Charged Strike Nerf :/ in hybrid build¡

Hi, i love hybrid build in amazon Java&Bow.

-Hybrid lighting java with Bow- usually uses 20 point in ChargedSrike and 20 point in LightingFury, rest 1 point in synergies. I only use Cs/LF spending about 45/50 points in java. (In my case I will do much less damage in java)
In a pure Java +60 point it’ll be buffed, but spending about 40/46 point, is a nerf.

Example my build:
h ttps://

Generally, whoever uses the java specification is to use CS+LF; I think they are the 2 best skills in that talent tree. If you break the synergies between these two, you destroy a lot of hybrid builds.

Bring back LF synergie to CS ¡

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We’ve had a few posts on this issue - let’s hope Blizz listens and fixes the problem. This was something that didn’t need changing.

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Ahh ok thx.
I’m from EU forum, And that problem had not been discussed in those forums (in d2jsp, yes).
That nerf also breaks lighting-poison hybrid builds.(Cs+LF&PJ+PJ)