing. our wildest dreams are coming true. all at once.

Whatever this “big feature” might be, I highly doubt it’s one of the many polarizing suggestions people here make, currency tabs, charm inventories and whatnot. We’ll just have to see what the devs are up to.

We’re all going to be dissapoited i’m shure :laughing:


in term of big features…most of you shouted them out already XD

currency tab…charms inventory…and guild halls…especially guild hall…lobby is a small feature but meh…if it get improve then for the better

skill trees rework could be a possibility to adjust where skills should go in term of power(although i think its way too early for devs do handle that)…veteran and knowledgable old players would have a way better idea of each skill power

for example…fanatism aura could be safely move as a lvl 24 skill as melee struggle early game…or skill like blessed aim and thorn being move down to lvl 1 skills

then there the pre-requisite which could be modify a bit to require maybe 1 or 2 less points invest into unwanted skills…up to 3 for deeply locked skill like FoH//Lower Resists

I’m holding off installing any mods (singleplayer) until I see what the new patch / ladder brings. Since they said feature I feel like it’s something bigger than a small QOL tweak but here is my wishlist in no particular order:

High priority

  • Rune & Gem stacking
  • More and or bigger stash tabs. Like A LOT more lol. Sorry for liking items =)
  • Loot filter or at least shorter item names. For the love of Tyrael. This is so badly needed. You spend more time digging through the clutter and spam drinking potions than actually fighting. And it’s an awful feeling thinking you’re missing out on good drops because you couldn’t even see them on the screen literally burried by other item names.

Would be cool

  • A 4th significant difficulty level with higher drops (not new drops) that takes actual effort to clear and not mindlessly blow up solo in p8 games…
  • Increased HR drop rates. I realize that HRs are plentiful with all the bots but they are still stupidly rare if played legitly and most of the for-granted runewords are impossible to make nevermind several of them. I have found 3hrs total in ~15 years of playing…
  • Rework of gold economy to make it a viable trading tool/resource. Significantly more gold storage capacity, bunch more heavy gold sinks such as sockets / materials / other things. Perhaps nerfed gold farming ability.
  • A viable trading platform. One of the reasons I stopped play8ing online is cause I never want to waste time on or be indirectly part of the jsp scene again - I remember back then I used to have to spend more time on JSP than in actual game.

oh and NO charms inventory. Probably a controversial opinion but this is a game nerf. You don’t have to fill your whole inventory with charms… - and if you choose to do so then it’s on you if you can’t pickup anything and hate your life lol. I think it’s an interesting trade-off mechanic.

“Pretty big”

Come on people don’t get you hope too high

They are the same people that called 2.4 a major patch when it was a pretty minor patch

A sneeze compared to what PD2 released every season

They at least need loot filter and stacking everywhere to just be on par with what the game should have been released like a year ago

Note: they also said that 2.4 PTR was the first PTR of Diablo 2 history which was wrong since there was one in like 2008 for 1.12… showing they like to embiggen their statements

To be fair, 2.4 was a major patch though. They’re not trying to change the whole game.Just need some more of that momentum.



A couple a skill values buff and bad runewords is “a major patch” for you lol

Game is still poisoned by

  • lack of loot filter
  • lack of stacking
  • lack of endgame
  • the existence of widespread immunities
  • an horrible synergy system
  • Unique items being bad for the overwhelming majority
  • set items being bad for the overwhelming majority
  • Rare items being bad for the overwhelming majority
  • crafting items being bad for the overwhelming majority
  • limited storage space in a limited characters game
  • etc

I would have gladly taken endgame content rather than bug fixes and balance because I at least would have been able to enjoy the game with stuff that work rather than having no motivation to play this used rag of a game

It sounds like you want a whole different game pretty much. Maybe one that changes every season. That’s totally fine and I do too but that game is not D2. That game is D4, or eve D3, or even PD2. So yeah 2.4 was a major patch.


pzy your probably farming wrong place man…i found plenty HR as a legit player…average of 1 every 3 day currently since i’am playing on a scrap comp…otherwise i’d be averaging 1 every 2 days if i didn’t have load issue due to scrap comp…even lowest graphics setting wreck this comp and make me crash like every 2-3 hours XD

try Travincal//Durance 3 for Trav guys in baal run room(Player 8 setting)
Durance 3 has Meph and the chest behind Meph as a bonus for loots

second best area for runes is the Chaos Sanctuary(3 super unique and bunch of ghostly enemy(alway kill elite ghost packs in there)…the non-elite ghost packs aka regular ghosts ain’t worth killing…only elite ones are worth the time

finaly third best area is Arcane Sanctuary(fill of lots of ghost enemy + su for chance at hate key…it also has 8 super chests at the dead ends(2-3 each dead end))

other options which is not as good but you can hunt super uniques near waypoints
Bone Vex(Outer Cloister)
Eldritch & Shenk(Frigid Highland)
Storm something(South of Lower Kurast)(may want teleport if do him)
Super Unique Spider in Arachnid lair(teleport a must to avoid walls)
Fire Eye(Arcane WP, enter portal thing next to wp and he be on top of you inside)
Pindeskin(Nilathak Temple)…dont do him without a merc to tank the dmg

Nilathak(ONLY IF YOU KNOW THE MAP TRICK otherwise you be wasting your time)
Hall of Pain has 3 map variant…for Hall of Vaught you gotta look for red eyes around the central area…alway start upper left then clockwise otherwise you will go wrong side if u find a pair of eyes b4 the priority sides…think of the central area as a cube…the 2 upper section can spawn red eye on that cube walls but the lower section you would have to break that cube line to check for the eyes…do note that lower sections spawns eyes on the indicator wall even if there are eyes above…thats why u gotta verify for the upper area for eyes first…well pictures along would probably help a lot more to understand but i think you can figure out without much issue for how the bottom work knowing you gotta check upper sides first…maxroll has some picture actually…here if you wanna look up for those red eyes location to look out for d2.maxroll.gg/meta/nihlathak-farming-guide
back to hall of pain case…just memorize walls layout for around wp to know where to go for vaught stairscase

thats strictly for HR farm…Uniques Farm is different area…Chaos Sanctuary is however the best area for Uniques…since its second best for HR this make the place a prime farming spot for both HR and Uniques

remember to alway play on P8 setting for max drops

SORRY FOR OFF TOPIC TO OTHERS ! just advising pzy to help him get HR

EDIT: make cows the fourth spot actually over the super uniques(slightly forgot them because i dislike the place XD)…cows special addition to runes is finding superior white items…also to simplify it up(although it dont change the best rune find spot)
trav/dur 3 = Runes + early game Uniques(Arachnid,facets,chancies,war trav,shako)
Chaos Sanc = Runes + qlvl 85 Uniques(like Death Fathom,Crown of Age)…ofc it can also drop early game uniques
Arcane Sanc = Runes + Key…no special addition to Runes in there other than the H Key XD
Cows = Runes + Superior white farm


Small/moderate changes or tweaks delivered in patches can be a mark of a great, mature game you know? Imo in this case it is. We know you dont like it but we do. Go for mods or do one yourself. It would be epic i suppose. Having that said…, there is one game you play that you have lots of motivation to play and dont want it changed ever :slightly_smiling_face:

If they aren’t redesigning the lobby its probably not going to be a nice surprise