2.4 has hugely nerfed a fun build

20 Lightning Fury, 1-20 Charged Strike, rest in passives and bows

This is sad :frowning:

Thanks for reading, Blizzard and D2 fans


Sorry, what are you trying to say?

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Lightning Fury doesn’t boost the damage of Charged Strike anymore, so the Charged Strike is weaker with this build

There’s Impale for you. Both LF and Bow are long range, one is enough

not exactly
the fury synergy was transfered to the other skills boosting charged strike
10—>14% for each of them…thats 40% extra dmg actually

i wonder though…was Fury dmg boosted by 80% if it no longer give synergy to the other 4 skills ?(i haven’t play the ptr so idk how it look for fury) i’am assuming it also no longer receive synergy from the other 4 skills if it cant boost the other skills anymore

just going with the info i read on the forum to be able to provide feedback as an old veteran player(cant bother to play hide and seek with wherever they post changes update)…especially bad that some of the sites they post on, are websites i’am not even register to XD(twitter//reddit being 2 of them that i know of which i’am not register to//never visit)

But I’m talking about a build that DOESN’T go full Charged Strike. You only get your Charged Strike damage back if you go into the other Charged Strike synergies

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Just want to say that I agree. Getting rid of the lightning fury synergies makes no sense. I get what they are trying to do, but this just makes the Amazon javelin skills less flexible.

I don’t think this change really benefits people who want to use charged strike but not lightning fury, whereas it hugely impacts people that want to put points into charged strike and lightning fury and no other Amazon lightning skills.

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Yes. It’s changing builds that have been often played for 20 years and it’s really sad :frowning:


throw in wereform builds too

synergies break more stuff than they fix

in some cases yes, some no. in this case, it did

I think exactly the same.

h ttps://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/d2r/t/charged-strike-nerf-in-hybrid-build%C2%A1/102503

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