Can't start a game, sais there's a issue communicating to the game server

I cant start the game an watch the first cinematic.

I make a character in online but when I click play it sais there’s an issue communicating to the game server.


Same here. Cannot create a game… (communication issue with game servers)

Whenever I try to start an online game I get an error that says “An issue occurred while communicating with the game servers. Please check that you are connected to the internet and try again.”.
Thing is though, that I never had any issues during the open beta weekend, I am connected to the internet and had no problems whatsoever creating a character for online play in the first place…


Same here - can’t create any games at all. Could you please help look into it?

I’m on PC and the Asia server. Thanks.

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Hey everybody,

We’re aware that there’s an issue with some players creating games right now. The server/network people are looking into it now. We appreciate your reports. Please stay tuned at this thread and at Blizzard CS’ twitter account for updates.

Sorry this is keeping you from jumping in to enjoy the game, we’ll get it fixed ASAP!


I was actually in a private game when I was disconnected. Trying to get back into the game gives me the issue communicating error, I’m on the EU region and if I change to US I get a different message telling me my character is already in a game.

My character is also listed as lvl2, was level 4 or 5 so I guess…RIP…progress…
Also, default equipment displayed, not what I had equipped.

Yes me too.

Game says I have to connect to internet. Then I alt-tab to join this forum, and at that moment, the game crashed.


having the same issue, i was playing fine when i hit lvl 4 and die the game simpli shut down and now when i try to create a game it says “cant create game on european server, it stay An Issue occurred while comunicating with the servers. Please check that you are connected to the internet and try again.”

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I noticed a problem when trying to Play or Create a game while in-game. One of the messages came up that my character is still logged into a game even though I am either on my character selection screen or in the lobby with a character. Whatever the server problem may be, its clear that a character is stuck in game and not logging out. I have tried starting a game with other characters and get the message that is the title of this topic. I have even logged out of BNet completely and started game over and still same issues. I am patient, and will wait. I can’t help but imagine a traffics jam or bottleneck with all of these thousands or tens of thousands of people trying to log in and do the same thing at the same time.

I was in town and had just finished Den of Evil by talking to Akara. Then I went to the settings and turned off online chat as the spam was getting a bit annoying, then boom…DC!

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I wonder…

Did the dev team temporarily IP block nonstreamers so as to allow streamers untethered access to servers? :thinking: Well, they’re on and they’re playing…omg…

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But I recently streamed the beta to an average of 0,4 people… :sob:

I am also getting “an issue occurred while communicating with the game servers” when trying to make a game.

Up until the DC all was well, ping was a lot lower than beta and more in line with WoW.
There were some slight lag, using scroll of identify not working then suddenly finding the scroll gone and the item identified a little while later, but nothing major.

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I was in a game when it started to lag, so I tried to restart the game and that is when sh*t hit the fan for me. Character still in a game, unable to create game etc.

Europe Classic Pally lvl 5 left game and unable to create or join another game for last 30 minutes.

I even made a classic sorc and tried for last 15 minutes to create and join with no luck.

Hey all, heads up for some troubleshooting that we are working on right now for this problem. This should be displaying on your breaking news now, but we recommend that you go offline for a bit while we work on the game creation problem.

"In an effort to address game creation and character issues, we will shut down all Diablo II: Resurrected servers at 10:00am Pacific Time. We expect this unscheduled maintenance to last around 30 minutes.

Players who are online and playing right now should logout before the shutdown if possible. Offline play should remain available for all players who have already authenticated."


same here impossible to create game/join

Same here cant join. Fix it plz.

Check for updates on their twitter