Charged Strike Amazon Lost Damage in 2.4

told you so… did people listen? of course not.


What happen to we don’t want to change the other builds but buff other skills that don’t get used alot. Anyhow let’s see the finalisation.


Yes they nerfed builds that don’t go FULL charged strike. Lightning Fury focused builds. Pretty sad :frowning: I hope they revert this change.


It has been said a few times already, I hope they listen.

Amazon just isn’t in the same league as classes like the paladin or sorc, so no idea why they nerfed them like this. Yes, it is a nerf.

If anything, I think they should leave charged strike, lightning fury etc alone, buff the poison javelin skills, rework impale and fend so they suck less, remove the cast delay from immolation arrow.


They should have upped the damage (about double base, 16% per point synergy) of lightning bolt to compensate. It fits the javazon theme, it fits the lightning theme, it ignores AR like LF, it would be a single target complementer to LF.

Still doesn’t fix the problem of making lightning fury not a synergy for charged strike and other skills anymore.

Before: 4 synergies with 10% damage bonus each.
Now: 3 synergies with 14% bonus each.
In the end you can get slightly more damage than before while investing 20 skill points less. This is a buff, not a nerf, as long as you are willing to invest some points into a synergy that improves both charged strike and lightning fury.


Ugh, people don’t get it.

If you invest 20 points into LF and 20 points into CS, its a nerf.

If you CHOOSE to not max all of the lightning skills, its a nerf.


There’s no need to max out all lightning skills to compensate for that. ~14 points into another synergy is all it takes (which also enhances LF by 14% as well). I’d rather call that a shift of balance but ymmv as always.

You’re still not getting it.

20 points into CS, 20 points into LF. CS damage benefits from 20 LF points x 10%.

20 points into CS, 20 points into LF. LF damage is the same, but CS damage is much worse.

Do you get it now?

For instance, you might not want to use lightning strike or that other one (power strike).

Maybe you want 20 points into LF, 20 points into CS, 20 points into plague javelin and 20 points into poison javelin. But if you do this now, your CS is much weaker.

The point of this is that both CS and LF have uses, and their uses are generally non-overlapping. Now if you attempt to use both, you get nerfed unless you invest points into another lightning skill.


It’s fine, I got it the first time. Yes in this particular case you’re getting less for your skill points but all in all, I’d still…

call that a shift of balance but ymmv as always.

Exactly this. No idea why light skills were touched.


They seemed to have wanted spear zons to have an easier time getting charged strike, but you might as well go javelins in that situation anyways it seems.

Yep, definitely a nerf for playthrough as lightning javazon where around 35 you Respec into it from plague javelin and focus maxing Charged Strike and Lightning Fury first. With the changes that means you’re not going to catch up on Charged Strike damage until your level is in the 80s with the usually skill leveling path due to loss of added damage from Lightning Fury.

That is, if you can even get there as you now have to choose to focus on single target or multitarget DPS and not having a good LF synergy option to use on bosses means you most likely can’t make it without BiS gear now. As if Hell Act 3 wasn’t hard enough, having nearly 200% less added CS damage when facing Hell Meph sounds awful.

Could you build differently and focus more on CS damage earlier while forgoing having a usable LF? I mean if you like dying more than you do already with pre-2.4 in Hell Act 3 due to the light immunes, sure…


Hahaha Thank you for making me chuckle :joy: I know that Lighting Fury is one of the most powerful skills in the game, but I wish we did not have to invest 80 hard points to fully power it up. Maybe 40 points should be enough? Someone recommended that + to skills now count towards synergies but are capped at 20 points, I thought that was a clever idea since we are moving towards more + to skills meta.

the removal of LF as synergy for CS is a very big nerf for the so called “Fishyzon” build.
The “meta” all lightning+infinity build doesn’t loose anything but the hybrid “intelligent” builds do loose in single target bosskill power, and that was never it’s strength to begin with.
Sad if that would be the end of long-time builds with great gameplay.


It is a nerf to hybrid builds or diverse builds.
I used 20Cs+20LF and 1 point in synergies. Some points in pasive and in Bow Tree. 12 in multishot,20 GA, and 1 strafe. Wearing Bowazon items (fortitude,100/45 helm…etc).

Another nerf is who wants a diverse javazon using 40 points in lighting skill(Cs+LF) and 40 points in poison (PG&PG). With this build you do 3 types of damage (physical, lightning, poison). Does less massive damage, but sometimes mini-bosses are immune to lightning/physical. With that build you can kill all the npc in the game.


so, good, I guess? charged strike is one of the strongest skills in the game.

not good because nothing for hybrid javazons will replace it. E.g. Lightning Bolt could be buffed